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  1. I am not very experienced with shadow mapping / global illumination / ray-casting. But I do know C++, a bit of HLSL/CG and I work with DirectX 11.   I want to add an optimal light/shadows solution to my game engine (it can depend on pre-calculated maps). The engine usually works on closed scenes (e.g. room), with the camera behind the person (limited range of view, but good details). Most of the objects are static, but there are some skinned meshes too.   Which technique or combination of techniques (I know that some of them cannot be mixed together) will give me the "full" (complete) solution?   For now I have implemented the phong shading, but the result is far from "good enough":   I was thinking about shadow-mapping and/or SSAO (it's possible to combine them somehow?). Will that be "enough"?   I consider the radiosity as too expensive. The game engine supposed to works fine (60fps) on most of present graphic cards and the games target is not AAA productions. But I do have to improve the shading.   I guess that effects like bloom, HDR or even motion-blur etc. can improve the result, but are not really related to light & shadows (which don't look convincing in my engine now). So I don't consider them in that question.   I do know that those are just approximations and will never give me the quality level comparable to non real-time rendering (e.g. in 3ds max with GI). I look for the direction and not for detailed step-by-step how-to. I know that the details are complicated and can be found elsewhere without the need to expand this thread to enormous size ;) I just need to decide which one to use and which can be combined.    Thank you for your patience. ?
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