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  1. Burnt_Fyr

    loading .x files to directx9

    As Cozzie mentioned above, switching to blender is avoiding the issue. And as iedoc said, start simple. Does the hospital load without the doctor and patient? if so does it render? there could be a handedness issue, but you said you don't see anything so i'm assuming that it is something else. Maybe your model has too many indices for the type(ushort vs uint) that holds them? If you want to start with blender i do highly recommend it as a modelling /skinning/animation program. Start simple., get a cube working, and go from there.
  2. I've been away from gd for awhile so i'm a bit rusty on giving help, but generally the process works better when you have a specific problem that can be shown with code. I'm seeing that you want to create a cube on key press. what does your WM_KEYDOWN handler look like in the windows message procedure? Do you understand the process of creating buffers? if you want a single model(cube) drawn multiple times you will need some method of storing the transforms for each object. then in the render function you setup the transform and render the geometry for each object in a loop. // c++ psuedo code // ...in WM_KEYDOWN HANDLER if(key == b) { sceneobject o; // we create the buffers somewhere else maybe on level load, or game start, but they exist already o.vertbuffer = &cubebuffer; o.indexbuffer = &cubeindices; // world matrix that will be a randon position between 0..5 o.transform = Matrix4Position(rand % 10 - 5, rand % 10 - 5, rand % 10 - 5) sceneobjects.push_back(o) } // END WM_KEYDOWN HANDLER // ...somewhere in render function //begin scene for(int modelindex =0; modelindex < sceneobjects.size(); modelindex++) { // setup transforms // render buffers } //end scene I've never really dug into c# but looking at your source code, it looks like the transforms are packed into a constant buffer in your update function.
  3. Burnt_Fyr

    Writing a 3D engine, advice

    Eberly's book is a bit dated, many concepts have changed since 2014. Lunas books are great, if you work slowly he really gives you what you need to learn how to START into 3d, i've gone through his dx9, and dx10 books. After that Practical rendering and computation(by JasonZ, MJP, and JJ here at gamedev) was a great addition to the library, as I had the background to understand the code, and it really helps you understand whats going on under the hood. Gregory's book is definitely one i would recommend, as it covers a gamut of concepts that are important to deal with, but it's not for the beginner, once you are comfortable with the rendering, it will help flesh out the other areas, like physics, bones, input, etc. On the subject of physics, both RTCD by Christer and physics for game developers(D.Bourg) are great books, the former as a reference for intersections, and CD, and the second as it walks through the creation of a simple 2d and 3d physics sim. On AI, Matt Bucklands book is high on my list. I'd recommend trying out your library first. and don't focus on game programming when buying books. So many are just old, out of date, or... well rehashings of old out of date books. Code Complete, is one that should be read by every programmer. You can spend an awful lot on books, but in the end, those that i've mentioned here have had the biggest impact on my own work.
  4. Burnt_Fyr

    First Entry

    Looking forward to it, I've done basic shadowmapping, but never looked into VSM, CSM or the plethora of other methods with any detail.
  5. Burnt_Fyr

    Screenshot Saturday 210

    Bob Kane(Batman co creator) beat you both with the Joker's stylish suit and hair.
  6. Burnt_Fyr

    The Poor Man's Character Controller

    I agree with aardvajk, you two should get collaborating immediately :)  Also, can't wait for this on steam. I keep talking it up to my IRL friends. Do you have a price point for NA market yet?
  7. Burnt_Fyr

    What Makes Old Games Addictive

    "I figured it would be easier to learn to create my own games than to learn how to play theirs."   BEST GD.NET QUOTE EVER!
  8. Burnt_Fyr

    slow days...

    I Haven't had as near as much time as I thought I would, which is not even close to the amount of time I wish I had, but I have got a few small victories here and there. My animation editor is coming along nice, the bones are working peachy, though I've yet to add a mesh to the skeleton. The interface is also quite clunky atm, and I was really getting tired of playing around with it for the time being. So I stopped, and moved on to another project, adding texture splatting to my terrain editor(4 textures, 1 splat map) and am quite happy with the results so far. I keep making these tools to help learn new techniques. Nudging and tweaking my framework making it a little cleaner and more productive each time. The big issue I have with this is that I've yet to toss everything into a single .exe and see what comes out of it. One day, hopefully sooner than later we shall see. In the mean time, does anyone have any good book recommendations/links on tool/app development?
  9. Burnt_Fyr

    little steps

    Busy as a jazz solo again this week. But as of yesterday, I am officially finished the academic year, and can spend a bit more time working on personal projects. I worked in small spurts on lots of things, optimizing some math functions, cleaning up some source files, a bit of win32 ui work, etc. Nothing major to report, but I remembered a picture this time.
  10. Burnt_Fyr

    Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

    har har....
  11. Burnt_Fyr

    Quaternions and not much else

    Well, it was a slow week. Actually a frantic one, without a lot of free time to work with. Coupled with a camping trip to the beautiful Jasper National Park, I didn't get much of anything accomplished. Which is fine, because I think Gaiiden is missing this journal on purpose () I worked a bit on getting skinned animations up and running, and since I only got part way before the crash of '14, it is still quite a new topic for me. So far it's just a quaint viewer, but I have the bone orientations showing up from my DIY skeleton/animation format. Before I was able to get to the hierarchy in motion, I had to beef up my math library a bit, adding missing functions for quat->matrix conversions and viceversa, which went alright. Next up was Euler, or should I say, Tait-Bryan angles. I had never heard the second term used before, but after some browsing through wikipedia, and trying to find out where the code I was working from went astray, I was set straight. For the curious, and uninformed like me, Tait-Bryan angles are the traditional yaw,pitch,and roll rotations typically referred to as Euler angles. According to wiki, Euler angles actually rotate around the same axis twice, once as a first rotation, and again as the third. Coupled with the difference between intrinsic(relative to the local space) and extrinsic(relative to a fixed system) there are a lot of options with which one be confused between. Such was my dilemma, as the neat code snippet I had found was not working with Tait-Byran angles at all, which I now understood, but was using x-z-x intrinsic Euler angles. So after some fussing around with +/- operators and straining my eyes at all the possible permutations of c s y p r, I finally had the one I was looking for. And now I have all the needed functionality to move one. Looking ahead, I will likely continue on the path of animation in the next week, or perhaps finally get dirty with some sse/sse2 optimizations, which would be another first. Then again, seeing all that beautiful scenery got me thinking about terrain again, so there's that too.. lots to do so, until next time. [EDIT] : I gave Gaiiden a hard time, but some of the blame rests on me. I guess it would help if I PUBLISH the journal, rather than just save as a draft. WHOOPs!
  12. Burnt_Fyr

    Stressed to the point of...

    It's been a slow slog this week. I'm currently landscaping the back yard in preparation for Mother's day, which is when the wife traditionally starts her garden. Bricklaying is hard work, but it's nice using the mathematical means I have acquired through game dev to ensure my bricks run straight and true(for the most part). As a result, I've not had alot of time for programming, and am quickly approaching the deadline laid down by the woman in charge. She is stressed, and that is not good for anyone. Now, myself, I tend to handle stress alright. Pile it on, and it may get under my skin, but I manage. My significant other on the other hand, does not fare so well. I don't want to say anything that would upset her, so I'll stop there. I bring this up because I think It's important to recognize stress, and deal with it in a healthy way. I was quite stressed out while working with MRT's in DX9 for the first time this past week. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get anything drawn on my main view window, and I was at my wits end. I decided to take a break, and after a 2 day hiatus, I realized that the RT layouts were not bound in the same registers that the pixel shader was expecting. With that out of the way, and a bit of mixin' code to draw the light sources, I ended up with this, and am excited to see how far I will go until I need to break away again. In the mean time, back to the bricks....
  13. Burnt_Fyr

    Christmas Trees (apparently)

    Your projects are on par with the bargain games on steam already(a compliment) perhaps it's time to grab a partner or two, so you can focus on what you want without needing to worrry about splitting time between tools, dev, assets, and what ever else you will come across.   FWIW why not stick with blender or such for the level design ?
  14. Burnt_Fyr

    Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

    You forgot at least one, Gaiiden, :) http://www.gamedev.net/blog/900-out-of-the-ashes/
  15. Burnt_Fyr

    Perlin Noise, more updates.

    I spent quite a bit of time this past week with GD user Cozzie, who was having issues understanding the logic behind OBB plane collisions. It's always a great sense of accomplishment when I can help others to understand something that seems a mystery to them. In the real world I'm a tradesperson, and have been teaching apprentices at a post secondary institute for the past 6 years. In retrospect, trading a higher paying job in the field for more time for myself and family was one of the best decisions I ever made, because I get to experience this fervor on a regular basis. I think my instructor at the time, and my coworker now, could see that spark in me. I'm sure he knew that I would both enjoy a career in teaching, and also excel at it, that fateful night when I received an offer to interview for the position via email. Some days are better than others, however. The same can be said about certain classes, and even individual students. On occasion I have students who have experienced much more of the trade than I have, be it from the choice of employer, or time in the trade, and I can get caught up with feelings of inadequacy. I'm sure many of the GD members can relate, seeing other peoples projects advance quickly, perhaps being greenlight on steam( Congrats again Riuthamus), while we toil through our own work in what seems like a exercise in futility. That being said, we'll never catch up if we don't try, amirite? So after helping Cozzie, I brushed the dust of my math lib, and deduced that It still has some work to be done, both to regain some the functionality lost in the crash, as well as add some more functionality that I previously neglected. (I also have some functions that would be much more useful if they were implemented in a different way.) One of these neglected functions was Perlin noise. I had implemented 1d noise before just to understand the theory, but more useful to me currently are the 2d and 3d varieties. Removing the free function noise(x), and moving to a class based implementation went swimmingly, though I may revert back to free functions at some point in time. It's always a decision I struggle with, and anytime I decide one way or the other, I'm again left wondering if my choice was the correct one... oh well, here are the results.
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