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    Simple 3D transform in 2D GL_Ortho ?

    Thanks for the suggestions, but sadly it would seem unlikely we can achieve what we wanted.   Wishing now I'd gone 3D in the first place!   Thanks :-)
  2. I'm in a bit of a pickle and would really appreciate some help with this.   I've got a large and complex project which has strictly been a 2D affair - until now.   I need to display what I'll describe as a "Clock Face" as though it was lying on the table in front of you. Looking at it from this viewpoint it becomes elliptical.  I can't draw a simple ellipse to emulate this though since I need the clock face (and the texture on it) to rotate.   Can anyone offer me some hope that this can be achieved?   Many thanks :-)  
  3. There more I think about it, the more this does look like a glCopyTexImage job.  Problem with being rusty is that the most obvious solutions don't leap to mind !   I've heard enough horror stories about pbuffers that I deliberately avoided them - and hence my post here!   Thanks for listening guys, I'll go have a play  :)
  4. Ah, thanks for that - and indeed that will work, but I deliberately want (and need) to render to a texture.   Back story:-   I've already got all the textures I need for this project (there's a LOT of them) but they're geared up for a full-screen program. What I want to do is draw to a full-sized (hidden) texture, and then copy that texture to the screen - reducing its size as I do so.   I hope that makes sense... it's 01:30 here and I'm past tired!!   Thanks :)
  5. Hi Folks,               My ogl is a bit rusty and none of the books I've got seem to cover this topic. What I'd like to do is render to a texture which I can later render to screen in the normal way - but without using FBO's.  This is a 2D (Ortho) app where speed isn't a major concern.   Is this even feasible?  If so, how !?   Many thanks :)  
  6. Apologies for the tardy catch-up.. life gets in the way sometimes! Thanks for the helpful pointers, I'll have a memory-refresh from the Red Book and try your suggestions. Cheers
  7. Hi all, please excuse this confused ogl newbie. Having written an app which happily runs on all the hardware it was meant to, all of which support OGL 2.1 or better, I had used a great many NPOT image files for my textures. I now need to add support for a wretched ASUS EeeeeeePC which only supports OGL 1.4 and has none of the hoped for rectangle extensions at all. Thanks Intel, love ya. Is there a way I can munge my images on load to get around this? I'm sure I'm not the first person to fall foul of a situation like this but Googling hasn't helped me in any constructive way. Converting the images (and the code that uses them) to be POT compatible is out of the question. Thanks
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