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    Map Design

    You should take a look at the Ocean House Hotel level in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodline. The level was genuinely creepy and very well done. It takes place in a long abandoned hotel which happens to be haunted. The level designers took a lot of cues out of horror films. So as you are progressing through the level, you will first see items move on their own. Or a brief glimpse at a ghostly figure. But as you go further, you are forced to venture into the dark basement and start the generator which awakens the spirits in the hotel. So things get even worse. You start seeing ghosts reenacting their deaths. Ethereal flames from where a fire once destroyed part of hotel. You have objects being thrown at you. It was one of the most amazing levels I have ever played in any game.
  2. allen_idaho

    Realism Vs Fun

    There is nothing wrong with having friendly fire in the game. It makes the gameplay a little more difficult for some players because you have to focus on what you are doing and not simply spray and pray your way through each level. It makes them have to be aware of where they are aiming and where they are throwing a grenade. I, personally, think it's a great feature. Eating or drinking is iffy. It does add a level of realism but is more of an annoyance. If it fits the concept of the game, I'd say go for it. However, too much realism CAN severely degrade the gameplay. Take ARMA 2, for example. I played the game. It was ok. But the controls were a pain in the butt. It ruined the experience for me. I definately wouldn't play through it twice.
  3. allen_idaho

    assets for doom engine project

    Well if you decide to keep going with the Doom engine, I will tell you now that the sprites are very easy to make. I'm sure the original mod tools are still floating around somewhere to create your own sprites. The sprites themselves are just gif images with a transparent background. They can be made from just about anything. You could even get yourself a textured, royalty free 3d model. Pose it, take screen grabs of it, and turn those screen grabs into your sprites. This is how the sprites for Fallout 1 and 2 were made. The same type of sprites were used on everything from Doom to Duke Nukem 3d to Shadow Warrior to Blood. But that doesn't really help your search. That's all I've got.
  4. allen_idaho

    Texture Creation Program

    Yep. Photoshop can. User Made presets are often used to create certain textures such as wood or metal.
  5. allen_idaho

    what is a good story?

    Yes. But the player can still see or hear these things. So it does follow the "show, don't tell" format.
  6. allen_idaho

    assets for doom engine project

    My question is why did you decide to use such an outdated and limited graphics engine?
  7. allen_idaho

    what is a good story?

    Yes you can. But you have to remember that you aren't writing a novel here. You are writing a blueprint for the design team to follow.
  8. allen_idaho

    Your current or recent writing projects?

    Lately, I've been working on a few small personal projects off and on. 1. Versus - A simple multiplayer first person shooter in which a mysterious billionaire has assembled some of the world's deadliest mercenaries and assassins to hunt one another to the death for his amusement. Each player is implanted with a GPS tracker and given a specific target to kill. However, while you are hunting after your target, someone else has been hired to hunt you. 2. Blame - A story driven first person shooter inspired by the novels "The Last Ship" and "Down to a sunless sea". It follows a Navy Seal who is conducting training off the coast of Hawaii. After an unexpected nuclear strike hit the island of Oahu, the Seal and the crew of the ship his is on find themselves as survivors without a home when they soon learn that hundreds of nuclear warheads have hit locations all over the world. -- There is a lot more to the story. That is just a brief synopsis. 3. Monster - A 3rd person stealth game which pits the player as a serial killer who is executed and sent to hell. While in hell, the serial killer is given an opportunity to return to Earth and collect souls. Now inhabited by a smart-talking demon which gives him supernatural abilities, the player takes on the role of a Jason Voorhies or Michael Myers style killer who must use his stealth and cunning to lure out and kill his victims. Things become more complicated when he finds himself competing with other monsters and some self-proclaimed monster hunters.
  9. allen_idaho

    what is a good story?

    The whole idea of "show, don't tell" is the very basis for writing a script for films or games. The reason is that it's mostly a waste of paper every time you write something that the player / viewer cannot see or hear. Explaining backstory outside of dialogue is wrong. Explaining useless facts about an object is wrong. Explaining the inner thoughts and emotions of your characters is wrong. When you are describing a character, the description should be short and to the point. You do not explain the character's childhood or motivations. You explain what they look like and who they are. Their actions and dialogue will do the rest. When describing a location, your description should again be short and to the point. No indepth explainations. Just tell us how it looks. Now your main storyline should always follow a solid 3-Act story arc with a definitive beginning, middle and end. As long as you follow that basic principle, you will do just fine.
  10. allen_idaho

    What do you find in a dwarf machine shop?

    You would probably be safe if you went with a coal furnace, an anvil, some hammers and chisels, and maybe some random cogs, sprockets and wheels. Perhaps a small wagon in need of repair. You know, generic fantasy dwarf stuff.
  11. allen_idaho

    Using Tablet to create artworks

    Sounds like you are probably having driver problems. Most likely, this product doesn't have drivers that are compatible with Windows 7. You can try and look for the correct drivers online (if they exist) if you know the exact model of drawing tablet you have. But you may be out of luck. Alternatively, are you making sure that you are selecting a drawing tool in CS3 before attempting to draw?
  12. allen_idaho

    What Tool's are you using for Level Development?

    Right now I'm working with the Cryengine 3 SDK and using Softimage and Mudbox for asset creation.
  13. I use Photoshop for 2d. Autodesk Softimage 2011 and Mudbox 2011 for 3d.
  14. I tend to categorize writing styles into 3 categories. - Novels - Screenplays - Games With novels and short stories, you focus more on the characters and their inner thoughts and emotions. It's more indepth, connecting with the reader on a subconscious level. With screenplays and games, it's all about what the player or viewer can see. The character's inner thoughts and emotions are less important because they mostly won't be transferred over into the finished work. Games are full of variables and all about the action. If a game were written as nothing but hours of dialogue, you wouldn't have much of an experience for your end user.
  15. For this type of game, you could use just about any plausible backstory. For example, you could say that portals to hell have cropped up across the neighborhood unleashing a horde of demons that are possessing inanimate objects like teddy bears and wreaking havoc. Your goal would be to shut down the portals to hell to stop the demons from coming through. Or maybe that some shady government agency has planted transmitters around a certain area which are causing inanimate objects to come to life. Your goal is to shut them down. I'd suggest getting together with the rest of your team and just throwing some ideas out there. Have a good brainstorming session and see what you come up with.
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