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  1. Hi there,   Imagine I have a C++ application, this one generate an image (in C++, CUDA, OpenCL) and then I would like to transfer this image to a specific browser that support WebGL.   The current version of the C++ software simply render into a FBO...   Is it possible to do ? how ?   Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I m work ing on a OpenCL / Cuda application and for each gpu I generate an image. I would like to create à PBO for each GPU and be sure that each PBO is located on a specific GPU. 1) question 1: how to create à PBO on a specific GPU ? Is it possible ? Once done I would like to merge the PBO (do a simple average of the pixel color) and display them. 2) question 2: how can I merge all the PBOs and display them... What is the best solution ? Using GLSL ? Thanks a lot for your help
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