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    Where do I start?

    Look at some examples of Java, C, C++, C#, and BASIC, and think about which you think you'd like to use. Never any shame in BASIC or Java; they work. From there, find some free eBooks and figure out what you want to do with the code first. If you've never done coding at all, start simple. A simple "Hello World" works great, but a program that lets you talk to it and get a response will work as well. Your choice. I'm almost convinced, from an "unbiased" standpoint, all languages are capable of the same thing.
  2. Markhor

    2D and 3D engine to use

    As of now I'm looking at DarkGDK. Ogre3D might be a useful graphics engine for most, but, I looked at it and was under the impression that only their 3d file format would work with it.
  3. I found a "complete" list of engines on Wikipedia, went through most but not all of them that were C++, and it has me asking: are there any C++ game engines? Not graphic engines, I was looking for something complete. If one does not readily exist, should I default back to Python+Panda3D? I have looked and understand it, but will be using C++ for my profession, game programming in my spare time, and was wondering which would be better. I have 3 games in mind, one's major, other 2 are minor. Surprise: the major is a resurrection. I want to resurrect SimFarm. The other two contain a Master of Orion 2:BaA "remake" for modern PC's, and the too sketchy to post. Not worth my rambling. So. Ideas? I'm almost guideless and want to know from people who know what they're doing.
  4. Markhor

    Linker error

    I just googled your problem. Got this link. might fix it.
  5. Markhor

    Turning on Unicode in DevC++

    Code::Block is somewhat in between Dev-C++ and Visual C++. It's faster and does pretty much the same thing.
  6. do a while loop with a boolean, that's on until the pieces are correct, then turn it off. it should stop the counter from increasing after that point, leaving what it was before the loop stopped.
  7. Markhor

    I am so frustrated

    Lemme agree with the above posters. Know what language you wanna use. He suggests C, that's fine if you're completely new, but whatever you know best is good. Find your language, draft your ideas, then research the individual engine/API components, and have at some fun. don't stress, but don't rush either. not good
  8. Markhor

    Strange Error

    Think i get it. Quote:while (io.IsKeyDown(SDLK_ESCAPE)=false)//"expression must be a modifiable lvalue" well one = sign assigns it, double = signs checks it.
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