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  1. Sergio Cardeira


    Forgot to tell i'm using Blitz3D. it's very old but very stable and fast.
  2. Sergio Cardeira


    This project started with UNITY but it got too slow, so i kept it simple. Now i'm using DirectX7, but will 'convert' it to DirectX11 if it worth the time.   Target platform will be Windows.
  3. Sergio Cardeira


    Me...can't see anything either... also my gallery is having the same problem. Anyone else noticed that?   NOTE:Change link to get external images.
  4. Sergio Cardeira


    There is now avaliable in game an option to paint decals over the main hull. Player can place premade shapes and logos or just write some text over the ship. There is also a palette to choose up to 16 colors and 3 filters. Player can add as well their own images by just copy them into a folder named 'Userdefault'.
  5. Sergio Cardeira


    Thank you all for the comments.   Such as weapons, every shield have a 'hotkey' that will enable or disable it.   Example: Player can assign 'Q' key to all front shields and "A" to all back shields so in battle he can manage the shields system and prevent unnecessary energy loss.
  6. Sergio Cardeira


    yeah...no updates lately! I've been very busy at work in the past 2 months, but still working on this. Since last update i've add the ability to place decals on every surface of the main hull. There will be standart decals and player will be able to add custom images made outside of the game or even write text over the hull.... Currently i'm creating menus to make all that happen in few clicks.   The problem i'm facing now it's when 2 decals are over each other -> a graphic mess is created :D
  7. Sergio Cardeira


    Thank you!   Shields are all or nothing, but it totally makes sense activating only the hex squares around the impact zone...will take note of that for further  update on shields :)
  8. Sergio Cardeira


    Shields is another Module type that will prevent direct damage to spaceship, but will not have effect on entire ship. In another words, player must strategical choose what to protect and were to place the shield or a group of shield. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7222] This is how it works Video has low quality due to my laptop specs but all is HD at 60fps. Hope you'll enjoy!
  9. Sergio Cardeira


    Thank you for the comments.   i'me new to the site, are you referring to screenshot showdown?
  10. Sergio Cardeira


    A weapon its just another kind of Module. Before just placing a weapon over the ship hull, player needs to search for the better place to put it, since all weapons have their own litmits with shooting angles and ranges. Player can assign a key to activate each weapon or just assign a key to all of them. All weapons type are full set and are categorized like this: Warheads Energy rays Projectiles All types are subdivided in subtypes, with special atributes. (Warheads and projectiles can be customized in game) [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7223] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7227]
  11. Sergio Cardeira


    As said before Nodes(Structure) and Modules are the principal components to build a ship. Nodes will build the 'body' while Modules will add extra features and behaviors like maximum speed, acceleration, radar range and alot more. Modules can only be placed over primitive Nodes (cubes) and some of them (like engines) can only be put in certain faces of the Nod: [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7228] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7229]
  12. Sergio Cardeira


    "The game is set in year 490 AE (After Earth). Solar system as we know is dead and got named by 'The Source', the cradle of mankind. Humans rule over galaxies but a new threat forced them to abandon every colony and draw back to The Source. At The Source a massive portal is about to be complete, and save humankind, by transporting them to the other side of universe and start all over again." The main objective of this game is to explore a unknow part of the universe. Player can join campains, harves resources and trade stuff. instead of just buying better ships player will have to upgrade his own spaceship. Every Spaceship is made of Nodes and Modules. With this editor, in a Minecraft style, almost any shape can be done: [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7220] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7218]
  13. Sergio Cardeira


    (Sorry for any english mistakes, will try my best) EXODUS - A New Age Dawns its a sci-fi game i'm making for the past 2 years in any free time i can get. Will post some features and images trough time, but keep in mind that some of them are not recent.... Constructive feedback are welcome so feel free to comment and criticize. Hope you'll enjoy [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7217]
  14. Sergio Cardeira

    Shallow Space - a 3D RTS

    Love it. Keep this good work.
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