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    Visual C++ 2010

    What Oler1s said. For information on setting up a Visual C++ project, then use this link: http://forum.codecall.net/c-tutorials/30009-how-set-up-visual-c-console-application.html (Warning, lots of pictures) ... Anyone know how to create clicky links?
  2. Aezon

    Biting of more than I can chew

    Quote:Original post by Telastyn While I generally hate the concept, it sounds as if you lack goals. That makes sense. I suppose I tend to tackle areas that I am unfamiliar with in their entirety, without knowing what I want to do. So perhaps the problems are one in the same? All right, thanks for the help!
  3. Aezon

    Biting of more than I can chew

    Quote:Original post by frob If you have no other passions, and there is nothing that you want to do (hint: vegging around the house playing games and chatting online is not really "doing something") then you probably ought to get some help. I would call that a side-effect of depressed-ragequitting-project syndrome... though I have been busy with college work, so it doesn't happen so much anymore. I've been playing around with the idea of small experiments, just playing around with a physics engine or something. Another problem I seem to have is not knowing where to start in a learning process. I tried at one point to learn the Java API... seeing a huge list of methods in alphabetical order, which isn't exactly helpful for someone who doesn't know what he is looking for.
  4. I have a problem with biting off more than I can chew when it comes to projects. I will come up with these really great ideas only to find out a bit too late in the development process that the project is way out of my set of skills. This is causing me to be rather unproductive and is becoming a serious problem. Can someone please give me advice on how to handle this habit?
  5. Aezon

    Java Compile Error. "[ Expected"

    Ooh! New button.(Testament to how unobservant I am) Sure. ^.^
  6. Aezon

    Java Compile Error. "[ Expected"

    Thanks for that, I re-did the code that way and it compiled. The app is not yet functional, though, so I will post any more errors I run into here.
  7. Aezon

    Java Compile Error. "[ Expected"

    Thanks for that, I re-did the code that way and it compiled.
  8. Aezon

    Java Compile Error. "[ Expected"

    (Sorry for the late post, the forums were giving me problems) I commented out parts of the code, and determined that it happens with each line after the first one. NUMDIRS and each index(N,NE,NW, etc) are all private static final ints. NUMDIRS = 8, and each other int equals it's respective index in the array(0,then 1, then 2, etc.) Everything is declared and initialized in the same class, the only method is main(String args[]) which is empty. The only import is java.awt.*;
  9. I copied this code from "Killer Game Programming in Java": Point2D.Double incrs[] = new Point2D.Double[NUMDIRS]; incrs[N] = new Point2D.Double(0.0,-1.0); incrs[NE] = new Point2D.Double(0.7,0.7); incrs[E] = new Point2D.Double(1.0,0.0); incrs[SE] = new Point2D.Double(0.7,-0.7); incrs[S] = new Point2D.Double(0.0,-1.0); incrs[SW] = new Point2D.Double(-0.7,0.7); incrs[W] = new Point2D.Double(-1.0,0.0); incrs[NW] = new Point2D.Double(-0.7,-0.7); ...and for each line after the first, it gives the error: "[ Expected", I checked for a syntax error and couldn't find one, can someone please help me? (ps. This is used to store Point2D interpretations of the eight compass directions.)
  10. Aezon

    Poll Results [3.3.10 - 3.22.10]

    NOOO...(That was using shift key...) ... I have my speed boost bound to that key. Q.Q
  11. Aezon

    How old?

    Thanks for the replies! Those links were very insightful.
  12. Aezon

    How old?

    I am currently learning from "Killer Game Programming in Java", and an interesting problem has surfaced. The book gives considerations for older operating systems(Such as Windows 98) as well as versions of Java that are older than J2SE 5. My question is this: Is it worth the effort to support older OS' and software when developing games with similar quality to current games?
  13. Aezon

    reliable swf opener?

    The academic version of CS4 is about $230... My goal here is to spend as little money as possible.(During college all of my funds are going into savings or living, to prepare for going to SMU) I can easily google several swf openers, but I want to know about any recommended ones. Sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier.
  14. I currently have flash CS3 on my computer, but the software belongs to my father(Meaning I won't be able to take the software with me to college) I am learning to use the Flex SDK though, and was wondering where I could find a reliable swf opener that has most, if not all of the features the one that comes with CS3 has.(Namely the "create projector" and connection simulation features) Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  15. Aezon

    Aptitude in math?

    Thank you for all of the help!
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