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  1. I hear many new programmers as well as veterans often wanting to work on their programming skills and simply has nothing to code. What I mean by this is that they can't think of anything they can program at the moment.What I've decided to create a thread in where the community can assign and solves exercises. All exercises should be able to be done in any or at least most programming languages. Feel free to add an assignment here and leave all responses in this thread. I'll start it off.All my assignments will be posted in this thread and it will be vary in difficulty. Task #1: Difficulty - Beginner Ask the user for a 3 digit number and print out the 3rd digit. If the user enters anything more or less than a 3 digit number, request that a 3 digit number must be entered.
  2. EDMUND-A game about a Rapist [FREEWARE][NSFW]

    Wow the ending is really surprising