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  1. When I try to load a texture (lesson 6 from the black is always transparent. But i need to see it.
  2. Ipicture basecode: and you could compile it
  3. Here is my source: press enter 2 times The second and the third menu must be the same, but the program translates symbols by this way: b -> a c -> b d -> c ... etc.
  4. I'm sorry. Netbook wasn't connected to the Internet and the desktop computer has a firewall
  5. Even .exe file doesn't work on: - netbook asus 1000he with Windows XP - usual computer with Windows 7 Both of them have embedded video adapters I have tried the Debugging and program is terminated in this block: Initialize(&window, &keys) == FALSE
  6. Dev-c++ examples don't work in Windows 7

    Maybe my version of VS2010 is cutted. Now it works under dev-cpp even under win7. I have tried an example about using images of various types as textures. I think the problem was with glaux.h
  7. Dev-c++ examples don't work in Windows 7

    I have added glaux.h and glaux.dll only to make this example workable. Visual studio 2008 almost doens't work with OpenGL. And there are no C++ compiler in VS2010
  8. The program simply shows an alert with message "The program doen't work" and closes. I have tried the last version of dev-c++ with "lesson6"
  9. For example how to cut anything from this image?
  10. I have PC and netbook. Their screen resolutions are 1600х900 and 1024x600. Of course, I cannot choose the onest resolution because of this error: The Requested Fullscreen Mode Is Not Supported By Your Video Card. Use Windowed Mode Instead? How to solve this problem? DirectX even allows to see all the possible resolutions.
  11. VS2008 + OpenGL. Lesson2

    I can open the existing project but i can't make a new project with the same code because of errors in manifest. Can anybody answer me where is my mistake? here is my project: