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  1. List of free libraries

    Quote:Original post by Kylotan Ok, I just added another 7 or 8 links to the list, which has moved (again): <snip> I'll update the link at the start of this thread when I'm sure the new page is working ok. I notice that all the links to all the old versions of the list still work, and none of them seem to redirect to the new list. Makes it kind of hard to be sure you're on the current list. I just joined the forum recently, and have been reading through this whole thread. Thank you for all of your work, and thanks to all who have contributed. Steve
  2. Setting up G3D with Code::Blocks [solved]

    Has anyone else done this recently? I tried it with the current versions of code::blocks and G3D on Windows XP, but G3D doesn't compile. The first problem that comes up is compiling platform.h. It fails with an unsupported platform message. I tried setting the __MSC_VER variable, but then compiling fails trying to find crtdbg.h. Is this a microsoft/visual studio specific file? It doesn't exist anywhere on my system. Thanks in advance, Steve