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  1. OpenGL

    hi all shaders of the samples can be compiled successfully on my computer. but i'm encountering a black screen.   is  there something wrong with my video card? my card is nVidia GT 640 and GT650 thanks.
  2. thanks. i know things as you metioned. but someone told me i might meet something difficult to deal with. i'm not sure what's waiting for me. i'd like to have a try. thanks again.
  3. recently,I meet a toolkit named 'monodevelop',by witch we can write application in c# and setup on several platforms(MAC OSX,MS WINDOWS,LINUX ETC)   I also use unity3d(choose c# as script) to develop my game client. and use c# to develop the tools needed in game development.   so,i really want to know if I can use C#(with mono) to develop my game server.   one of my friends suggested me to C++,JAVA or golang.   is there anyone can talk something about this? is there lag and bottleneck if i choose mono c#, thanks?
  4. There is an article on the wiki about this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavior_Trees
  5. Modify some errors:I am also interested in the behavior tree too.but I find out that there is a little material I can find about it.I have learned something about the theory of it but I still have no idea about how to implement it and integrate it into my game project. It is a rts game,I think there will be many efforts I must to do with it Cheer up.
  6. I am also interested in behavior tree too.but I find outs that there is a little material I can find out it.I have learned something about the theory of it but I still have no idea about how to implement it and integrate it into my game project. It is a rts game,I think there will be many effort I must to do. Cheer up.
  7. My teammates and I are working on a rts online game likes the Age of Empires. And now,I just wanna find out somebody's are also do the same thing. Lets talk about the AI,pathfinding,dynamic obstacle avoidance etc. Even more,We can also discuss something about the editors for rts game. Such as the level editor,unit editor,object editor,skill(abilities)editor etc. Come on guys,I am still waiting here looking forward to your reply.....
  8. sounds very good?cheers
  9. Wanna improve my English....
  10. Maybe we can work together through the Internet on a same project. And now I was working on a rts game like age of empire online.so I have a idea to make a rts game in my free time use c++ and ogre engine. If you are interested in this, please contact me to discuss some detail....
  11. Hey guy. I am so glad to meet you here. I am a programmer using c c++ lua as3 .working at a small computer game company in china. I really wanna find someone who can discuss with me about game programming each other. And,the really purpose for me is to find someone who is a English native speaker to improve my poor English. Can you,I look forward to your early reply. You can pm me here or send a email to my gmail box. Yours boyuegame Cheers.
  12. if your entities has different update and render method. you would like to divive them in to several subsystems. each kind of your entities keep the subsystem's pointer it would like to use. and. each subsystems have their own queue to render and udpate. maybe they have the same base class. it's depend on your design. maybe it wlll looks like this. class SubSystemBase{}; class SubSystem0:public SubSystemBase{}; class SubSystem1:public SubSystemBase{}; .... class EnityBase{}; class EntityBaseClass0:publc EntityBase { SubSytem0* mSubSystem; }; class EntityBaseClass1:public EnityBase { SubSytem1* mSubSystem; }; it's only my suggestion. decide buy yourself.
  13. I can help. but as exchange. you must help me with my english. if you agree. contact me. my email [email="boyue@rocketmail.com"]boyue@rocketmail.com[/email]
  14. you must try to divive your game logic with your GUI code. and you can use the signal/slot or event mode whith the notifycation between the game logc and GUI. more techniquly. you can use scripte language such as lua, python to relate your game logic and GUI. just follow one rude. when you adjust your GUI. your wouldn't modify your game logic code.