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  1. m3rlino

    Buying a game for private server

    Hello. Sorry if I speak, maybe i have a stupid idea. Did you think about suggesting a crowdfunding to the company for the game? Maybe you could use the fact of the crowdfunding to revive the nostalgia, grow the hype and find old fans of the game. Many crowdfunding campaign aim at reviving old games and it could be a good fit.   Anyway I didn't like the ending of the wiki, it looks like if they are looking for a way of suing some lawsuit on the people who will own their own code. Once a person will get involved and buy the code, how will he/she be able to demonstrate that nobody copied or stole it? It could happen that the firm could pretend somebody else, maybe some known person owns the game and cheat you. Maybe I'm only a person who doesn't trust others and i'm a little paranoic, I'm always like that. I wish you good luck with you project!
  2. m3rlino

    Resume Feedback

    Hello Phil,   i would change the order of things   1. Job Experiences. 2. Skills overview 3. Education 4. Project 5. Language   I don't know if it's better 1 or 2. Then i would try to make the CV a bit longer. No more than three relevant projects and maybe at the beginning a little resumè of your key strengths, skills, features, behaviour. What are your communication skills and personal attitudes. See you,   Merlino
  3. m3rlino

    Need some feedback on my CV

    Hello Amit,   since you aim at applying in Europe I would suggest to use the european CV format --> https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/examples/pdf_en_GB-a.pdf Looking at the model you can find instructions in how to compile. Anyway I think your last cv is good, Bye   Merlino
  4. I really like this new version of gamedev!
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