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  1. Update - We've given our video a bit of a face-lift. It's not amazing, but we don't have any video editors on staff. I did the best I could in iMovie, as laughable as it is.
  2. Yeah, the video was shot very last minute. We'll be giving it a makeover sometime this week.
  3. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IPej8_OOi0[/media] L2W3 is an initiative being launched by Fyrware LLC to provide an educational platform for learning state-of-the-art web technologies aimed directly at young students, with the goal of increasing interest in STEM studies across the United States. We plan to do this through easy to follow learning exercises which will provide motivation for future accomplishments. L2W3, which stands for “Learn to World Wide Web”, is a free STEM oriented educational platform for students. The new standard in web page development created by the international World Wide Web Consortium will be used to provide the basic foundation to younger students and allow them to progress to more complex subjects in the field. L2W3 will provide online curriculum, free cloud hosting, and inner-city classrooms all for free as a Community Resource. [url="http://www.indiegogo.com/l2w3"]Read More >>[/url] (IndieGoGo) [QUOTE] Funds raised from this campaign will go towards development of the online product, deploying inner-city classrooms, and promoting our services to the local school systems. Fyrware LLC is currently collaborating with local partners to help make this dream a reality. We believe we have a unique oppritunity to pair L2W3 with other great educational products due to our close partner network. We have a staff on deck currently working to innovate technologies on the web, and the way we learn those technologies. [/QUOTE] Don't have a few dollars to spare? No problem! Help spread the word and help us educate youth while we uphold web standards! If you use reddit, feel free to upvote us here: [url="http://redd.it/14k8on"]L2W3 - Learn To: World Wide Web : webdev[/url]
  4. Novalis Engine Features: 100% cross-platform Lua scripting support Complete tool set Custom wrapped engine API Custom API documents MySQL support Fluid character animations Fast paced battle system Much more! and, I know you said you dont like Lua, so I think theres something then where you can just download the c++ libraries, and make your own apps. http://sushiboxstudios.com/novalis/index.php