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  1. Flight Physics

    I have a question about flight physics to get vertical and horizontal acceleration there are four forces Thrust, Drag, Lift, and Gravity Force I don't know what's the right equation ... I can't find the right Drag and Lift coefficient thank you
  2. maybe my agent will use a FSM but with Fuzzy Logic transition just like kylotan said ... is it the same as Fuzzy Finite State Machine ? but I still confused about the transition itself. what if my agent only do one state but before that it will evaluate all the active states with some fuzzy logic algorithm ?
  3. now I get it ... what's FuSM and the difference between Fuzzy Logic and FuSM coz some websites really make me confused, by its explanation thanks dude :D
  4. hi, I have read Brian's book "AI Game Engine Programming", though it's a good book but I still have a lot of questions about FuSM, in the previous thread that explained about FuSM still don't solve my problems. I have two different types of state : command and flexible command type is a state that must be done by the agents coz it was decided by the agent's mission. an agent only get one command state at a time the command type state is such as : move, strike, return and the flexible type state is such as : evade, retreat, waiting, pursuit questions : 1. should my FuSM doing many states at the same time just like in the book? coz I only need one state at a time but using the Fuzzy logic to make agent decision 2. can FuSM calculate whether the agent will decide to do one of the flexible states or keep on doing the active command state ? for example : the agent will keep on doing the command state if the requirements fulfilled and the agent will switch doing one of the flexible state if the requirements fulfilled thank you [Edited by - wiwing on October 7, 2009 4:05:12 AM]