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  1. GWDev

    unity 2d weird glitch

    You can attach Visual Studio (if running Windows of course) and debug with it.
  2. GWDev

    Learning deep learning

    Google offers a crash-course. It uses videos and text (mainly video lectures) but with 20hours it should fit nicely with your 1 week time span.
  3. GWDev

    One website for each game?

    All correct advice, but if you have no experience with webhosting and expect "just a few thousand" visitors on (mostly) static webcontent. Choose a reliable (maybe not the cheapest) webhoster that takes care of updates, security etc. And, like a light breeze said, you do not need a hosting package per domain. Your hoster usually offers packages with multiple domains or the option to buy additional domains for ~$1/month (depending on domain of course, but .com should usually be around $1/month). Sub-domains are usually included in packages. You could also do both, e.g.: www.my-awesome-game.com and my-awesome-game.mygamestudio.com could lead to the same page (if you plan to do this let us know, you need to set some headers for search bots)
  4. GWDev

    One website for each game?

    Hi ggenije, this all really depends on your goals. Are you (trying to) earning money with your games? How many player do you have and are you planning any marketing campaigns for your games. If you are paying 10$ a month for the "website" I assume you are not talking about the domain name alone but also about webspace, mailserver etc. or maybe even a small (virtual) server? If you create a (mostly static) website for each game, you should be able to host as much domains as you like (or the hoster permits) on the webspace/server. If on the other hand you also host a forum for the player this might be different case. Do your games interact with the website/server? Maybe some account area? Leaderboards? Do you have shared accounts between different games? And what do you define as a " different website for a game"? Do you mean a different domain name (subdomain?) or a completly different project? Maybe you do not need a "different website for every game" just a custom css to match the sites look and feel to the game. Or maybe just a landingpage for every game, so you can target your ads better? If you provide a bit more information you might get better answers to your question.
  5. GWDev

    Database Learning Tools

    Hi cody_owens, how much experience do you have with NoSQL databases or databases in general? You can use a NoSQL db in game development like any other database type. I find NoSQL dbs useful to store player account, savegames and such things. But you can store everything that can be stored in JSON (and depending on the actual db often much more). As for learning. You can get a free mongo db instance and start playing around with it.
  6. GWDev

    How to Get to the Next Level

    there is no try. -- master yoda Maybe you should try to create a document outlining your idea. A good example and more advice can be found here: http://www.sloperama.com/advice/specs.htm
  7. If this is released to the public you probably shouldn't connect directly to the database. Add some (Web/REST/SOAP/etc-)API to handle authorization, authentication and dataflow beween the game client and your database. Without further information my guess is, you are using C# functionality that's not 100% supported by Unity. But the exception message would help in indetifying the problem.
  8. I'd say (Dislaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice.), the pixel art you are linking to is mostly 'legally distinct' from the original. But it's probably better to change the letter on the hat and the color. Especially colors are a tricky thing. Choose something similar but never the original color. But you should ask a lawyer about that. There are probably different laws in nearly every country.
  9. From:https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/PlayerPrefs.html On Linux, PlayerPrefs can be found in ~/.config/unity3d/[CompanyName]/[ProductName] again using the company and product names specified in the Project Settings. Could you make sure, that the user, that's running the editor, has a home and is allowed to write in it?
  10. GWDev

    MMORPG Brilliant Game Idea.

    Sounds like an awesome game idea to me.
  11. This is usually caused by one of these reasons: 03-05 13:02:45.019: E/SignInAuthenticator(6500): **** (1) Your package name and certificate fingerprint do not match 03-05 13:02:45.019: E/SignInAuthenticator(6500): **** the client ID you registered in Developer Console. 03-05 13:02:45.019: E/SignInAuthenticator(6500): **** (2) Your App ID was incorrectly entered. 03-05 13:02:45.019: E/SignInAuthenticator(6500): **** (3) Your game settings have not been published and you are 03-05 13:02:45.019: E/SignInAuthenticator(6500): **** trying to log in with an account that is not listed as 03-05 13:02:45.019: E/SignInAuthenticator(6500): **** a test account. Hi, you are sure it's not one of those three reasons?
  12. GWDev

    I think my game is so terrible

    Are you looking for help with your code or just general python tutorials? Maybe you can show us some example of your rendering code? Are you using a library?
  13. GWDev

    I want to make a game.

    Of course, there is: https://www.google.com/search?q=toby+fox+contact+info
  14. GWDev

    I want to make a game.

    You could try twitter or his website.
  15. GWDev

    Excavator Slingshot

    Hi shockbreak, really nice game. Thanks for sharing. A few things stood out to me: At first I was a bit confused by the controlls because I couldn't do anything. I didn't wait for the intro to end. Maybe a hint to the player would be nice. On my work pc, even on fastest quality, it's not running smoothly. It is playable, but the framerate is really low. (nVidia GeForce 210) There is no variation. If you found a working combination where to release the body, it's always a "win". Maybe some obstacles you have "to throw around" could help with that. --GWDev
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