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  1. Jason2Jason

    Awesome Turn-Based Strategy Games?

    Galactic Civ 2 especially after the new expansion is a really good game IMO. I'd highly recommend giving it a go. The expansions are a must though in my opinion, there's a deal to buy the game with both expansions for a reasonable price.
  2. Jason2Jason

    Generating geometry from points and vectors

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster After a bit of thought, here's an even simpler method: normalize the vectors, then subtract one from the other. This gives you one of the directions (unnormalized though), and negate it to get the other direction. But this method won't work for the case where both vectors are in the same direction (and the previous method won't work for the case where both vectors are in opposite directions). Thanks for your help there, pretty simple after all that. Your last method should be fine as the vectors should never be the same or opposite direction from one another. Thanks again, I'd rate you, but your Anonymous :-) Jason
  3. Jason2Jason

    Generating geometry from points and vectors

    Ok obviously that didn't help lol. Let me try and put it another way. I want to find out a plane that the vertices should lie on, then how to calculate the vertices from the 2 positions and direction vectors that I have. Is there anything I can do to help clear this up, or anything roughly in the sort of area of reference you guys could direct me to? I sat down for a night trying to work it out but like I said maths isn't my strongest point in this world. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this anyway.. Jason
  4. Jason2Jason

    Neural Networks in games

    Black and White (1 and 2) used NN's for the AI. I remember watching something on tv about when they were training the nets in BW1. When the creature got hungry it apparently tried to eat its own hand! No idea how it thought it was food, but sounded funny. Jason
  5. Jason2Jason

    strange advertisment?

    This ad has appeared for me a few times now, redirecting the page no matter what I do. It only seems to be on IE at college for me though, haven't knoticed it at home on firefox yet. Jason
  6. Jason2Jason

    Generating geometry from points and vectors

    Ok i've drawn out the first and second ascii drawings in paint, hopefully it will be a little clearer: Basically the Green round dots are the points in space that I have, with the dark red arrows being direction vectors from those points aiming at the next point. The red square points are the points I wish to calculate, more specifically its the way they are angled when the shape changes direction (the 45 degree bit). Is that clearer? Jason
  7. Hi there. To start with I will admit that maths and physics are not my strongest point, however I do have some basic knowledge of vector maths. I'm currently writing a 3D program where I need to generate the vertices for several triangles to make a cuboid. The data I have to generate from this is a list of points and vectors. For example, I have 3 points: position: (xyz) | vector: (xyz) ----------------------------------------- 0,0,0 | 1,0,0 2,0,0 | 0,1,0 2,2,0 | 0,1,0 Here is the graphical representation: Y ^ ^ | | | 0 | ^ | | | | |0---->0 +-------------------X \Z From these 3 points and directions, I am attempting to work out 4 vertices, to make a 3D 6 sided shape. I won't worry about the process of generating individual triangles from these 4 vertices as I can probably cope with that. In my program so far I have a special case for the first and last points, where all the vertices must be the same distance from the point (0.5f), but on the middle points (only one specified for this example for simplicity) they will always be at right angles, so the vertices need to be on a plane of 45 degree: ^ | . 0 . ^ | . . | 0--->0 . . What I am having problems with is generating the plane mathematically and then knowing the co-ordinates in 3D of the vertices. I may be able to do it using pure program logic, but it would be inefficient if there's a mathematical route to go. Sorry if its hard to know what I want. But if you were to imagine that last diagram mirrored on the X axis, then the plane of the verticis on the right would be different: . . 0-->0 . . | | \/ . 0 . | | \/ Since the actual points I will be generating will be 3D I am only concerned about generating the 4 vertices around the current point, as I will have access to the previous point/vert data. All the vertices need to be 0.5 units away from the point. Any ideas on how to go about doing this, or just general pointing in the right direction? I've tried a few things involving the dot product and stuff, but I was just scribbling on paper and not really knowing what I am doing. Any help in this problem will be appreciated and rating++ :) If you need anything explained further please ask and i will do my best. Thanks Jason
  8. Jason2Jason

    x3 the reunion

    I own and play x2 and x3. X2 is a great game if you are patient and know how to play it. It does have a steep learning curve, and I have only started playing it right since I got X3. X3 was released unfinished. So much so that they released patch 1.2 on the release date (UK release). This fixed most crash to desktop issues and so on, but many bugs remain that will be dealt with in patch 1.3 released later this month. Many issues to be dealt with are the actual game play issues with the economy and the general player experience from what I can tell so far. I for one am not playing the game until my issue with a game controller is fixed hopefully in this patch. You should visit the Egosoft forums to get an idea of whats going on, but from what I've seen around, it looks like the publisher just forced them to release on a date no matter what the state of the game is, but luckily the Egosoft development team seem committed to fixing the post-release game, and they've done a great job with support. I really don't like this trend of sell it fix it later, but it can't be helped if you publisher will pull the plug on your funding.. If you don't like the game now, buy it later if you're willing to give it a go, but if you don't mind blowing your social life this game can be great with a little patients and willingness to learn. Right now like me, I'd try playing X2, it will give you an idea of the story so far, and the general feel of the economy which is similar in X3. Jason
  9. Jason2Jason

    Survey: Which objects do you lose most often?

    I usually ending up loosing the remote for TVs, my guitar picks, and a very important letter that I usually need to find for a specific reason on occasion. I often find my guitar picks under my bed, or in another room that I never even have my guitar in.. Jason
  10. Jason2Jason

    Wallice and Gromit destroyed

    Quote:Original post by LessBread That's way bad. It's a good thing their movie was top of the pops this weekend earning a reported $16.1 million. Yes, and now they can probably add a huge insurance figure to that amount, hey they probably don't need the models for a while anyway! Sad nostalgic loss though.. Jason
  11. Jason2Jason

    [ANN] New script engine (Basic sintax)

    This should probably be placed in the 'Your Announcements' forum otherwise its just spam. -J
  12. Jason2Jason

    theoretically possible SF stuff?

    From what I remeber hearing 10g is what a human body can withstand just before dying (passng out before usually). The only way we can get to another star system within a human lifetime is if scientists figure out how to genereate enough power (zero point energy and antimatter reactions come to mind) to generate a pocket of space around the craft and propell that space faster than light (hence not breaking the light limit). There have been theories on this that are plausable, but how its created is another matter. I don't think it will happen in our life time if it's going to take 10 years just to go back to the moon! There are some more well informed people around here, but look up warp theory if your interested, it is actually a real possibilty one day. (From what I saw), just don't look up star trek warp theory. Jason
  13. Quote:Original post by Fixxer Also, you dont copyright code, you patent it. Thats not true in places like Europe where you can't patent code. Patents from what I know usually involve a licence fee for using anything thats patented, and copyrighting just means you must have the authors permission to use it. (If they wish to charge they can, like engine licences). Im no expert but I'm pretty sure about that bit. -J
  14. Jason2Jason

    I'm back (with pictures, 56k frendly).

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv LOL God didn't do ctrl+c ctrl+v, but he made the earth to be over 70% water, so he didn't have to work that much :D and space 99% empty! (well asides from dark matter and energy and things like that)
  15. Jason2Jason

    UK Exam Results Day

    Quote:Original post by python_regious Quote:Original post by Jason2Jason Quote:Original post by python_regious Quote:Original post by Jason2Jason That doesn't mean its easy for all. Considering the pass rate is something like 97% - I beg to differ. An E is a pass, just not a very good one, it means they got a majority of the questions wrong. if 70% for instance of the passes were of E's or D's, would you still call it easy? (I don't know the figure, if you do please tell me, I just find it degrading that we have to go through 2 or 3 years of all this jsut to be told by some people that its worthless.) -J I can't remember off the top of my head, but something like 70% of people get A-C. Don't quote me on that, I might be thinking of GCSE's or something. Thats sounds like one of the GCSE figures i heard last year or something, but again I'm not sure. -J
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