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  1. GWDev

    Is there good free music?

    Hi Armantium, what do you mean by "free music"? Free to listen to? Free to use for private / non-commercial projects? Free to do with whatever you like? There are some artists that release music for free (most for non-commercial use only). But you probably won't find a famous, top artist giving his stuff away for free, at least not for commercial use. What do you want to do with the music? Is it for a game? A video? Or just to listen to?
  2. That happens to me all the time. Building or starting multiple apps and services usually blocks the entire machine for the next 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. It depends on the job you are applying for. If you have previous work experience and a someone can confirm that you did x,y and z already in your life. That's okay, you are established at this point and if you aren't applying for a position far above your current one, no one is really going to question that. But if you try to land you first job everything (good) you can show puts you ahead of the competition. This doen't have to be source code (I mean, no one really reads all the github repositories anyway), but just something you have done. In your free time, in school, anything that sets you part from the other hundred people wanting that job.
  4. Maybe it's not important for most people, but your github profile shows "0 contributions in the last year". It just ... doesn't feel like these are recent projects or something you are activly working on at the moment.
  5. GWDev

    Hello, new here.

    Hi Wild dog, depending on your knowledge of Python you could start by making some small games without any graphics or pick a game engine / framework with python support. Pygame and Panda3D come to mind, but there are probably a lot more available. Blender had a python game engine, but removed it with version 2.8. Just pick one that's still maintained and has a good documentation / tutorials. Start with a small game and if you have questions, you can ask them here and people will be able to help you.
  6. GWDev

    Metal without Mac

    This depends on where someone is working. Macs are not as common (for developers) in some regions as they are in the US.
  7. Hi Josheir. If you have a lot of large, non-text files and don't want or can to store them somewhere else: Look at git lfs. If you have just the code files in the actual repository, the size shouldn't be a problem (normally). How many lines of code (without third party packages, modules etc.) do you need to store in git?
  8. GWDev

    Does anybody help me?

    Or 3) make a sprite in background color and hide parts of the asteroid with instances of it. Might not work depending on number, form or background of asteroids.
  9. GWDev

    Taking Cover System work

    Hi, what exactly is not working? Also, if you move the player to a point in cover, why do there have to be triggers? You should know the distance to the target point and handle the game logic from there. A navmesh agent in unity also knows the distance it has left to travel.
  10. GWDev

    Nakama Server and scheduled tasks

    Hi lamxuyen, are you asking how to delay a function call in game? Or are you asking about scheduled / event driven tasks on the backend server? Like refilling limited ressources etc.
  11. Hi CubeUser, you have to add a collider to the GameObjects and (if I remember correctly) at least one of them needs a rigidbody. On the objects you set isTrigger to true (in the inspector) OnTriggerEnter /Exit etc is called when two trigger collide. void OnCollisionEnter (Collision col) { //Do your logic } Destroying is handled by Destroy(col.gameObject); Destroy(this); After that you can create the new object with Instantiate. See: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Object.Instantiate.html You might want to get the transform of the colliding objects before you destroy them to use it for the new object.
  12. GWDev

    Good fonts to use for menus and HUD

    The font is also something that has a recognition value for your product. So, as @Kryzon said, you need something that's unique enough, readable (not everybody is young and healthy) and fits your game. Depending on project scope you might even need a complentary one to use in documents and websites. Be careful with some of those "free" fonts on the internet. Some are only free for local install on one computer or for use in print / digital publishing of documents, not apps or games. Always read the terms carefully. My advice is, download from the creators website if possible and if in doubt, send him/her an email to get permission (maybe for a small donation or credits).
  13. ^^This! And don't forget the trouble of hosting and updating multiple (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible .... ) Java apps on your own server. I did this in the past and it's really no fun if don't have a powerful server running anyway. In the end I spend more time on managing the project managing systems than actually doing something for the project. That was the time when I moved to hosted solutions.
  14. GWDev

    Online Game competition

    Hi NeverWing2, every eSports title allows players to win money in tournaments and competitions. It's just a really small percentage of players who win money compared to the player base. Do you mean testing the players skill against a computer or other human players? Because each of this brings a lot of different problems with it. How do you prevent cheating? How do you deal with underage players? What about different (gaming) equipment? Network latency? I don't think there is a (popular) game, that allows you to bet real money money on the games you are playing yourself in (might even be forbidden in some countries).
  15. I liked the example by Intel a lot. https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/get-started-with-the-unity-entity-component-system-ecs-c-sharp-job-system-and-burst-compiler It's simpel enough to follow but shows well how all works together (at least for this case). From the example I understood that it's main use is to separate often accessed data from its "surrounding waste". Giving you a way to help the CPU optimize your caches and data access. So for now I try to bring stuff like projectiles, enemy position/state, healthbars into the ECS. Everything I have to access/update often but only process/modify limited data on. But maybe (likely) I got this completely wrong.
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