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  1. GWDev

    I think my game is so terrible

    Are you looking for help with your code or just general python tutorials? Maybe you can show us some example of your rendering code? Are you using a library?
  2. GWDev

    I want to make a game.

    Of course, there is: https://www.google.com/search?q=toby+fox+contact+info
  3. GWDev

    I want to make a game.

    You could try twitter or his website.
  4. GWDev

    Excavator Slingshot

    Hi shockbreak, really nice game. Thanks for sharing. A few things stood out to me: At first I was a bit confused by the controlls because I couldn't do anything. I didn't wait for the intro to end. Maybe a hint to the player would be nice. On my work pc, even on fastest quality, it's not running smoothly. It is playable, but the framerate is really low. (nVidia GeForce 210) There is no variation. If you found a working combination where to release the body, it's always a "win". Maybe some obstacles you have "to throw around" could help with that. --GWDev
  5. GWDev

    Help to simulate RE7 door system

    Hi Sylon87 Fair warning: I didn't watch the video tutorial and didn't really play the game. So this is all from the first few seconds of the linked video. But maybe it get's you started. First of all, you do not neet to raycast all the time from the player out. If you know all the doors in the room (and their position) and the player postion you could just check the distance to the doors and see if you have line of sight to them and if the distance is smaller than X. If you have a lot of doors this could be further optimized. The player has to move at least the distance to the currently closest door before you need to check again. But if you have a working system, keep it for now. The doors have three states. Closed: not much to do here. Allowed transition to partially opend Partially opend: The door can move further towards closed state or open state. Do this by animating door with Unity (https://unity3d.com/de/learn/tutorials/s/animation) or you could use physics to make it more realistic Open: not much to do here. Allowed transitioin to partially opend (if needed at all). Every door that isn't in state "Partially opend" doesn't need any animation playing or any physics calculated. Every door that is in state "Partially opend" AND right next to the player (or one player) needs to "move with the player". If the player moved towards the door, the door opens a bit more till it reaches the state "Open". If the player moves away from the door, the door closes a bit more till it reaches the state "Closed".
  6. In that case you should have a look at the rpg game dev humblebundle.
  7. Hi Jaret, the company in question (assuming you really use Diablo2 assets) has rules for using their stuff in fan art, machinimas (even interactive ones and even ones that make (price) money) or other stuff. I would suggest, that you read them carefully and if you have any questions left, send them an email or ask on their forums. No one here is in any position to make a final and legally binding call on that case.
  8. GWDev

    Is there good free music?

    Hi Armantium, what do you mean by "free music"? Free to listen to? Free to use for private / non-commercial projects? Free to do with whatever you like? There are some artists that release music for free (most for non-commercial use only). But you probably won't find a famous, top artist giving his stuff away for free, at least not for commercial use. What do you want to do with the music? Is it for a game? A video? Or just to listen to?
  9. That happens to me all the time. Building or starting multiple apps and services usually blocks the entire machine for the next 5 to 10 minutes.
  10. It depends on the job you are applying for. If you have previous work experience and a someone can confirm that you did x,y and z already in your life. That's okay, you are established at this point and if you aren't applying for a position far above your current one, no one is really going to question that. But if you try to land you first job everything (good) you can show puts you ahead of the competition. This doen't have to be source code (I mean, no one really reads all the github repositories anyway), but just something you have done. In your free time, in school, anything that sets you part from the other hundred people wanting that job.
  11. Maybe it's not important for most people, but your github profile shows "0 contributions in the last year". It just ... doesn't feel like these are recent projects or something you are activly working on at the moment.
  12. GWDev

    Hello, new here.

    Hi Wild dog, depending on your knowledge of Python you could start by making some small games without any graphics or pick a game engine / framework with python support. Pygame and Panda3D come to mind, but there are probably a lot more available. Blender had a python game engine, but removed it with version 2.8. Just pick one that's still maintained and has a good documentation / tutorials. Start with a small game and if you have questions, you can ask them here and people will be able to help you.
  13. GWDev

    Metal without Mac

    This depends on where someone is working. Macs are not as common (for developers) in some regions as they are in the US.
  14. Hi Josheir. If you have a lot of large, non-text files and don't want or can to store them somewhere else: Look at git lfs. If you have just the code files in the actual repository, the size shouldn't be a problem (normally). How many lines of code (without third party packages, modules etc.) do you need to store in git?
  15. GWDev

    Does anybody help me?

    Or 3) make a sprite in background color and hide parts of the asteroid with instances of it. Might not work depending on number, form or background of asteroids.
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