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  1. I've just released version 1.3 of Universal Sound FX bringing the total number of sound effects in this library to 4253.   To celebrate the update and a brand new redesign of the web site I'm offering 50% discount until 9 Jan 2016 so you can grab all the sounds for $20.   About Universal Sound FX: Universal Sound FX (USFX) provides game developers with a wide variety of high quality sounds at a very affordable price. Independent game developers often have a low or non-existing budget; USFX was designed with indie developers in mind.   USFX has thousands of appropriately named and categorized sound effects providing a great foundation when developing games. From the very start you will have sounds regardless of what genre of game you are making from puzzle games to first person shooters.   USFX evolves over time as I record and design more sounds. Updates are provided free of charge to existing customers, but keep in mind that some sounds will be removed to give room to new sounds so make sure to keep older versions of USFX backed up.   Sound effects have been mastered, optimized, and are provided in a format ready for use in games. 16 bit 44.1 kHz uncompressed WAV audio files, cropped to preserve space and reduce memory consumption, no clipping, low noise levels, looping sounds have no seams, repetitive sounds have multiple round robin variations, volume set appropriate for easy mixing.   Direct URL:   Have a great game development year everyone! =)
  2. Version 1.1 of Universal Sound FX has been released bringing the total  to 3078 sound effects:   Added sounds include Magic Spells, Helicopters, Submarine, Charge/Power Ups/Downs, Generic Impacts, Car, Space Warp/Jumps.   Price: $20 (will increase over time - updates are free for existing customers)   Purchase from official site (Zip with Wav files):   Purchase in Unity Asset Store (UnityPackage with Wav files):!/content/17256  
  3. Universal Sound FX (USFX) is an affordable and evolving sound effect library designed for independent game developers. The library contains thousands of sounds with a wide variety suitable for any game genre. The sound effects can be used royalty free in commercial games and are also suitable for rapidly prototyping new game ideas and during game jams (use as place holders or keep them for your final release.)   Here is a video preview showcasing some of the sounds:   The current version contains 2842 categorized carefully named 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV files (stereo and mono depending on suitability). The sounds are game-ready and have been optimized in length to reduce size of game distributions. The sounds are free of any clipping, always start/end at volume 0 to avoid any clicks or pops, and looping sounds are seamless.    USFX is in the “Early Release” phase which is also reflected by the price - many sound categories and game genres are yet to be covered. The ultimate goal is for USFX to become the most versatile library around covering as many game genres as possible. Being an early customer rewards you with free updates of this library as it matures.   Price: $15 (intro price)   Visit - purchase on site or in the Unity asset store.
  4. Interesting =) I haven't been able to procedurally generate it the way I wanted it to look so I ended up spending hours and hours in Photoshop instead.... but I'm going to look further into that for space saving purposes.
  5. I'm happy to announce that this package is now released and available here:
  6. UPDATE - Now Available for purchase: Buy Link to Unity Asset Store   Price is set to $50 for a very limited introductory time - will increase to around $100-$150 shortly.     Over the past few months, instead of sleeping, I've been spending my nights on creating an asset package for Unity 3D =) If you are making a space themed game in Unity this may be something of interest to you. Here is the official promo video that takes you through all the features:   Basically, it's a space scene construction kit allowing you to create unique space scenes for your game(s). It comes with hundreds of textures (up to 4096x4096, but you decide what resolution you need) and scenes with stars, nebulas, galaxies, planets, moons, and asteroids are automatically generated. Official web site:   Here are a few screenshots as well:            
  7. It's time again. This time the code "JUNE70" will give you 70% discount and it's valid for a week from today =) Just enter the code here: [url=""][/url] and the prices will update automatically. The Imphenzia Soundtrack non-exclusive library for indie gamers contains nearly 300 music pieces that I've composed over the years in varying music genres and styles.
  8. Game Design Theory (Youtube)

    Hi Mado, I started to watch the videos yesterday but I've only watched the first one and a half so far. It inspired me to put some more focus on documenting game design rather than just coding the prototype straight off, but at the same time I felt that the videos should be shorter and more "to the point" with clear goals. This is just my first impression but I'll have a look through the series and see if I maintain the same opinion. Regardless of this I think it's a very nice effort and contribution to release the videos. I make video tutorials myself (for making music) and I know there is a lot of time and planning that goes into making them.
  9. Hello game developers! Using the coupon code "EASTER12" you get 30% off the non-exclusive music (and sound effects) available on my web site: [url=""][/url] (The code is valid until end of Monday 9 April 2012) You can preview all the music and download music files to test them in your game prior to purchase. The library currently contains 270 compositions varying from short music hits to full length tracks with and without seamless looping. Stay creative =)
  10. [color="#333333"][font="Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif"][size="2"]I've been working hard the past months to launch the next generation of my Imphenzia Soundtrack web site and to celebrate going live you get [b]70% discount[/b] on all non-exclusive music and sound effects by using the discount voucher [b]NEWSITE70[/b] - but it's only valid for another 5 days. On the site you'll find 198 pieces of music that I've composed over the years and you can use the quick keyword search or the Advanced Search to filter all tracks based on properties such as price range, duration range, tempo, seamless loops yes/no, music genre, mood, game genres, and percussion yes/no. There are a variety of music genres but I mainly focus on electronic, mellow, and orchestral music. There is also a feature offering a free non-exclusive license every month. I hope you like the new site and that you find the music and sound effects good. Please visit and have a look: [url=""][/url][/size][/font][/color]
  11. [color="#333333"][font="Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif"][size="2"]In addition to making music I'm creating high resolution space skyboxes (cube environment maps) which each consist of 6 seamless 4096x4096 24 bit images. These can be used to texture map the inside of cubes in games (or 3D environments) to create the illusion of a huge space environment. Once purchased you can use the space images (either as a skybox or there is enough resolution to crop out 36 unique images at 1920x1080 for other use - 2D games / artwork / etc.) The images are royalty free. You can check them out here (Interactive "Playable" skyboxes, HD Video, Screenshots): [url=""]http://www.spacebox4...spaceboxes.html[/url][/size][/font][/color]
  12. Beat Ball 2 (v1.2.0)

    Beat Ball 2 is a Break-out / Arkanoid style game with improved graphics and sounds, advanced features and it comes with a level editor. Download and/or create levels, MediaPacks, VoicePacks and enjoy multiplayer functionality and Internet High scores! Features: * Comes with 108 original levels * LevelSet Editor and MediaPack Editor * Internet Global Highscores for All-Time and Monthly top scores * Play up to 4 players * Moving, falling and animated block features * Creatures affecting gameplay in different ways * Plenty of PickUps for modifications * High quality graphics and sound * Super high quality music * Supports very high screen resolutions * Downloadable LevelSets * Utilizes 3D Graphics card for transparency and other effects * Listen to any mp3 or ogg songs and .m3u playlists during gameplay * Replaceable VoicePacks for alternative announcement voices * Save game and resume game functionality * 3 different levels of difficulty * Small download, only 25 MB A new version of Beat Ball 2 (v1.2.0) is now available: Some of the new changes to the new version: * The internet high scores require this version * Internet high scores are no longer limited to 100 entries * Two new in-game songs added * Internet high scores are submitted even if you don't qualify to local highscores * Alt-tab from windowed mode does not lock mouse * Alt-tab from windowed mode automatically pauses game * Game performs a health check and can provide a warning if internet high scores cannot be reached Drop by the brand new web site for the game:
  13. Game budgets and asset pricing

    Thanks for your reply GWDev. My thoughts on your points are: 1) I can't really check but I'm not too worried about it. The main concern is just that some game company would find a bargain at near giveaway pricing. I suppose I'm also thinking along the lines of if someone buys a "student license" for a piece of software there is nothing really preventing it from being used commercially. I also find that so far all my dealings with indie developers have been very positive in terms of wanting to do it the right way. 2) I agree with you, all games that I suspect will use my music is definitely < $25k and this is my target market and the price that I want to offer for those with a low budget. Maybe a better way for me would be to have just two or three levels such as: * Indie <$10k * Small $10k-$100k * Large >$100k Again this would be to enable indie devs to get good quality music at a fair price. Thanks once again for your feedback and I welcome any other comments as well =)
  14. This is a question to those of you who have a fair bit of experience with indie game development. I've just changed my pricing of music for games to be based on the budget of a game. Basically I want to give entry level indie game developers a chance to license music both exclusively and non-exclusively to a good price. At the same time I want to be able to provide music for larger productions should they find the music appropriate. When browsing the music library of available music I've added a "game budget" dropdown at the top of the library and I'd appreciate some feedback on if this sounds reasonable. Any comments would be most appreciated. Here is how it looks: Imphenzia Soundtrack Library - game budget question (use the dropdown to change budget and pricing will be updated) Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm keeping myself very busy with recording and creating sound effects at the moment. I've bought a new high quality sound recorder and I bring it with me everywhere to capture sounds that can be used "as they are" or, as I like to do, alter them into other sounds suitable for games such as ambiences, emitters, and combat sounds. I save all my sounds as 48kHz 24bit files and I plan to offer them as such and additionally also as 44kHz 16bit files and OGG-files. I have two questions to you who develop games and I hope I get many answers so I can tailor my stuff to your needs. 1) Looping Do you have any fancy stuff for your emitters where it would be useful with looping-points defined within a sample? E.g. lets say we have a machine that a player can switch on and off. Should the same sample have the startup sound, the looping sound (with defined looping points for the sample) and a shutdown sound - or should these be three different sound files? 2) Formats What formats would you prefer to download the samples as? Is it enough with the original WAV-file or do you want a selection of pre-encoded formats such as OGG in different bitrates, ACC, or even MP3 (although MP3 are useless for seamless looping) Thank you very much in advance.