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  1. Quite cool! Is there any audio example of the recording, or I missed it? Cheers, Michal
  2. Will I need to learn programming skills?

    Quote:Perhaps a more suitable question would be, once you can call yourself a 'general' composer, producer and sound designer, what else do you need to be able to do in order to work with video games? Making decent music. :D As far as I was involved in projects, I never had to do any programming myself and I do not believe a composer needs those. Making good, believable mockups and decent mixes of music is already a big task, so I don't really think so. But then I don't have that much experience in the gaming industry. Cheers, Michal
  3. Am I ready?

    Pretty cool music and sounds nicely executed, you seem to operate very well with mood. But.... you seem to operate with the mood only, I could not hear any strong melody development or exposure (i.e. a strong "main theme"). Also, you seem to make your music too repetitive. Sometimes it is quite useful in certain circumstances, but let's take Samurai as an example - seems like several loops put together (or one decent) playing constantly the same. Given My Wings - the strings pattern you have there plays just too many times, what makes this piece quite repetitive in a bad way. Maybe it would work, if it was orchestrated differently through the composition. Also, you might consider some other chord progressions. There also seems to be problem with harmony - string loop vs the background chords - those seem to not work well together at times.... Having completed projects (even with small or zero budgets) and great portfolio is always a qualification. Cheers, Michal
  4. I want to be a game composer

    I always say this - start to gain experience with game mod teams. There will be plenty of projects that will eventually get cancelled or put on hold because of various reasons, some will prove to keep developing (even if very slowly), but whatever the experience with mods will be - it will be yours. Also you can build some nice portfolio with the projects you were involved with. And when you feel you are making music at an appropriate level - it will be the time to take your skills to the next level - the commercial one. ;) For a start - get yourself a website, be it myspace.com or virb.com to show your skills. Then you can go to moddb.com and get yourself on deck with a mod team or try here, at gamedev.net. Hope that helps. Cheers, Michal
  5. Big thanks to you again, Nathan! Cheers, Michal
  6. Many thanks Nathan! Cheers, Michal
  7. Well, it's Christmas time, so I believe Nathan will have this sorted out soon, we just need to wait a little. ;) Cheers, Michal
  8. what do you guys think?

    Yjbrown - you are right, but there is also the other side. While I enjoyed the difference in Howard's reel, it also lacked some "WOW!" factor. It just went and immediately after watching/hearing the reel I forgot what it was all about. IMHO it needs more diversity and punch, even if that means to have some portions of the "big grey mass without colour" you mention. Cheers, Michal
  9. Mudbox 2009 Problem

    Seems like deleting Mudbox directory in My Files directory solved the problem. Cheers.
  10. third person sounds

    Try to apply some reverb effects and mess up with settings, especially the wet/dry.
  11. For me it's okay to post judges comments for the public view - as long as they give permission. ;) Cheers,
  12. Mudbox 2009 Problem

    Greetings, Sorry if that is inapropriate place for this topic. I'm lately (more as a hobby) into Mudbox and I really enjoy sculpting. I am really a starter and I have a problem. I think something got messed up with brushes. When I was doing stuff before, the knive brush was making the lines fluently and without problems as far as I remember. Now when I try to perform strokes, I get something like this: http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/6067/knivebrush.jpg It's like when I move mouse slowly the strokes get deeper, when I move the pointer faster - strokes get more flat, stamp image gets more spaced and strokes are performing weird kind of "sharp teeth like" pattern - as seen in the middle of the image above. Sometimes the stroke is what I want but it seems it is right only on some areas of the sculpture only and it depends on the direction I move the pointer to. I had hoped any of the 3d guys here would help me with that. Cheers, Michal
  13. Wow, pleasant surprise! I think everyone that participated in the contest did great job! Special thanks for Nathan, who took the effort to organize the contest and for the judges for finding some additional time to get past all the entries! Thanks again! Cheers, Michal
  14. Thank you so much Nathan for taking your time to do this. Cheers,
  15. Music, Sound Design, Voice

    Full Sail? Hehe, send my greetings for Will Phelps from me if you know him. :D Cheers,
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