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  1. Kagami

    Progress 005

    This week we've worked on the sounds in the game, although not excellent, we've gotten it to work well. Instead of the picture I normally upload I'll share a short video with you. Hope you like it Video
  2. Kagami

    Progress 004

    It's been a long time since our last update, but finally we found some time. We've been working hard on new tank models, and can finally show one of them. It's an 8 wheeled tank currently equipped with a light 105 mm cannon. We're really pleased with the car and tire physics. We're going to start working on the GUI soon, and more of the backend part of the game. As always, feel free to comment or leave suggestions
  3. Kagami

    Progress 003

    [quote name='yckx' timestamp='1302973430'] What's the floating boulder? [/quote] Well the floating boulder was just to test the godray effect, nothing we plan on having in the game
  4. Kagami

    Progress 003

    This week we've worked hard on making our game more playable, mainly fixing bugs. We've also been playing around with a different setting than the desert one, and this one turned out nice. We've also added 'god ray' graphic effect (seen slightly in the screenshot below). Overall the game is progressing a bit each day, soon we will start introducing other tank models(it's about time). And here is the screenshot: Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.
  5. Kagami

    Project 'Massive'

    Screenshots from project 'Massive'
  6. Kagami

    Progress 002

    So we will show off this weeks progress, most of the week has been to optimize and fix some lingering bugs. But we did actually have time to implement a really cool radar, it works great. The idea behind the radar is to be an purchasable addon to the tank(bought with ingame currency acquired by competing in tank battles). We have been working hard at new tank models, but they are not quite ready to be shown yet, so the screenshot for the week is the same old boring tank I'll post again next week!
  7. Kagami

    This weeks progress

    This week we have been working hard on creating and AI. Turns out we over achieved it, as of now the AI is super aggressive and accurate. I guess we will have to tweak this for later. All the models in the game at the moment are placeholders, we will add correct models when they are finished. As I mentioned before here is a little more information about the game: It's a tank arena game where the player battles off against opponents, based on how well the fight goes and how hard it is the player will earn money. The money will be used to upgrade your tank and buy new tanks. We have three types of tanks planned for at the moment, the hoover class(which are seen in the pictures), wheel based class and track based class. All these tanks will have different driving characteristics and handling. The idea is to let the player choose the way of playing that he/she likes. And then arm the tank with a customized weapon loadout. Well that's the idea right now. Here is a screenshot of the overly aggressive AI: Feel free to leave comments and ideas.
  8. So, what is project 'Massive'? It's a tank arena game, is the easy answer. We aim to have a lot of different futuristic tanks and weapons, as well as a variety of arenas. We are currently in the beginning of our development, and we see the project as a learning experience and entertainment. More details will follow, but for now we supply a screenshot: Please come with suggestions and comments.
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