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  1. So how do I login using Google services?.. Also, why repeat same mistake as the last time? Site uses only 50% of my monitor's width. It looks terrible.
  2. VS2012 has better syntax highlighting than VS2010; classes, namespaces, typedefs have colors now. I imagine VS2012 would be a little bit better than VS2010, afterall it's newer, so I guess it might have better auto-vectorization, new C++11 features (move, etc) should make it better as well. IDE itself is responsive. No problems that I haven't had with VS2010, sometimes random freezes, intellisense messing up, etc. Restart fixes it most of the time.
  3. Ripiz

    BulletPhysics Question

    It will happen if velocity is too high or timestep is too high.
  4. Ripiz


    You can send struct or class directly, assuming they don't have any pointers inside, packing is right, byte order is right and they don't have any virtual methods. To fix any of those problems, copy data you want to send into single buffer, ex. array, and send it.
  5. Ripiz

    float error problem shader 4

    If I remember correctly float has 24 bits of precision, so it should have no problems representing 1 / 16,777,216. However, it cannot represent all the number inbetween. 1/2 - can 1/3 - cannot 1/4 - can 1/5 - cannot 1/6 - cannot 1/7 - cannot 1/8 - can and so on... If you add 1.0f or -1.0f to these numbers it'll only change few last digits as decimal accuracy will decrease. It'll be around 1.cccccccww where c - correct digit, w - incorrect.
  6. You need to create orthographic matrix. Google will help to create it if your algebra library doesn't support it.
  7. WinAPI is probably the only one supported, since you have to give HWND when creating Swap Chain. What's wrong with WinAPI? To use DirectX all you need is to create a window, that's like... 15 lines which you can copy/paste from countless sources.
  8. You can compile it on any PC. Running is other problem.
  9. There's no way to connect if your address is dynamic. You need something static. The only thing that comes to my mind, use free website host or file host that allows direct linking (Dropbox for example), store .txt file that contains your current IP address. Client program could automatically load the page, copy address and connect to it. But you'd have to change it manually everytime your IP changes (unless you make another tool which would do that automatically).
  10. Ripiz

    Overflowing Buffers!

    Use bigger buffer or use dynamic buffer which increases everytime it overflows. Eventually it'll reach max size when it stops overflowing, however it might end up eating whole RAM if you have bug somewhere.
  11. Ripiz

    High-poly model XNA 10 FPS !

    When you draw something CPU validates whether you have set correct Vertex Buffer, Index Buffer, Shaders, and all other states. When you don't draw anything you're basically spamming GPU with command "Show this on the monitor". It probably hits memory bandwidth limit because it attempts to copy your frame everytime.
  12. A bit offtopic but: Difference between 1000 FPS and 900 FPS is 1 ms. Difference between 60 FPS and 30 FPS is 16.6 ms.
  13. Ripiz

    C++ Compiler and IDE

    Personally I'm using Visual Studio 2012 and I believe it's best what you can get on Windows.
  14. Ripiz

    Thread safe array

    You could try to see how Intel TBB/Visual Studio 2012 has it done. It's huge mess of templates but concurrency::concurent_vector<> never failed me. push_back, pop_back, erase, iterators, nothing ever breaks.
  15. Ripiz

    2D geometry outline shader

    Are you drawing geometry at different depth levels? If yes, you can create extra postprocess step which would compare depth of nearby pixels, and if any of them differs from current depth, then it should be an edge.
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