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  1. hasn't posted a status in a while.
  2. So you thought Crickets were tough to switch to a different container? Try Locusts.
  3. If it's likely people around you would suspect you of self-harming, I wouldn't recommend owning a Bearded Dragon. Especially not one who's idea of "exploring" is "attempting impossible jumps."
  4. ...Why have I been sent every letter of four different fonts as a separate PSD file? Especially when that PSD only contains one layer which has been flattened, so has no use as a PSD.
  5. I just did some actual work on my website. o.O
  6. I'm in Eyemouth. Who else is here?
  7. Well that's a shitty ludum dare theme... if I can think of anything decent in the morning, I might still enter.
  8. Merry Chocolate Day!
  9. Brace yourself everyone. Something amazing has just happened... we have just received art work from a client which is actually usable. This is unprecedented.
  10. building Google's v8 could not have been any more tedious if it tried...
  11. Valhalla sure does have teeth... Yip.
  12. Enslaved. Damn fun game, but far too short.
  13. would love to know why luabind feels the need to start crashing for no good reason...
  14. The more I use Snow Leopard the more I think that the whole of Apple were either stoned during the design phase, then didn't bother changing it once they started making it, or they decided to go play with shiny things during the last third of the development, so couldn't actually add anything other than a show off button.
  15. Where is a USB to USB2 cable when you need one?
  16. Ba Ba Baa, Ba-Baby bell.
  17. Ba Ba Baa, Ba-Baby bell.
  18. So when do I meet a girl who changes her hair colour every week and a half, has 7 evil exs I need to fight off and travels by roller blades or super powers?
  19. So. During deadline week we have the CEO going on holiday, not telling anyone and no testing of the app. Then we have design changes. Then we have we have deadlines changing (and not being told until the last minute...) but meetings still happening so the work still needs doing. Then, on meeting day, the project manager decides he needs a haircut and disappears. This is fun.
  20. is learning how to talk like a managing director.
  21. Build website, work on engine or play DC Universe. Which should I do?
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