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  1. How to explain Software ?

    [quote name='LennyLen' timestamp='1345094838' post='4970065'] [quote]The problem with the cooking analogy -- which has always bugged me -- is that there aren't complicated control structures in cooking. Most recipes don't contain loops or conditionals.[/quote] The BASIC programming manual that came either with my Atari 800 or TI-99 had a good cooking analogy for loops and conditionals. The example used was continually adding a pinch of salt to a dish and then tasting it until the flavour was correct. [/quote] When I was a child in elementary school, my cousin (also my classmate) and I went back to my home after school, and my father was out then, so dicided to make noodles, I added a scoop of salt, then he found it was too salt, and then I add a bowl of water, then I found it was tasteless, he then added a scoop of salt, and I found ...he then added a bowl of water ... then ... at the end, the boiler was full of water and it probablly could serve 10 people. That is: while(true) { if(salt) { add_water(); contiune; } if(tasteless) { add_salt(); continue; } break; }
  2. How to explain Software ?

    I am working in the software department of a printer company (US-Japan Joint, in China), and we are developing embeded softwares for printers, and every time I went back to my hometown, my relatives would like to know what my job was, it's really a headache to explain that, because my hometown is in the rural mountain area, and older people have no idea about computer an printer. Every time I said "Software is made by computer" or "Software is on the printer's motherboard","You can't touch, but they are there, you can only feel","they are only electrical signals", etc. the more explanation I made, the more confusion they get.
  3. How to explain Software ?

    Once, my mother's brother asked me what software was, I said "for example, softwares were in my mobile phone", he said "open it, let me see it, can I touch it ?" I think it's easier to explain programming than software. As for programming, you can give an example or a story to illustrate that, but how to explain software to a farmer with no knowledge about computer ? In fact, my parents still have no idea about what I am doing in my office. How to explain software to them, as they have no knowledge about computer ?
  4. How to explain Programming?

    Haha, I also have been in such an embarrassed condition. Once, I was asked by my mother's brother, he is an old farmer in the poor rural area of China, and I worked in the software department of a printer company (US-Japan Joint). He said "Could you tell me what 's programming and what's software in printer?" I really don't know how to explain such stuff to a man who even has never seen a computer. I took out my mobile phone, and told him softwares were in my phone, his face showed that he wanted me to disassemble the phone, and take out the "software" ...
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