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  1. Unity Best Game Engine for Indie Game?

    Quote:Original post by bengaltgrs @zebeste I tried looking at the C4 engine earlier today. It looked like a pretty attractive offer on the website, but when I went to test the demo things didn't go so great. A couple times I tried to load a level and it just sat there for a while, eventually leading me to have to turn the computer off manually. Also, the physics seem very hoaky.. getting stuck on tiny cracks in the ground, really weird feeling collision detection. I only tested C4 on my laptop so I'll have to try again on my desktop later.. but it just left sort of a bad taste in my mouth. (Sorry if you're one of the developers on it, it's still an impressive engine.) Hi bengaltgrs it seams you were misguided by the simplistic physics of the C4 demo, the engine can use any physics API and there are users with a PhysX and Bullet integration already done, also Eric is making a on house physics engine for C4 version 1.6 (the next version) and will do a revised demo to showcase the physics and the new terrain features. You say you add problems running the C4 engine demo, without your laptop specs i can only speculate, but it needs a fairly good GPU (NV 6600 or better ATI x1300 or better) to run also because of the new voxel terrain shader it will not run on Intel GPU's if your laptop as a Intel GPU them that's why it didn't worked well. Quote: I don't want to take anything away from any developer that's worked on the C4 engine, I know it's a ton of work to do something like that, but I just don't feel like C4 is solid enough to use for a real game yet. About this, it is wrong, C4 engine is ready for real games and that's why there are already games for sell made with it. Some examples: Games in the making: And more.... I hope this helps clear all misconceptions about C4 engine.