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  1. kuramayoko10

    Son of Nor

    Congratulations to the whole team. I am positive that your goal will be achieved shortly. I've made my pledge :)
  2. kuramayoko10

    What's you favorite and most hated part of coding?

    The thing I love the most on programming is, like cited before, findind a solution to a bug after a sudden realization.   The thing I hate the most is useless/misleading error information.
  3. kuramayoko10

    breakout game

    A good place to post it is the Your Announcements section of GDnet.   Also, if you want to continue improving the game, want to make it open-source and want people to post bug reports, services like github to host your code and latest build is very important. Don't worry if it is a beginner's project. It is good to start building your portfolio out of these simpler but personalized games.
  4. kuramayoko10

    How Do I Make a Level Editor

    It is always nice to find some reference on already built level editors.   I wrote my own level editor when I was starting game programming. Because I always forgot some feature and I learned something new, I ended up reengineering the editor several times.   That was good to my learning, but if I had looked at something like Tiled before, maybe I would have learned some stuff faster.
  5. The size is really too big. And the font is not really the best imo.
  6. kuramayoko10

    Women vs Tropes in Video Games

    I don't know why people are caring so much about how much money she made or anything beside the content of the video. She touches a topic that is out there: women want a different role on the media.   I will use Milcho post to reply to some points   She makes very clear at the end of the video that she loves the Mario series and Zelda and doesn't criticize the plot. She says that she hopes Peach, Zelda and other female characters are made protagonists in the next games. She also explains what her next video will be about: what the current developers are doing around this theme and which games are trying to flip the coin.   Note that the movie industry is also flipping the coin a bit slowly right now. Animations are starting to present female protagonists: Brave     What she intends to do is something like a documentary. This fits really well a kickstarter campaign. I dont know about those other people you cited, but the amount of money she asked for is not a ton (6k only).     I agree with you here. She may not cite some games so that she can make her point more clear. Or maybe on edition it was cut off. Still, the conclusion of the video was valid imo. Games with the Damsel in Distress plot are ok, but wouldn't hurt to have a big production on a female protagonist.
  7. Haha... I was going to post it here too.   About the DRM discussion.... It is quite frustating I know, but there is always one hacker group that will break our software. Those big corporations know that and they should have learned by now that making the DRM Wall wider and taller doesn't work. They are blocking the legitimate customers and letting pirates go through.   This is not recent though. Even owning games like Diablo2 and AgeOfEmpires2, I had to download a crack version to play with NoCD. More than a decade has passed, technology evolved a bunch and still: Diablo3 was cracked (even before release); Max Payne 3 was cracked; SimCity will be cracked.
  8. kuramayoko10

    Looking for a new browser

    Why haven't you tried Firefox again?   I never had trouble with it, and every add-on you can imagine will be available. Also, I fell much safer on FF about the information being collected from my computer while browsing.   About IE... I hope they lost their pride and downloaded FF source code and improved their product. It was about time
  9. kuramayoko10

    What makes these games so successful?

    As you may have seen on Indie Game: The Movie, those games (Braid, Super Meat Boy) were the Vanguard of indie development. They went through some hard stuff to achieve the polished game without much support from anyone else. They also had to talk to hundreds of people begging them to rate their game so that others could see it.   Today, just a couple years later, it is much easier to enter this industry and there are several platforms out there that will do the advertising/marketing for you. So, adventure-platform-games are super trivial today. But back on the day SMB launched, they were pretty amazing.
  10. kuramayoko10

    Negative programmer reaction of the Video

    This thread is kind long and I am getting into it kind late, but I want to add something that I did not yet identified in my overview of the thread.   Currently we are experiencing a big rush of computers and embedded systems in our lives. The right word I am aiming here is ubiquitous computing. I think most of you agree that the future we are looking for is something where the systems are so natural in our lives we won't event notice it.   Okay there is maybe a SciFi utopic model for this kind of thing, but analysing our current life model I would like to point out the following: - A regular person (in the sense of someone without much computer skills/knowledge) often is overwhelmed by the amount of information computers and systems present - If the regular person understood the basics of how a computer work, maybe it would not scare him/her so much. A little bit of the "magic" would go away and leave space to reasoning and logic (which is good) - A kid has a great potential for learning and less problems handling with computers - So a kid is totally capable of learning the basic backend of computers and systems, and capable of achieving incredible things with it (I already pointed out in an older thread the potential of 9-13 yo kids hacking and programming incredible stuff)   Therefore, if we start implementing a course on computer systems / programming of some sort for our kids, this transition to ubiquituous programming will be a little easier and maybe we can find out some hidden geniuses out there too.   I think that the good things achieved by more people familiar with programming/systems organization overcomes the bad stuff.
  11. kuramayoko10

    [SOLVED] SDL can't find image.

    Also, try setting the following flag on your Screen initialization: SDL_DOUBLEBUF   With that and SDL_HWSURFACE you will be able to use SDL_Flip() properly. screen = SDL_SetVideoMode( 640, 480, 32, SDL_HWSURFACE | SDL_DOUBLEBUF );
  12. kuramayoko10

    People like this make life worth living

    Yes, there is lots and lots of people ignorant out there: they do not know some stuff and/or misunderstand others.   And religion is really a big one.   The quote is pretty funny. I agree with you about people that didn't ever thought on why they are inserted into a group. But I disagree with this question:     Religion doesn't have to be one or another. I myself like to study several of them and assemble a list of standards to follow. That is my religion.   Just pointing it out. Not creating a debate here
  13. Yes, you are right. My post doesnt emphasize this but I was not trying to segregate the languages. I think it is possible to design a hybrid language, that is partially compiled and partially interpreted, right?     The idea is more of a translator, I know, but it is generally called emulator/virtual machine... Java has some static compiling options, but it stil partially interpreted, right?     EDIT: Thanks for making me read the wikipedia article again. I found a quote similar to Cornstalks there     I will review language design, computer grammar, etc.
  14. Thanks Cornstalks. That is one of the responses I was looking for.
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