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  1. ST:Project

    Hi Everyone! The reason I'm posting this is in reference to a STAR TREK project that we are developing...   We are all professionals on this project.  Personally, I'm a seasoned software engineer because of Star Trek... I studied electronics in the service and eventually migrated into the software world and have 10+ professional years.  Basically we are seeking other professionals in a wide variety of disciplines to support the development of this project... If you're interested in possibly getting involved then please send us an email at the address provided in the flyer.
  2. This is a very interesting topic. I am currently discovering the same delima; that sperical terrain generators are not available. The fact is, there really isn't a spherical coordinate system that will allow fractal (or plasma) height mapping. I am currently attempting a new approach to this and would "love" some feedback. Basically there are several (80 that I have found) mathematical polyhedrons. Concept 1: Each FACE of the polyhedron would then be a 2D plane which could be 'mapped' using a standard terrain generator. This would get us close but the result would still not be a sphere (or ellipsoid). Also, we would be applying two separate coordinate systems, one for the polyhedron and the other for its FACE. Concept 2: This is similar to Concept 1 with the exception of the use of a standard terrain mapper. Basically, (and I have still not resolved all of the math) the polyhedron-function would continue to attempt to create a polyhedron of more and more FACES. Similar to how the recursive plasma function works, a recursive function would resolve down to 1R resolution. Like I have stated, I have found 80 mathematical polyhedrons but I am not certain that my second concept (above) will enable the creation of a recursive polyhedron function of n-FACES.... Any Ideas?
  3. [web] FaceBook Flash Game Design

    So, Adobe's the ticket, eh? If I'm understanding you correctly, I could reasonably develop the GAME (UI) on my system using FLASH CS4. Then I would locate and applicable service to handle the server-side application. Don't most of these games (the detailed ones) have most of their API's stored locally? What does the server-side programming entail? Or do I even have to ask? Or want to ask?
  4. Hi: Although I am an experienced software engineer (20+ years), I am quite new to all of this on-line programming so please bare with my ignorance. What EXACTLY do I need to develop a FLASH-based game, like FARM TOWN, for FaceBook? What development Applications do you recommend? Where can I get information on how these games store and share user data? thanks guys
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