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  1. Hi. I am coming over from flash and doing tuts on flex (using flashbuilder) I want to connect a mysql database (online) with my flex/flashbuilder app using amfPHP as the preferred technology.   I have to code for the flex app and I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to help me with the amfPHP classes that I have to use. I KNOW there are tuts online but there are SO MANY that I don't know which one is correct. ie: I need: 1. The database password etc... in a separate file then I would include it in the other classes 2. The simple class to send back the dataset form the mysql database to the datagrid 3. Session perhaps (as I am creating a learning management system for children to learn English)   I am not looking to be spoon fed but I am a newbie - if you could point me to the best code via links etc...   Am I right in thinking that this is a HELL of a lot better than using my current design with flash(URLVariables) + with a php script etc... especially if I have over a 100 - 1000 concurrent users which we will have by September.   CHEERS
  2. Should say: without emptying WHOLE cache.   Hi I have an online elearning system with XMLs, swfs etc... These are cached locally. When I have a new update the user used to clear their local cache otherwise they wouldn't receive it which is ridiculous. Now we have a system that replaces EVERYTHING which we call "Break cache" BUT the problem is I don't want to clear the WHOLE cache just one or two file updates. Is this possible? I have been told it is the html tags we write that operate in the browser that takes care of this but now I'm totally lost. There must be a solution it's only common sense. Thaks in advance.
  3. AIR is all the rage for games BUT I can't get it to install on my netbooks.   I get the error (translated from Spanish) This file is not correctly configured, get in contact with the developer.   1. I have tried publishing the .air file on different computers to see if it was an issue with pc - same error 2. I tried versions 2.5 and 2.6 - same 3. I used one of the old air installs and that works on all netbooks 4. The air isntaller DOES work on my desktops but they have adobe flash Cs5.5 installed and I'm sure that helps. 5. My friend in Barcelona created an installer on his desktop and that doesn't work either.   All very strange.
  4. basic flash MMo questions

    Hi, thanks for the reply. My biggest question is really: 1. What course/tutorial is out there to do this properly. 2. Smartfox seems to handle most things you have talked about and in a quite easy way (well it looked easy enough although I know nothing about sockets). 3. Avatar: do I just build little avatars in flash
  5. Hi guys. I have games/activities built in flash to teach kids English. We want to move them to the web which is easy BUT I want to build an web where people can chat and interact their avatars. ie: Very basic stuff. You chat to other players and then you play games on you own. 1. Can the avatars be my simple flash characters. 30 avatars running around the screen talking to each other is OK isn't it. 2. I have seen some really technical posts on here - I take it thats for more intense head to head gaming which is not my case. Someone has mentioned smartfox - Aer me and my programmer in for rollercoaster ride of headaches or is my setup extrmeñy simple.
  6. Well the sounds are not loaded but in the library and exported for AS. Then I have the following code private function setSounds() {//IGNACIO NEW var oneSound:OneSound = new OneSound(); this.soundsArray.push(oneSound); var twoSound:TwoSound = new TwoSound(); this.soundsArray.push(twoSound); var threeSound:ThreeSound = new ThreeSound(); this.soundsArray.push(threeSound); var fourSound:FourSound = new FourSound(); this.soundsArray.push(fourSound); var fiveSound:FiveSound = new FiveSound(); this.soundsArray.push(fiveSound); } And then the code I first posted. I think the problem lies in that I have not created a Sound object or indeed the SoundChannel etc... Shall I create a sound object and wait for the Event.complete or does that only exist with the SoundChannel object??? If you tell me one or the other I shall get straight to it. Thanks
  7. OK That's at least an hour again so I do google around. function init() { this.soundsArray[i-1].addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeSoundHandler); this.soundsArray[i-1].play(); this.blHit=false; } function completeSoundHandler():void { this.timerForSounds=new Timer(500,1); timerForSounds.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE, onTimerCompleteEvalTimer); timerForSounds.start(); } function onTimerCompleteEvalTimer(e:Event) { this.soundsArray[i-1].play(); }
  8. Actionscript: Implement a TIMER

    Thanks - all solved. Next time I'll post properly.
  9. Hi I can't get the TIMER to work. I get the following error. 1120: Access of undefined property timerForSounds. Does the post go in this part of forum or in general programming? package { // import - on writing an import structure it shows you all the sub classes of that main class ie: media has sound, sound channel, net has loads etc... import flash.display.Bitmap; import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.media.Sound; import flash.media.SoundChannel; import flash.media.SoundMixer;// to use stop all sounds import flash.net.navigateToURL; import flash.net.URLRequest;//sound uses URL to navigate to route sound folder import flash.net.URLVariables; import flash.events.*; //import flash.events.Event; import flash.ui.Mouse; //import flash.events.MouseEvent; import flash.geom.Point; import fl.transitions.Tween; import fl.transitions.TweenEvent; import fl.transitions.easing.*; import flash.utils.Timer; import flash.events.TimerEvent; import proyectos.trivia.TriviaEvent; public class game1SunnyWalk extends MovieClip { private var v:Number=5; private var varObject:String; private var i:Number; private var arrayObjects:Array; private var soundClip:Sound; private var soundLoop:Sound;//This one we will pass into soundChannel to be able to loop it ie: soundchannel has that method private var soundChannel:SoundChannel; private var randomnumber:Number; private var hitcount:Number;// counts objects hit private var soundsArray:Array; private var blHit:Boolean; private var timerForSounds:Timer; //private var timerForSounds:Timer; public function game1SunnyWalk() { this.timerforSounds=new Timer(300,1); // 300 is an interval of 3 seconds i think and is activated once. Don't over use timers. ie: Timing a game could be a bad choice - use points instead. Also, if you have an onEventFrame working then you could use that to time and no need to have both going simultaneously. this.soundsArray = new Array();//IGNACIO NEW this.addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE,this.onAddedToStage);//This starts it all off. In my other games I need a listener as they look for a stage that is not there yet. Here it appears to be OK as we are using document class. this.setSounds();//IGNACIO NEW //****************INITIALISE VARIABLES this.arrayObjects=["one","two","three","four","five"]; this.i=1; this.varObject=arrayObjects[i-1]; this.hitcount=0; this.blHit=false; } private function setSounds() {//IGNACIO NEW var oneSound:OneSound = new OneSound(); this.soundsArray.push(oneSound); var twoSound:TwoSound = new TwoSound(); this.soundsArray.push(twoSound); var threeSound:ThreeSound = new ThreeSound(); this.soundsArray.push(threeSound); var fourSound:FourSound = new FourSound(); this.soundsArray.push(fourSound); var fiveSound:FiveSound = new FiveSound(); this.soundsArray.push(fiveSound); } private function onAddedToStage(e:Event) { this.initSoundLoop();// call function to start music loop this.stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myClickReaction); this.init(); } public function getXMLName(nombre:String) {// Added by Ignacio why??? trace("game1SunnyWalk",nombre); } timerForSounds.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE, onTimerCompleteEvalTimer); timerForSounds.start(); private function onTimerCompleteEvalTimer(e:TimerEvent) { this.init(); }
  10. Hi guys. I've been looking at club penguin as they say it has 12,000,000 users. Want to know if the avatars are swfs or pngs ie: There are so many moving around the screen so what would be the best approach. By the way I take it the backgrounds to use should be bitmaps NOT swfs.
  11. Hi. At the moment I'm pretty good at VB but version 6 - I'm an amateur of course. Will migrate soon. PROBLEM: When I add the flash component to my VB form - it opens the swf via fscommand etc... but it doesn't do anything from there. Any ideas?
  12. Hi. I know you can import swfs from flash into VB6. Can you import swfs made in flash CS4?
  13. Hi. I'm trying to import games into a container and when you finish one game you load the next. 1. I open the AS2 mc in flashCS4 and republish first. 2. Then I import using: var contenedor = new Loader(); contenedor.load(new URLRequest("animal_catch2new.swf")); addChild(contenedor); contenedor.x = 0 contenedor.y=0 This works for the first game. But when the game finishes I want to import the next game. Do I use removeChild and the same code again or does the first game have to load the second game. To make it clear - which movie loads the games? - the original mc or each game mc. Cheers
  14. avatar creation in FLASH

    Thank you very much. Yes, most other forums have suggested nested movieclips - weel great. I shall son have my avatars, children shall learn and the worl will become a better place.
  15. Kids and grown-ups alike love the WII avatars because they personlize the experience. How can I code this in adobe FLASH. The colour changes would be easy as they are properties which you can dynamically change BUT things like different shaped heads or noses etc... and extras like glasses etc... How would we code that. I find it difficult to believe that you would create all the different permutations possible and there would thousands. Any help would be welcome.
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