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  1. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

    How the hell do all of you have the time to make breakfast?!
  2. Bombing of Brussels airport

      I'd love to hear what kind of oppression left Arabs in golden age so uneducated and poor? Ottoman empire didn't impose cizya to Arabs because they are Muslim, they didn't even conscripted. Sorry to reveal the shocking truth but Arabs were no more than bunch of tribes for centuries until they backstabbed Ottoman Empire for a fistful of gold during World War I only to be rewarded with countries drawn by ruler and ruled by rulers.     After a quick search, you appear to be right. I knew that my country's propaganda machine painted the Arab revolt in a much different light than reality. It gave them legitimacy. But I never questioned the Ottoman empire's persecution of Arabs, which we were taught about since middle school. Just goes to show how powerful propaganda can be. Makes you wonder what else you know that is completely wrong.   Time to hit the library!
  3. Bombing of Brussels airport

      Not sure where you live or what you have seen, but obedience is certainly not what western women have. lol.     I didn't phrase that correctly. I meant Arab wives are expected to be obedient, while western women are thought of as equal partners by western men. It's actually a very common sight here to see Arab men divorce their western wives after a few years of marriage because they are "trouble makers" (i.e. not submissive enough). Sad really.
  4. Bombing of Brussels airport

    I'll give the perspective of an (atheist, ex-Muslim) Arab on the topic. I didn't read everything you guys said because the posts are ridiculously long so this is just my opinion.   You can spend a lot of time arguing about what caused the mess that is the middle east. Oppression by the Turks for centuries which left Arabs uneducated and poor. The oil boom in Saudi Arabia allowing it to export its extreme form of Islam to other Arab countries, mainly Egypt. A Tribal and collectivist culture thrown into chaos by randomly drawn borders by the British and French. Israel. The US's charming foreign policy.   I think it's more important to look at Islam, and why it is making the mess so much messier. To be clear I'm talking about Arab Muslims, since they are the ones I'm experienced with. And to please the PC police, I'm (obviously) not talking about all of them. The problem with Arab Muslims is that they don't really value life as much as the rest of us do. To many of them this is just a pesky test they have to get through to go to the next life. So what does this mean? They don't pursue happiness...   They follow rules. And Oh how many rules do they have. Not everyone follows the same rules and not as extensively, but they're there. They follow just the collection of rules/Sunnah that their parents are familiar with. It can be simple ones like no alcohol, to complex ones like the 9 Sunnats of drinking water which I've heard my aunt preach to her kids.   But it is sex that I'd like to talk about most. It is such a fundamental instinct that we desire, yet is actively repressed by hundreds of millions of people. And I'm not even talking about just premarital sex. The attitude towards sex is so bad, it's frightening (Tune in to any Muslim marriage counseling show on TV, and prepare to be horrified). I remember seeing protest signs in Egypt during the Mubarak ousting, saying "I want to get married". You see the economy in Egypt was so bad that young people were struggling to pay for weddings, furnished apartments which are a must if you want to get married, and Mahr (shudder).     So here you have an exploding population of young men desperate for sex, approval and self esteem. They end up marrying any woman they meet that their parents approve of, they end up with disappointing sex, a wife that lets herself go because she's miserable (I'm sure you've noticed how older Arab women look), no emotional support because of the loveless marriage, kids that they had too young (Arabs usually start trying to have kids immediately after the wedding), no time or money to do anything they really want, and the so many rules they have to follow to go to heaven.   And then who do they see? The west. The big bad west. With their sex, and openness, and women that treat their husbands with love and not just obedience, with young people doing what they want in life, not just get married young, raise kids and die. And so they call you immoral. And they try to shield their religion from your loose way of life as they interpret it as an attack on theirs.  Why? Because if Islam wasn't there, if it wasn't the true religion, if it wasn't the answer, then they just wasted their entire life and spent it in misery, all for nothing.   But that's just my opinion.
  5. Game Engine Editor

    I use wxwidgets. I find it easy to use and it has a lot of functionality. 
  6. Wyoming's Eyeball Smuggler

    What the fuck
  7. Some time ago I went through the whole problem of getting animation to work from Assimp. I ended up getting it right and I explained how here but I didn't test it vigorously, it might help you though. You're probably not setting up your final transform correctly because Assimp isn't very clear whether it is storing a specific matrix absolutely or relatively to its parent.   I also suggest you use a very simple model as Buckeye suggested (I used a cuboid subdivided into 2 cubes, each cube having one bone, basically a very low poly arm).
  8. I am using the D3D shader reflection function to generate my vertex input layout, however I need to specify whether a variable is per-vertex or per-instance and as far as I know there is no official HLSL way to do this.   I thought about adding my own metadata structure at the top of the file, parse it and pass the rest of the shader to D3DCompile (instead of D3DCompileFromFile). Does this sound like a good idea? What is the generally used approach?
  9. What if I want to be able to set it upwards?
  10. I want to be able to set the direction the camera is facing but I can't figure out how to determine the other vectors from the view direction.
  11. What is a wrapper? What is a Decorator?

    A wrapper function or class is just a piece of code that envelopes existing code, while adding new functionality before (e.g. initialization) or after (e.g. clean up) the existing code. Example: file* loadImageWrapper(string filename) {    if (!fileExists(filename)) // Handle error result = loadImage(filename); // Original function if (!result) // Handle error } The wrapper could of course be more complex than that depending on the situation. It could also simply not have any new code added and just be used to set up a new name for the existing function.    AFAIK, decorators are the same thing as wrappers.
  12.   Why do you need to create a GPU resource then? Just save your "large textures" as raw height values and read them directly from disk to CPU. That would make much more sense (and would be faster). 
  13. I created a game…

      Game sounds interesting, but to be honest I'm too busy (and lazy) to go for the trouble of downloading dependencies, setting up a project and compiling it. I'm sure many people would agree. So if you have the time to provide binaries, that would be great :)
  14.   I suggest using an existing converter such as Assimp instead if it suits your needs. It will save you a lot of time and headaches.
  15. I do like the template and function pointer approach. I think I will check just how many parameters I will have at the end and see if the extra complexity is worth it.     I didn't think about that. You're right I think I'll only undo actual changes to the terrain. So set parameter and similar commands won't be put on the Undo stack.