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  1. I have got code working for creating the bounding box and I render it in directx fine. But when I come to create a bounding box in physx from the dimensions the location is wrong. I can divide by half the height, width, depth and add it to the location to get it correct, but for one mesh I need to add half the width and in another subtract half the width... I'm a little confused, Am I missing an easy way to solve this?
  2. mesh->GetNumBytesPerVertex() worked a treat thanks!
  3. I'm using physx and am trying to send it a bounding box for it to use. I want to move feeding physx KDOP collosions models laters. For one mesh the D3DXComputeBoundingBox works fine but on the second slightly more complicated mesh, the min and max values are exactly the same.. Any ideas why this would happen? Or any advice on how to build KDOP stuff for physx? Also I have tried to convert the mesh to use physx to create a model itself but It crashes if the model is too complex.
  4. franksmule

    Animated .x files, any alternative?

    Thanks for that. Been looking at FBX at a couple of libaries I found. One was directx 10 and is very complicated. One is directx 9 which is perfect.. but uses DXUT and uses three projects. Ahh what happened to the good old days where I could use a nice class? About this Open Asset Import library, would it be suitable for use as a main model loader?
  5. Hi all, I've got the tiny.x animated mesh loading, and animating fine. But when I try loading an animated .x using kwxport it throws an error. If I try pandasoft exported the model is huuuuge and with no animation. Plus both of them don't look correct even in the directx viewer, ones green and the other the bones animate but not the skin. Changing settings in the exporters maker the model look stranger. Basicly I'm wondering if theres an alternative out there to .x, a format thats commerically supported with animation support? Thanks in advance.
  6. Evening, Im having a bit of touble with physx, im very new to it and only just got it working in game. Basicly cubes fall hit the floor etc fine. But my lovely player controller falls through the floor. Im not exactly sure how physx works tbh, but I thought the scene sets a floor that stops everying going through it. I did a little hack that stopped it going under 0.0f Y, but when I walk into a another object that has a slight slant, it pushes my controller under the floor. The samples don't work for me either, they dont compile, and the pre-compiled samples crash on me :(. But the visual debugger works a treat!
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