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  1. Staying Motivated

    Well I have started making a schedule of my life and I think it will help, I'm going to do some today and see if I can get a rhythm going. I like the quote idea though. Really helps. I had been focusing on one small part at a time, and I do enjoy programming the gameplay, but I had cut down a game so that I was working with a smaller project but that wasn't as fun as the bigger one (not really big but it was a space game and I hadn't quite figured out how to do movement in space just yet so I made it 3rd person shooter) but I think i have sorted out how to make the bigger one. I love every part of making something (even if I am no good at it like the model creation) but I believe I'm a decent programmer and I have so many different projects all written out which I have designed myself that I haven't seen before some that are more just amalgamations of other ideas into one. I tried music design too but I don't know music so I will pay someone for that. But creating is fun. Not worried about making money off it.
  3. Staying Motivated

    2-4 areas hey, I had never thought of that. I have 3 physical hobbies but each of them have 1 or 2 set times a week, and they are not very long. I'm definitely not giving up on the programming though, it is heaps of fun but I just need some direction I think. I keep thinking of ideas for games and just so I don't forget them I write them down into my design doc folder and I have quite a few, I'm only working on one at a time but I stop working on one and move to another which sucks. But I have mapped out my fortnight into Google calendar so hopefully that helps.
  4. Just to bring everyone down, They say you die twice; once when you stop breathing, and again, a bit later, when someone says your name for the last time.
  5. Videos from the 70's on my UHD monitor.
  6. Staying Motivated

    Thanks for all the suggestions and links, I have a dream game, just like everyone, but it is huge and I have made documentation on it but I have not started it. I am working on little projects because of the mentioned reasons. I'm gonna try the things in your post Eck. And the reason I'm excercising so much is because I am trying to get into the military as a reservist so that has an incentive. Programing has no monitary gain for me unfortunately (maybe one day but just a hobby at the moment and I kinda want to keep it as a hobby) I just love doing it and I'm going to try to schedule my life so I get time to do so. Thanks everyone, your posts are very informative and have helped a lot!
  7. God damn work means I miss doing stuff that I want to do like fighting and circus and having fun.
  8. Staying Motivated

    I have seen the 'games are bigger than most think' think quite a bit. It had even hit me when I was really young. And while I have ideas and concepts for big huge games, I have not started them because of that exact reason, it is to big for me alone. Where as the games that I do work on are small and I section them up and complete a section at a time and I have gotten to a point where I need just a few more things in it to become beta release worthy I just got bored of it. Which sucks because it came so far. It was a cut down version of a slightly bigger game than I wanted to make it basically played on 2 dimensions (while still being 3D) and I suppose that is part of the reason I lost interest, because it wasn't the one I wanted to make.
  9. Staying Motivated

    Hey everyone! I have been programming for quite some time since I was about 15 (just as a hobby, not really releasing anything just seeing how things work and making stuff for fun). I'm now 24 and I have not really done a whole lot. I have a bunch of started projects and even more design documentation on so many things and only two bits of software I really got anywhere with. The first is a file sync program that I am happy with but it is not very feature rich and the other is a game that is about half done, anything else is really just started. The problem I have is motivation. When I am programming I have a great time and I am smashing though it and really just enjoying the mechanics and how all the code interacts and watching something I build come to life. But then I get stuck on something and the times I can't figure it out or I can't get help with it, I lose interest, or I start working on something else while waiting for a reply or some insight and either start something else or I forget completely and go play games or something else. On top of my apparent Attention Deficit Disorder I work two jobs, one is sales and the other as an after hours call out undertaker that ruins any sleep pattern I may have had, and working on my fitness to get into the Army Reserve (to replace the undertaking, I'm not going to do three jobs at once, bugger that) I find I have less time to work on what I want to and I'm so exhausted that I end up getting home and I don't have the capacity to think so I play some games, eat dinner, exercise (usually going to the fiance's place and running the dog for 40 mins) and sleep.   I have tried a whole bunch of different ways to keep my self motivated but saying I will do 30 - 60 mins of work on a work day and 2 - 3 hours every other day, I have tried to organise my work space to make me feel like I am more efficient, I have tried making a profile on my computer with bland backgrounds and now games so I can't get distracted. But that is hard when I live with two boys who's hobbies are games and drinking.   What I want to know is how does everyone else deal with distraction, and lethargy and time management?
  10. Find your house and make it to a place you haven't seen before using only street view. Or even for those living in North America, make it to Hollywood!
  11. So here is what I did, (keep in mind that the project I have it on I only had just the player and a wall and some terrain, there was not a lot of computation going on). I am using unity, who's mechanim system pretty much took care of the IK and the animation and the movement, so I just strapped the camera to the player's head and excluded the head and jaw bone from animation and made it controlled by the mouse. It worked fine because then in first person the collisions and movement felt natural. The one thing that I did notice sucked was that the head bone was influenced by the torso so when he ran and lent forward the camera would lean forward as well. And the only other problem I see is that if you had other parts of the PC's face where the rendered side could be seen by the camera (eyes, brow, tenticles, horns if not human) then the head needs to be a separate part and set not to render. You can even influence the character arms to hold a weapon where you are looking. I have had a fair amount of success in a limited test field. I'm not sure how much impact it would have doing this way in a scene where the is a lot of rendering and calculating but it is worth a shot.
  12. 2d Browser / Turn Based Pool game

    Have a look at Unity. It uses "JavaScript" I say that because it is not really Javascript. There are a few changes but it seems pretty close. Java and Javascript are two different things, Javascript being more for website development if I'm not mistaken, and Java is more for application development (including browser based ones). Not sure about HTML5 as I have never had anything to do with it but for Java take a look at this series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL656DADE0DA25ADBB The Cherno seems to be very easy to follow for beginners.   Good luck and I hope you succeed!
  13. Getting started in Game Development

    Hey, I'd say, keep studying but using a website as a portfolio is a great idea. I'd suggest wordpress, they host sites but I don't think they give you much space, so you could use one to show what you can do but not host the games themselves. The other thing is buy a domain and someone to host it and install wordpress on that site. I'd suggest freehostia.com Their free plan is pretty good to get started and you can upgrade to a bigger plan or just buy the components you need such as space, bandwidth or databases. Don't go looking for a job just yet, get some more years under your belt, but build up your portfolio.
  14. Hi everyone! So recently I have been thinking about what needs to be sent over a network for games to stay in sync. In regards to say an MMO, but lets scale it down to the basics. In a one-to-many server-client system here is what I assme happens, please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm very interested to see how this is best achieved (for later projects). The player has direct control over the position and rotation of the character (so walking around, or flying, whatever) using WADS and mouse and instead of sending the control inputs to the server the position and rotation vectors are sent to the server and the server sends them to all other clients that need to see them (so in the same area or instance). I'd assume there would be a check there first to see if the character has been moved by external forces (being hit by a boulder or collided with an object) first or if the character is still alive. Perhaps the clients computer takes care of the colisions when the server has sent the position of the boulder and then lets the server know that there has been an impact and the boulder and player are now in new positions. Though I'm not sure who would control the boulder (client or server) if this is an object that all players can interact with, possibley the last player or object to interact with it has control of it's position and rotation. Then there are actions or skills. I'd assume that the input from the player is again translated into a function instead of being sent directly to the server for it to control. (That was hard to understand, I'm awful at my own native language) What I mean is if I cast a fireball which is skill one. If to activeate it I press the number 1, that keypress is not sent to the server but the client sees the button press and then tells the server that fireball is being cast and not skill one is being cast. Then the server lets everyone else know that the player has cast fireball and tells the others what animation needs to be played and to instantiate the projectile using the pos and rotation and velocity they get from the server. With unguided projectiles such as a basic fireball skill would the server give the velocity and then not worry about it or would it update the information every few steps to make sure sync is possible. With guided objects such as a homing missile, would that also be controlled by the player that fired it, the player it is following or the server? I'd think server, because it has the most up to date information on everything. I know this is a lot of information and I'll probably be experimenting with it to see what works best for each situation but I'd like a starting point.
  15. Age Old Question: Which Game engine...

    Hey thanks for the replies, I didn't know that CryEngine was free, I thought it was too expensive for an indie just starting out, I will check that out.
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