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  1. [color=#1C2837][size=2]Hey all. [color=#1C2837][size=2] Have a question question. I need to read sound files. How do I do this? I don't need to play them; I want to be able to analyze the tempo, bass, pitch, etc. The library doesn't need to be able to tell me what is what (although, that would be nice), as long as I can get at least the raw data. I'm prototyping for a game concept, similar to AudioSurf or Beat Hazard.
  2. Thank you, that has made it work just fine. Also, thanks extra for the quick replies!
  3. I've tried compiling using v4 and I get the same result. I've also copied over the code from the same which determines the feature level and it didn't work.
  4. Hey, thanks for replying. I don't know the max feature level but I do know that I have a nVidia 8800GT. However, as I said above, the Shaders tutorial out of the DirectX 11 Sample Browser runs just fine. Any thoughts on how thats possible?
  5. Hello everyone. I am currently working on making a game engine and I have been following the tutorials on learning DirectX 11. Everything was going well until a few hours ago when I hit a brick wall. I'm currently trying to get a triangle to render. However, the shaders aren't being created and I get an invalid argument return. Also since I have debugging turned on, I get the below read out in the output window. D3D11: ERROR: ID3D11Device::CreateVertexShader: Invalid shader version provided: vs_5_0 [ STATE_CREATION ERROR #167: CREATEVERTEXSHADER_INVALIDSHADERTYPE ] D3D11: ERROR: ID3D11Device::CreatePixelShader: Invalid shader version provided: ps_5_0 [ STATE_CREATION ERROR #193: CREATEPIXELSHADER_INVALIDSHADERTYPE ] However, when I run the (near) exact same code from the DirectX tutorial from the DirectX sample browser, the triangle renders just fine, so I know the problem has to be in my code and not my hardware. I've tried v4 with the same result and anything below v3 just crashes. After comparing my code very closely to all the tutorials I have, I am looking to see if anyone here can help me figure this out. I've included links to all my code files. They are in the format of a basic game engine and all the included files just need to be compiled in a DirectX ready project. [Code Removed] Thanks in advance for looking at this. -Dryak [Edited by - Dryak on October 6, 2010 2:06:02 AM]
  6. Quote:Original post by adam4813 If you upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 than you need to include the Windows SDK include folder above all the other in the project properties, not in the settings vc++ directories. **EDIT** I first had this issue and solved it with a wonderful thing called Google and it took less than 5 min. Some one has to create the forum posts that get searched by Google.
  7. Correct and I do, but I would like to publish my games for a profit and they won't let me do that on a student license.
  8. As amazing as the Unreal Engine is, I don't know how to link it to Visual Studio Express nor do I know the language (of course, I could learn the language if I could figure out the linking deal)
  9. Well the thing is that I've looked at Leadwerks tutorial videos and they show me how to do everything that their engine can do and this is how I know the graphical capabilities of it. I couldn't find anything for C4. And of course I agree with you that the assets are really what matter but I'm talking more in terms of shaders, lighting, LOD, culling, post processing effects and such. Plus it costs $350 which is quite a bit on a college students budget.
  10. I've looked at C4 demos and videos on Youtube and it just look right. Do you have videos or demos I could look at? I've looked at Unity and it looks nice but most of the features like real-time shadows and such are only in the $1500 Pro Edition. So far it seems like Leadwerks is the best for my needs. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  11. I looked into the CryEngine but they only license to large groups, not individuals and I'm a super indie game designer. Also, I'm trying to publish the game that I'm making so I want to have full commercial licensing to do it.
  12. Hey all. I am starting to get my game going so I wanted your recommendations on a good game engine. I've been using DarkGDK/C++ to prototype and while DarkGDK is good, its not great. I would still like to stay with C++; I am willing to pay up to $200 dollars unless the engine has something REALLY awesome and then I'm willing to pay up to $300. Below are my wants and needs for the engine. Needs - Physics - Multiplayer capabilities (Mainly LAN) - Terrain/World Creation Tools - Object management (movement, placement, etc) - High quality graphics - Sound management Wants - AI - [Anything else beyond the needs] I've currently looked at Leadwerks which looks amazing and has all my needs. I've also looked at Abyssal which asks me to purchase a separate multiplayer engine for $1,500 (riiiight) What are your recommendations?
  13. Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble with a few classes that are trying to access another class. I'm getting the message: 1>d:\rei\documents\visual studio 2008\projects\applied project\applied project\currentview.h(80) : error C2027: use of undefined type 'Player' 1> d:\rei\documents\visual studio 2008\projects\applied project\applied project\currentview.h(46) : see declaration of 'Player' Even though I've included the class as well as done forward declaration. Below is my code, can some one point out what I'm doing wrong? P.S. Also, can someone tell me what the html tag is for posting code? #pragma once #include "ControllerState.h" //The include and declaration #include "Player.h" class Player; //View State Class --- This class is fine... see the class below..... class View { public: virtual float GetCameraAngleX() { return 0; } virtual float GetCameraAngleY() { return 0; } virtual void SetCameraAngleX(float value) { } virtual void SetCameraAngleY(float value) { } virtual void Update() { } }; //Class FPS inheriting from class view class FPS : public View { public: //Player pointer... no problems here Player *player; float fCameraAngleX; float fCameraAngleY; ControllerState *controller; //Constructor... no problems here FPS(Player *currentPlayer, ControllerState *currentController) { this->controller = currentController; this->player = currentPlayer; fCameraAngleX = 0; fCameraAngleY = 0; //dbSetCameraToObjectOrientation ( player->id) ; } void Update() { // create a rotation axis based on controller movement fCameraAngleX = dbWrapValue ( fCameraAngleX + controller->GetVeiwX() ); fCameraAngleY = dbWrapValue ( fCameraAngleY + controller->GetVeiwY() ); ////THIS FUNCTION\\\ ///When trying to access player->id and any other player variable after this, I get the error message dbYRotateObject( player->id,fCameraAngleX ); dbRotateCamera ( fCameraAngleY, fCameraAngleX, 0 ); dbPositionCamera ( player->x, player->y+85, player->z+8); } float GetCameraAngleX() { return this->fCameraAngleX; } float GetCameraAngleY() { return this->fCameraAngleY; } void SetCameraAngleX(float value) { this->fCameraAngleX = value; } void SetCameraAngleY(float value) { this->fCameraAngleY = value; } }; [Magickal faeries fixed this for you while you were gone. In the mean time, read the FAQ. - Zahlman] [Edited by - Zahlman on October 27, 2009 11:21:40 PM]
  14. Dryak

    Error C2143

    Thanks Panic, I had just forgotten to forward declare the class.
  15. Hey guys, I'm doing some code that says that I have a semicolon missing when In fact I don't. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong so I was hoping you guys can point it out for me. I'm creating a Player Object and a Control Object and I'm trying to pass a reference to the Player object so that the control class can see it, but I am unable to create a pointer to receive the reference. Thank You!! (See below for commented code) //Includes #include "Player.h" #include "Controls.h" //Creation of Objects static Player Player; static Controls Controls(&Player); //Controls Class Header class Controls { private: //Shooter or RTS class Mode *currentMode; //Mouse or Gamepad class ControllerState *currentController; public: //---------> Error <------------\ Player *player; float fCameraAngleX; float fCameraAngleY; Controls(Player *player); void Update(); };
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