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  1. Hi, We're an indie development team based near Oxford, UK and we're proud to announce our new PC strategy title, as well as our weekly podcast... Check out our logo and concept art here... You've patched into the enemy's security system: now prepare to make your plan. Frozen Synapse is a top-down simultaneous-turn-based tactical game set in the near-future. The gameplay focuses on knife-edge tactical decisions: matches between opposing squads are quick, intense battles of wits rather than slow-burn strategic epics. The emphasis is on tactical competence rather than memorising unit trees or hoarding resources. We're calling it "bite-sized hardcore strategy" because we think that sounds fantastic. Here are some utterly stimulating bullet points: - A variety of multiplayer game modes - Full single player campaign - "Every Turn Counts" gameplay - in any given turn power can shift if you make the right tactical decisions - Unique scoring technique - see your performance against hundreds of opponents on the same mission - Fully destructible terrain - create the perfect cover with a well-placed explosive We've wanted to play a fast-paced squad-based (hey!) tactical game for a while, and we're hoping other people share our perverse desires. The game is currently on course for a digital release on PC in late 2009. We'll be releasing more details, videos and audio closer to the time - I'll keep you posted. Frozen Synapse --- -Visiting the Village: The Gaming Podcast with Intelligence - Why make one announcement when you can make two? Pff, I don't know, how about clarity for one thing? Our weekly podcast Visiting the Village is a conversation based on the week's quirkier gaming news stories. "The podcast’s content is very intriguing. Instead of focusing on the major stories that each gaming podcast tends to cover, Village manages to find topics that hover just below the mainstream yet are completely relevant." ( Village is a good place to get Synapse updates, as we drop them in every few weeks. Go to these places immediately... Web: Visiting the Village iTunes: iTunes link Thanks!