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  1. Segmented

    NVIDIA's Linux Driver legalities

    I would fire off an email to NVIDIA to make sure, but after skimming their EULA here http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/eula/index.html#attachment-a I think you are fine. Particularly, you are allowed to redistribute the drivers, so I suppose it hinges upon this being considered a form of redistribution.
  2. Segmented

    Efficiency and You!

    Good advice thanks for sharing. This reminds me of a presentation by Jonathan Blow along similar lines that deeply affected me a while back. It's easy to get caught up in aspects of the project that don't actually matter, and taking a step back to focus on methodology is never a bad idea.
  3. Segmented

    Chat room limit reached.

      That worked. Who are all these people? lol. *Shrugs* IRC deziens I guess We could set up a chatzy temporarily if this problem persists for any real length of time.
  4. Segmented

    Chat room limit reached.

    Try this link dragon.
  5. Segmented

    Chat room limit reached.

    Just msged 8up, we'll see if he responds.
  6. Segmented

    Chat room limit reached.

    lol, nm you ^^ someone get 8up to set up his beta server ;)
  7. Segmented

    Chat room limit reached.

    Haha, I was just going to make a thread saying the same thing and saw this! :) One person on it says, but its somehow exceeded the limit....
  8. Segmented

    Highway Tennis - development story

    "In another case I asked for help just to get attention to get me motivated to continue." Honestly I think we all do that on occasion, sharing problems is the coders' form of small talk. :) I don't think anyone would look down on you for that... I love your honesty though, its refreshing!   Personally I found you were a great motivator for me. Not a lot of those competing shared progress as they were going like you did on the chatroom. Also, thanks again for giving me feedback on various stages of my entry. Great job on finishing by the deadline, you should be proud!
  9. Segmented

    PUTT People's Choice Award and Comments

      And thank you for being such a good sport.   I tried the compiled version, but unfortunately it is not working for me on Windows 8. It dies immediately, and doesn't produce an error message, even from the console.
  10. Segmented

    PUTT People's Choice Award and Comments

    Haha, I was worried that "network time" and the whole ping thing might be too much of a stretch.  Hope it still counts for the mandatory points tho =) Glad you liked the style, thanks for the feedback. 
  11. Segmented

    PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    Heres my submission: http://andrew.pregent.ca/putt3.html   Chrome only, please!  Didn't have time to make it cross browser so thats all I tested.   Notes for the judges: I'm presuming the "moarpwr" option will count as a hard mode... its definitely more chaotic anyway... Press Esc in the main menu to see the exit screen. Press Esc during gameplay to see the pause screen. Save functionality is implemented using cookies. Refresh the page, and note it will keep the current level. The power-ups are the ascii characters that appear on the screen. There are 6 kinds in total, 4 of which deal with time. The animated background changes at the bonus round (level 3).
  12. Segmented

    Giving a try to 3D graphics programming

    I have not used it, except maybe in math class on occasion. There is a definite learning curve involved with any complex software package like that, but it was still fairly straightforward from what I remember. Best way to find out is to play around with it and see if its what your after. They should have student/free versions available.
  13. The m and p prefixes are not hungarian notation.  Hungarian notation involves prefixing with the type, such as i for int f for float and even coming up with your own prefixes for other classes.   The m p just denote the scope and either pointer or variable.   Actually, I believe the original form of Hungarian Notation was closer to your example (see this), and became widely misused in the way you describe. /nitpick =)
  14. Segmented

    Giving a try to 3D graphics programming

    For simply testing 3d math, maybe you should look at matlab or consider picking up a graphing calculator... There is a lot of setup involved in OpenGL, which would take time away from what you currently wish to do.
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