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    Considering a career in game development

    I stumbled upon this article: http://blogs.payscale.com/content/2009/07/best-jobs-for-the-future.html Video game designer is at #3... Any input?
  2. galbitang10566

    Considering a career in game development

    Ugh. Choosing a major in college is so difficult. But can anyone perhaps be more specific about the job market? From my observations, I thought the job market would be better than most other majors out there considering video games are a booming industry. For example, my sister has a degree in Communications from USC but has been jobless for about a year. Does anyone also have some more specific input on what is likely the "best" university for a graphic artist?
  3. I currently attend a Santa Monica College and have been considering becoming a game developer; I plan to transfer to either USC, UCLA, or UC Berkeley. I remember from an interview of a game developer from a long time ago that USC was the best university to do so. I will break it down into some questions that I have. 1. What is the job market like? Is it fairly easy to find a stable job after graduation? 2. Whats the best university to attend? 3. Whats the average starting salary? I know I haven't specified exactly what I want to become, but a 3D graphic designer does sound the most appealing.
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