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  1. Never mind.. delete. [Edited by - stefu on May 5, 2010 2:15:36 PM]
  2. Hi from long time ago, I have some books that I do not need anymore. * OpenGL Library, 2006 (contains OpenGL Programming Guide 5th ed. + OpenGL Shading Language 2nd ed. + big opengl machine poster) * Focus On Curves And Surfaces, 2003 * Game Programming Gems, 2002 If you (finnish dude preferably, but why not anywhere) need these, drop in e-mail.
  3. Do you might know if nebula2 will have Linux/OpenGL implementation soon? I tried one day to compile but it wanted me to implement this.
  4. Quote:Original post by Kylotan I don't think there is a game-oriented one. Bear in mind that even low level sockets in Python are really easy though. What functionality in particular do you want? Player info and tracking system, handling joining, leaving, errors, etc. That would be fantastic, leaving me to do only game essential things. I do ot know yet what I will be doing, but I have the time and simple Python opengl multiplayer game is a good idea.
  5. Does there exist one, like directlpay, for python?
  6. Buy some scale model kits and build them.
  7. Quote:Original post by twix You'd be surprised how easy it is. This isn't something I read in a book, it's just so obvious and effective that I don't understand why other people don't try it: Just pay attention to what you're thinking. If you're thinking something you don't want to be, stop. Think about something else. Think about something happy. Smile. Force of habit is incredibly powerful, it's really possible to change your personality (I know this from experience). It's not even terribly taxing. You just have to be very vigilant and persistent. I am amazed if you know all this by yourself. This is what I have been trying for a month now, paying attention to my thoughts and being more conscious what is happening in me. Yes, force of habit is very strong and is driving me. As long as I am not conscious of the thoughts that drives me, I am like a badly programmed robot and I have no chance to do differently. The principly is easy, but like you said I need to be very obsessed with this, vigilent and persistent at every moment.
  8. Quote:Original post by JexMX Quote:Original post by stefu Now after reading more JexMX posts I think you have a big mouth and that's all. Thanks. But until you realise that I am right, you will at some point become very unhappy/depressed. No, you made sense and I only got irritated by your way of knowing everything like you were Dr Phil ;)
  9. Now after reading more JexMX posts I think you have a big mouth and that's all.
  10. Quote:Original post by JexMX Don't you see what your doing to yourself? Your admitting to a LOT of people that your life is a "failure". A human should NEVER have to admit that. By saying what you've just said, you say it as if you are who you are, you can't change it. That is bullshit. You say you don't have many friends or a girlfriend, thats probably because you believe your a person who doesn't socialize well. Read a book on self-esteem. Wake up everyday, look in the mirror and think wow. Smile when your unhappy. Your smiling will trick your body and mind into thinking your happy, making your life happy. Eventually this will be natural and your perception of life will change. If it was that easy don't you think world would be much better place ;-) This is not somthing I have become recently, this is what I have been whole my life. But you certainly made me think. It is nice thought "you are what you believe you are" that many books write. But the question is how to change my beliefs and attitudes? It is not a thing that changes overnight or by magic wand.
  11. My life sucks too. I had to quit university this year because I had lost all motivation, doing alone everyting, and I couldn't hold eyes open during lessons. I had no friends, I have never had girl friend and I have difficult social anxiety so not looking very easy. I still am positive that I stop creating more drama and turn things up. I should ban computer and join some group to do somehing else. Job would be fine also but I look too shy to do anything. Quote:Original post by Eelco im surprised im the first one to mention the obvious solution: GO JUMP OFF A CLIF! you know you want to. I'd like to very much, with parachute of course ;)
  12. Btw. thank you all!!
  13. Quote:Original post by flukus Do you have a firewall turned on? Your AV should pick it up. I didn't have until I installed sp2 and after that I don't know if it is on by default? I have had before full up to date virus protection and tiny personal firewall and still got this. Now I install again and I am sure the problem will come back soon. God I am happy I have Linux. If only I could get XSI foundation trial work here. What is best free virus protection software for WinXP (home)?
  14. Quote:Original post by Medulla_Oblongata Did you mess around with Windows Settings? Maybe you have a faulty Windows XP disc? (illegal copy?) No I didn't (even if I had, I can't believe that should be able to happen). And it is legal disc bought from local pc shop. All I did in last windows session was install a free online game Soldat (which didn't work) from a topic in this Lounge, and uninstalled it. Also I installed torque engine demo. I wish there was windows that actually works for worth of money.
  15. Last week I did full clean install, using formatting (slow version) and everything. And after four days it was again there. I had virus protection fsecure (90 day trial). I had SP2 installed and I don't even use IE except for windows update site. I know I need to do full install again, but I just can't accept it. Maybe there is someting wrong with my machine becaue this happens always after some time? XP is in an old hd (I have linux in another hd)