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    A Good game development related gift idea..?

    Any particular price range you're looking for?
  2. The built in alphaFunc is gone in GL20 because you're expected to replicate it in shader with the 'discard' keyword. Basically at some point in your fragment shader you'll have: float alphaMin = 0.1; if(color.a < alphaMin) { discard; } This achieves the same effect as alpha testing.
  3. karwosts

    kwirk 1.6

    I might have tried it if there was a free version, you're asking an awful lot for people to pay for your game to give you feedback. Of course it's your right to charge for it, but if you look around on this forum most free games don't even get any comments, much less paid ones.
  4. Can the aspect ratio of an image be preserved when presenting it as the Image of the Day? Looking at the image for today, it's a phone image (long and narrow), but it gets squished down into a landscape picture, making it look awful. I'll admit I have an interest in this as I've also recently submitted an image that does not fit that ratio, but it seems like something that could be really easily fixed. The images are displayed fine in the gallery, but on the homepage they are really distorted. [attachment=12069:iotd.png]
  5. karwosts

    Android Game: Astro Frontier

    Nice job, congratulations on your release. Tried it out for a few minutes, here's my thoughts: Music and graphics are nicely done, give it a nice polished feel. Sometimes advertisements pop up on top of the text boxes, making them impossible to read. I don't disparage a few ads in a free game, but it shouldn't be actively blocking the gameplay/interface. I like the theme of the music, but the loop that plays during the main game seems very short so it's noticibly repetetive. Maybe some more variation wouldn't be so tedious. The battle animation could use a little work, it's hard to tell who is doing what. Maybe show projectiles coming from a ship, or show the counterattacks better. It's a good idea that you display the action chosen on both side before the actual ship animation, but it disappears really fast and is gone before I can even understand the information that it's telling me. Otherwise I think a nice job for an independent game, great work!
  6. karwosts

    My First try in HTML5 game

    Not sure if you're aware, but I'm getting warned by my browser about insecure SSL certificate to when I try to play your game. It doesn't seem to happen on other Kongregate games. Might want to look into that, as I'll guess it's a pretty strong turnoff to a casual player.
  7. So after several months of coding and designing in my spare time, I've finally finished my first mobile game for Android and put it up on the android market. I'm really proud of my work and I learned a lot from doing it, so at this point I don't have any regrets regardless of what happens next. However after the first week has come and gone, I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed. All my friends and family has finished trying it out, all my promotional posts have slipped from the front page of their respective forums into obscurity, and now all I'm left with is silence and the faint sound of crickets. Haven't had any downloads in two days, and I've been watching a big "0 active users" for the last several hours on my analytics page. I always knew this day would come, though I didn't expect it to be quite this desolate. I knew I wasn't going to have a million players, though I thought that somehow I'd end up with at least a slow trickle of downloads wandering in from the corners of the android market. I guess I was wrong, as I'm now discovering. Just curious for anyone else out there who has been in my position, what happened after you released your small indie game? Was there any promotion that you did that you found to be effective in any way (big word of mouth network, advertising, promotion in any particular store/forum/network)? How did you find your first few hundred players, if you ever got that many? Or did you just abandon your game, write it off as a learning experience and move on to other pursuits? Would love to hear some experiences of other developers who have been there, even if the conclusions are not particularly inspiring Thanks for reading!
  8. karwosts

    [Android] Free memory game : YaMeMo

    Nice job for a first game, congratulations. Graphics look nice and smooth, though since I'm reviewing I'll bring up two minor points: Some of the text is super small on my device, you might want to use more density independent measurements. Especially the ticker and some of the words in the score bar, they were about a millimeter high on my screen (HDPI), much smaller than in your screenshots. Chrono mode was somewhat confusing, I didn't really understand why the board kept resetting (time based? score based? number of matches?). Maybe could give some contextual feedback there to explain what's going on. Otherwise nice job! Had the sound off on my phone so can't comment on any music/sfx that might exist.
  9. I was looking into recording a Video for my app. The only methods I've seen would require I root my phone (I'm a little hesitant to do this since I just got the phone 2 days ago) Is there any other way to do this?[/quote] If you have a powerful enough computer, grab the x86 emulator (and enable OpenGLES2.0 emulation if you can), and try recording it with a desktop recorder (Fraps?). Emulators are still pretty clunky, so one thing you can do is to slow down your app by 5-10x when recording and then increase the playback rate by the same factor in a video editor. Helps workaround slow FPS problems.
  10. I just released my first game, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents. I had the same idea as you originally, "wouldn't this be great if the logic could run parallel to the graphics, I could get twice the perf!", so I went down that road with my game design. It's a somewhat simple puzzle game that's heavier on the graphics than anything else. I separated all of my drawing into a second thread, and had a collection of "proxy" objects in the logic thread, such that when I wanted to do something graphics related, I called a method on the proxy which cached it, and then during the syncpoint between threads I transferred the proxy commands to the actual graphics objects. The idea was that my two threads would only need to be synchronized for a short window, and then the logic for the next frame could run parallel to the drawing. A neat idea in theory, but all in all looking back I do somewhat regret it. I failed to accurately predict where my bottlenecks would be, and it turned out my game spent nearly 95% of the time in the render loop, such that I got a negligible benefit from putting them in parallel. I also had many hard to fix bugs and confusing moments when trying to keep the threads separate, "Can I call this method on the non-graphics thread? Does the order of calls to the proxy matter? etc, etc". I probably lengthened my development time by two months for almost no noticible performance gain. So I'll say this can certainly work if you want it to, but make sure you actually will need it before unleashing a huge amount of extra headaches on yourself. Sounds like you're up for a challenge, so maybe you'd like to go this way, but if you're looking at it from a business standpoint make sure you can justify the extra development time.
  11. Can I ask why these vertices are arranged so oddly? m_verticies[0].x = -1.0f; m_verticies[1].y = 1.0f; m_verticies[1].z = 0.0f; m_verticies[0].u = 0.0f; m_verticies[1].v = 0.0f; m_verticies[1].x = -1.0f; m_verticies[0].y = -1.0f; m_verticies[0].z = 0.0f; m_verticies[1].u = 0.0f; m_verticies[0].v = 1.0f; m_verticies[2].x = 1.0f; m_verticies[3].y = -1.0f; m_verticies[3].z = 0.0f; m_verticies[2].u = 1.0f; m_verticies[3].v = 1.0f; m_verticies[3].x = 1.0f; m_verticies[2].y = 1.0f; m_verticies[2].z = 0.0f; m_verticies[3].u = 1.0f; m_verticies[2].v = 0.0f; Note that if you draw out the triangles (0,1,2) and (3,2,1) it doesn't make a quad, but rather a weird shape that only covers 75% of a quad (the second triangle should be (3,2,0)) Also your two triangles as they are are wound in opposing directions. (0,1,2) is clockwise, and (3,2,1) is counterclockwise. Do you have any face culling enabled?
  12. After several years of hanging around here I'm finally releasing my first finished product, I would be honored if anyone would try it and let me know what you think (reviews appreciated too!) It's called "Electron Flux" and it's a puzzle game for Android where the player has to design machines to route and energize electrons to meet the level quota. This is done with arrows, switches, lasers, and other contraptions. It's got 24 levels and a great original soundtrack. Trailer Video: [media][/media] Some screenshots: [attachment=11948:title.png][attachment=11942:pic1.png][attachment=11945:pic4.png] [attachment=11943:pic2.png][attachment=11944:pic3.png][attachment=11946:pic5.png] Thanks for reading!
  13. karwosts

    Set up the projection for 2D drawing?

    Did you look at the documentation for glOrtho? Should be pretty self explanatory. glOrtho(-100, 100, 100, -100, near, far) should be what you want.
  14. Have you ever played any of the X series games (X, X2, X3)? They're more of a space sim than planetary simulator, but they share a lot of ideas that you've mentioned (station/complex construction, resource chain management, trading, mining, trade route automation/supply ship automation). If you're formulating how you want to handle these it might do you some good to play one of the games and pick up some ideas from it. The series is quite well established (many games evolved over many years), so they likely have a lot of good ideas that you could borrow. They do tend to have a pretty steep learning curve though so you probably wouldn't get much out of it unless you can spend some significant time with it. I like your idea and its one I've often tossed around in my head, but I never sat on it long enough to come up with a workable game description. I dumped a hundred hours or so into X3: Terran Conflict recently and it gave me a lot of inspiration for it. Maybe it will do the same for you.
  15. karwosts

    OpenGL Texture Problem

    Do you make sure that OpenGL context is initialized before you try to load textures? I see you're originally loading in the constructor of the ResourceManager. If that is initialized before you setup the context then it won't work. Also have you tried putting glGetError's in your code? Those work great for picking out illegal actions.
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