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  1. [Android] Space Venture: My First Mobile Game

    I think I'm safe, seeing as their attempted release date was over 4 years ago. :P   [Edit] Apparently one of the developers was having serious health issues. :(
  2. Hey everyone,   I've released my first game to the Google Play Store (iPhone coming eventually) and was hoping to get some thoughts from people. Me and my partner built it in about a month.   Space Venture! Space Venture is an arcade game that uses ideas from the classic games: Asteroids and Space Invaders, but with a few twists. You are in command of a space ship that needs to maneuver around obstacles in order to reach the energy star. The energy star is the only way to refuel your ship and move on to the next level. In each level you are only given a certain amount of moves to use which puts pressure on the decisions you make. As you progress in the game more obstacles will get in your way including: asteroids, enemies, and powerful black holes!   We would love for you to test out the game, review it, and give us some feedback! We also appreciate constructive criticism in order to further the game and make it more to the user's liking! Are you up for the challenge of Space Venture?   Download on Google Play Store:   For questions or concerns we can also be reached at our website:
  3. I still have a little bit of a flicker.   I've heard it could quite possibly be something with the refresh rate.   There is never really too much of a flicker, just usually 1 square, but can sometimes be several squares.   Here's the code.   /** * @(#) * * * @author * @version 1.00 2012/8/11 */ package client.panel; import java.awt.Canvas; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Graphics2D; import java.awt.GraphicsConfiguration; import java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment; import java.awt.Image; import java.awt.Toolkit; import java.awt.Transparency; import java.awt.event.KeyEvent; import java.awt.image.BufferStrategy; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import; import java.util.ArrayList; import javax.imageio.ImageIO; import client.AnimalForest; import common.Function; import common.Movable; import common.Player; import common.item.Item; import common.npc.NPC; import common.tile.Tile; public class MapPanel extends Canvas { private BufferStrategy buffer; private Graphics2D g; private long lastLoopTime; public AnimalForest game; public Image[][] critters; private Image attacking; private Image[] rain; // private String lume; private ArrayList<Lume> lumes; private ArrayList<Missile> missiles; private String names; public int mouseX,mouseY; private boolean nightvision = false; public int pixel_x=0, pixel_y=0, frame, walkFrame, dist=7, startX, startY, endX, endY, weatherFrame, FPS=0; MapPanelMouseListener mpml; public void addMissile(String icon,int x,int y,Movable targ) { Missile m = new Missile(icon,x,y,targ); missiles.add(m); } public MapPanel(AnimalForest g) {; lumes = new ArrayList<Lume>(); missiles = new ArrayList<Missile>(); setFocusable(false); loadImages(); setIgnoreRepaint(true); mpml = new MapPanelMouseListener(this); this.addMouseListener(mpml); this.addMouseMotionListener(mpml); } public void initGL() { } public Image loadImage(String ref) { try { URL url = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource(ref); BufferedImage sourceImage =; GraphicsConfiguration gc = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice().getDefaultConfiguration(); Image image = gc.createCompatibleImage(sourceImage.getWidth(),sourceImage.getHeight(),Transparency.BITMASK); // draw our source image into the accelerated image image.getGraphics().drawImage(sourceImage,0,0,null); return image; } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); return null; } } public boolean mouseOn(int drawx,int drawy) { if(mpml==null)return false; int mx =; int my =; if(mx>=drawx&&mx<=drawx+32) { if (my>=drawy&&my<=drawy+32) { return true; } else { return false; } } else { return false; } } public Image convertImage(BufferedImage sourceImage) { GraphicsConfiguration gc = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice().getDefaultConfiguration(); Image image = gc.createCompatibleImage(sourceImage.getWidth(),sourceImage.getHeight(),Transparency.BITMASK); // draw our source image into the accelerated image image.getGraphics().drawImage(sourceImage,0,0,null); return image; } public void loadImages() { BufferedImage[][] critters2=new BufferedImage[12][3]; critters2[0]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/badger.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[1]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/beaver.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[2]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/ferret.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[3]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/fox.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[4]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/hedgehog.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[5]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/mouse.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[6]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/rabbit.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[7]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/rat.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[8]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/shrew.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[9]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/skunk.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[10]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/squirrel.PNG",null),32,32); critters2[11]=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/critters/weasel.PNG",null),32,32); attacking=game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/GUI/attacking.PNG",new Color(255,0,255)); rain=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/rain.PNG",new Color(255,0,255)),32,32); BufferedImage[] tiles2=Function.divideImage(game.Function.loadImageLocal("images/tiles.PNG",new Color(255,0,255)),32,32); critters=game.imageset.convertToAccelerated(critters2); } public void initGraphics() { createBufferStrategy(2); buffer=getBufferStrategy(); g = (Graphics2D)buffer.getDrawGraphics(); mainLoop(); } public void paintTiles(int dist) { int startX=game.src.x-(dist-1); int startY=game.src.y-(dist-2); if(startX<0)startX=0; if(startY<1)startY=1; int endX=game.src.x+dist; int endY=game.src.y+dist; if(endX>; if(endY>; for(int x=startX;x<endX;x++) { for(int y=startY-1;y<endY;y++) { if([x][y]!=null) { paintTile([x][y]); } } } } public void paintTile(Movable t) { if(t==null)return; int drawX=t.getDrawX(game.src)+pixel_x; int drawY=t.getDrawY(game.src)+pixel_y; g.drawImage(game.imageset.getImg(t),drawX,drawY,null); if(game.rain&&game.src.z!=0&&game.src.lastburrow.length()<=2)g.drawImage(rain[weatherFrame],drawX,drawY,null); if(t.desc!=null&&t.desc.startsWith("burrow")&&mouseX==t.x&&mouseY==t.y) { // g.drawImage(set[t.icon],drawX+pixel_x,drawY+pixel_y,null); // g.drawImage(imgSet[t.icon+1],drawX+pixel_x,drawY+pixel_y,null); g.setColor(; //"=red;"; // g.drawString(,drawX-(*3,drawY-10); } } public void paintGround(boolean npconly, int dist) { int drawNames=0; for(Movable m : { if(m.inRange(game.src,dist)) { int drawX=m.getDrawX(game.src)+pixel_x; int drawY=m.getDrawY(game.src)+pixel_y; if(m instanceof NPC) { NPC p = (NPC)m; g.setColor(Color.white); g.drawImage(critters[Function.race2id(p.race)][0],drawX,drawY,32,32,null); if(mouseX==m.x&&mouseY==m.y&&npconly) {"=yellow;"; // g.drawString(,drawX-(*3,drawY-10); } }if(m instanceof Item&&!npconly) { g.drawImage(game.imageset.getImg(m),drawX,drawY,32,32,null); Item item=(Item)m; if(!npconly&&item.enchanted.equals("Lit"))lumes.add(new Lume(m.x,m.y,1)); if(!npconly&&item.enchanted.equals("Lit3"))lumes.add(new Lume(m.x,m.y,3)); if("Glowstone"))lumes.add(new Lume(m.x,m.y,Integer.parseInt(item.enchanted))); if(mouseX==m.x&&mouseY==m.y) { g.setColor(Color.white);"=white;"; // g.drawString(,drawX-(*3,drawY-10+(drawNames*13)); // drawNames++; } }if(m instanceof Tile) { Tile tile = (Tile)m; if(!npconly||tile.layer>=2) { g.setColor(; g.drawImage(game.imageset.getImg(tile),drawX,drawY,32,32,null); if(tile.layer==0&&mouseX==m.x&&mouseY==m.y) {"=white;"; // g.drawString(,drawX-(*3,drawY-10); } } } } else if(m.inRange(game.src,7)) { if(m.isItem()) { Item item=(Item)m; if(!npconly&&item.enchanted.equals("Lit"))lumes.add(new Lume(m.x,m.y,1)); if(!npconly&&item.enchanted.equals("Lit3"))lumes.add(new Lume(m.x,m.y,3)); if("Glowstone"))lumes.add(new Lume(m.x,m.y,Integer.parseInt(item.enchanted))); } } } } public void paintSelf() { if(!game.src.hasTweak("Hiding")) { // BufferedImage img = critters[game.src.icon][game.src.currentFrame]; int frame=game.src.getFrame(); if(pixel_x!=0||pixel_y!=0) { frame+=walkFrame; } Image img = critters[game.src.icon_state][frame]; if(img.getWidth(null)>32||img.getHeight(null)>32) { g.drawImage(img,160-(img.getWidth(null)-32)/2,160-(img.getHeight(null)-32)/2,null); } else g.drawImage(img,160,160,null); } } public void paintMissiles() { for(Missile m : missiles) { int drawX=0; int drawY=11; drawX+=5+(m.x-game.src.x); drawY-=(6+(m.y-game.src.y)); drawX*=32;drawY*=32; drawX+=pixel_x;drawY+=pixel_y; drawX+=m.pixel_x;drawY+=m.pixel_y; g.drawImage(game.imageset.getImg(m.icon,m.dir,m.currentFrame),drawX,drawY,null); } } public void paintPlayers(int dist) { // g.setColor(Color.white); for(Player p : game.getActivePlayers()) { if(game.src.inRange(p,7)||game.src.inRange(p,7)&&game.src.isLumed()) { if(p.hasTweak("Invisibility"))continue; if(p.hasTweak("Hiding")&&!game.src.hasTweak("True Sight"))continue; int drawX=p.getDrawX(game.src); int drawY=p.getDrawY(game.src); drawX+=pixel_x+p.pixel_x; drawY+=pixel_y+p.pixel_y; int frame=p.getFrame(); if(p.pixel_x!=0||p.pixel_y!=0) { frame+=walkFrame; } g.drawImage(critters[p.icon_state][frame],drawX,drawY,null); if( { g.drawImage(attacking,drawX+8,drawY-16,null); String thename=p.initialname+" the "+Function.id2race(p.icon_state); names+=thename+"=red="+drawX+"="+drawY+";"; // g.drawString(thename,drawX-(thename.length()/2)*3,drawY-10); } else if(mouseOn(drawX,drawY)||game.kl.keydown==KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL){ String thename=p.initialname+" the "+Function.id2race(p.icon_state); names+=thename+"=red="+drawX+"="+drawY+";"; // g.drawString(thename,drawX-(thename.length()/2)*3,drawY-10); } } } } public void paintNames() { if(names==null||names.equals(""))return; int amount=0; for(String info : names.split(";")) { String[] split = info.split("="); int drawX=0; int drawY=11; drawX+=5+(mouseX-game.src.x); drawY-=(6+(mouseY-game.src.y)); drawX*=32;drawY*=32; drawX+=pixel_x;drawY+=pixel_y; if(split[1].equals("white")) { g.setColor(Color.white); } else if(split[1].equals("yellow")) { g.setColor(Color.yellow); } else if(split[1].equals("red")) { g.setColor(; } if(split.length>2) { try { g.drawString(split[0],(Integer.parseInt(split[2]))-(split[0].length()/2)*3,(Integer.parseInt(split[3]))-10-(amount*11)); } catch(Exception e) { g.drawString(split[0],(drawX)-(split[0].length()/2)*3,(drawY)-10-(amount*11)); amount++; } } else { g.drawString(split[0],(drawX)-(split[0].length()/2)*3,(drawY)-10-(amount*11)); amount++; } } names=""; } public int getDrawX(Player p) { int drawX=0; drawX+=5+(p.x-game.src.x); drawX*=32; drawX+=pixel_x; drawX+=p.pixel_x; return drawX; } public int getDrawY(Player p) { int drawY=11; drawY-=(6+(p.y-game.src.y)); drawY*=32; drawY+=pixel_y; drawY+=p.pixel_y; return drawY; } public void nightTile() { try { if(game.src.isLumed()) { lumes.add(new Lume(game.src.x,game.src.y,game.src.getLume())); } for(Player p:game.getActivePlayers()) { if(game.src.inRange(p,10)&&p.isLumed()) { lumes.add(new Lume(p.x,p.y,p.getLume())); } } int[][] lumed = new int[][]; for(Lume lume : lumes) { int theX=lume.x; int theY=lume.y; int dist=lume.power; for(int x=Math.max(0, theX-dist);x<Math.min(, (theX+(dist+1)));x++) { for(int y=Math.max(0, theY-dist);y<Math.min(,theY+(dist+1));y++) { int theDist=game.src.getDist(x,y); if(theDist>2) { Tile t =[x][y]; if(t==null)continue; int darkness=t.getDist(theX,theY)+game.src.getDist(x,y)-(dist/2); if(darkness>=6)darkness=5; try { if(lumed[x][y]==0||lumed[x][y]>darkness) { lumed[x][y]=darkness; } } catch(Exception e) { } } else { lumed[x][y]=-1; } } } } for(int x=Math.max(0, game.src.x-7);x<Math.min(, (game.src.x+(7)));x++) { for(int y=Math.max(0, game.src.y-7);y<Math.min(,game.src.y+(7));y++) { if(lumed[x][y]==0)continue; Tile t =[x][y]; if(t==null)continue; paintTile(t); int drawX=t.getDrawX(game.src)+pixel_x; int drawY=t.getDrawY(game.src)+pixel_y; for(Movable M :,y)) { paintTile(M); } if(<60)continue; if(lumed[x][y]>0) { g.drawImage(game.darkness[lumed[x][y]],drawX,drawY,32,32,null); } }} } catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();} lumes.removeAll(lumes); } public void paintShadows(int z, int dist2) { int disty=6; int startX=game.src.x-(disty-1); int startY=game.src.y-(disty-1); if(startX<0)startX=0; if(startY<1)startY=1; int endX=game.src.x+disty; int endY=game.src.y+disty; int xx=0,yy=0; if(endX>; if(endY>; g.setColor(; for(int x2=startX;x2<endX;x2++) { for(int y=startY-1;y<endY;y++) { Tile t =[x2][y]; if(t!=null&&t.opacity>=1) { if(t.opacity==1&&this.nightvision&&t.getDist(game.src)==1) { continue; } if(t.x==game.src.x&&t.y==game.src.y)continue; int drawX=0; int drawY=11; drawX+=5+(x2-game.src.x);drawX*=32; drawY-=(6+(y-game.src.y));drawY*=32; drawX+=pixel_x; drawY+=pixel_y; int xdif=(game.src.x-t.x); int ydif=(game.src.y-t.y); for(int x=1;x<=7;x++) { xx=x;yy=x; if(ydif>0)yy*=-1; if(xdif>0)xx*=-1; g.fillRect(drawX+(xx*32),drawY-(yy*32),32,32); } if(ydif==0) { int posxdif=xdif; if(posxdif<=-1)posxdif*=-1; for(int x=1;x<=7-posxdif;x++) { xx=x;yy=x; if(xdif<0) { g.fillRect(drawX+(xx*32),drawY,32,32); }else { g.fillRect(drawX-(xx*32),drawY,32,32); } if(xdif>0) { g.fillRect(drawX-(xx*32),drawY-(yy*32),32,32+(xx*32) ); g.fillRect(drawX-(xx*32),drawY+(yy-1*32)+32,32,32+(xx*32) ); }else { g.fillRect(drawX+(xx*32),drawY-(yy*32),32,32+(xx*32) ); g.fillRect(drawX+(xx*32),drawY+(yy-1*32)+32,32,32+(xx*32) ); } } }if(xdif==0) { int posydif=ydif; if(posydif<=-1)posydif*=-1; for(int x=1;x<=8-posydif;x++) { xx=x;yy=x; if(ydif<0) { g.fillRect(drawX,drawY-(xx*32),32,32); g.fillRect(drawX-32,drawY-(xx*32),32,32); }else { g.fillRect(drawX,drawY+(xx*32),32,32); g.fillRect(drawX-32,drawY+(xx*32),32,32); } if(ydif>0) { g.fillRect(drawX,drawY+(xx*32),32+(xx*32),32); }else { g.fillRect(drawX,drawY-(xx*32),32+(xx*32),32); } if(ydif>0) { g.fillRect(drawX-(xx*32),drawY+(xx*32),32+(xx*32),32); }else { g.fillRect(drawX-(xx*32),drawY-(xx*32),32+(xx*32),32); } } } } }} } public void paintWeather() { } int count=0,count2=0; int pixel_amount=4; public void animationTick() { if(game.src!=null) { count++; count2++; startX=game.src.x-5; startY=game.src.y-5; if(startX<0)startX=0; if(startY<1)startY=1; endX=game.src.x+6; endY=game.src.y+6; if(endX>; if(endY>; for(Missile m:this.missiles) { Movable t =; if(m.x!=t.x&&m.pixel_x==0) { if(m.x<t.x) { m.x++; m.pixel_x=-32; m.dir=2; } else { m.x--; m.pixel_x=32; m.dir=3; } } if(m.y!=t.y&&m.pixel_y==0) { if(m.y<t.y) { m.y++; m.pixel_y=32; if(m.dir==2) { m.dir=4; } else if(m.dir==3) { m.dir=5; } else { m.dir=1; } } else { m.y--; m.pixel_y=-32; if(m.dir==2) { m.dir=6; } else if(m.dir==3) { m.dir=7; } else { m.dir=0; } } } m.pixelTick(m.speed); if(m.x==t.x&&m.y==t.y&&m.pixel_x==0&&m.pixel_y==0) { missiles.remove(m); break; } if(count2!=4)break; int frames=game.imageset.countFrames(m.icon); if(frames>1) { m.currentFrame++; if(m.currentFrame==frames) { m.currentFrame=0; } // t.icon_state++; } } if(count2==10) { if(game.src.hasTrait("Night Vision")) { this.nightvision = true; } if(<60||game.daynight.equals("Night")&&game.src.z!=0) { dist=3; } else { dist=7; } count=0; weatherFrame++; walkFrame++; if(weatherFrame==3)weatherFrame=0; if(walkFrame==4)walkFrame=0; if(game.src.hasTweak("Running")) { pixel_amount=4; } else { pixel_amount=3; } count2=0; for(int x=startX;x<endX;x++) { for(int y=startY-1;y<endY;y++) { Tile t =[x][y]; int frames=game.imageset.countFrames(t); if(t!=null&&frames>1) { t.currentFrame++; if(t.currentFrame==frames) { t.currentFrame=0; } t.icon_state++; } }} for(Movable { int frames=game.imageset.countFrames(t); if(frames>1) { t.currentFrame++; if(t.currentFrame==frames) { t.currentFrame=0; } // t.icon_state++; } } for(Item t:game.src.items) { int frames=game.imageset.countFrames(t); if(frames>1) { t.currentFrame++; if(t.currentFrame==frames) { t.currentFrame=0; } // t.icon_state++; } } game.stats.inventory.updateAnimation();; /* if(game.daynight.equals("Night")&&game.src.z!=0) { dist=3; if(game.src.lefthand!=null&&game.src.lefthand.enchanted.equals("Lit"))dist=4; if(game.src.righthand!=null&&game.src.righthand.enchanted.equals("Lit"))dist=4; } else { dist=7; }*/ } game.src.pixel_x=pixel_x; game.src.pixel_y=pixel_y; game.src.pixelTick(pixel_amount); pixel_x=game.src.pixel_x; pixel_y=game.src.pixel_y; for(Player p:game.getPlayers() ) { if(p.hasTweak("Running")) { p.pixelTick(3); } else { p.pixelTick(2); } } game.kl.move(); } } public void mainLoop() { Thread t = new Thread(new Runnable() { public void run() { int count=0; while(true) { try { long delta = System.currentTimeMillis() - lastLoopTime; lastLoopTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); // g = (Graphics2D) buffer.getDrawGraphics(); animationTick(); g.setColor(; g.fillRect(0,0,352,352); if(game==null||game.src==null) { return; } if( { g.setColor(; g.drawString("Loading map...",10,25); } else if(game.src.conscious()) { paintTiles(dist); paintGround(false,dist); if(dist<7) { dist=3;//make it so you can only see 3 tiles away if(game.src.z!=0)nightTile();//paints far away tiles that are lumed up by an object (torch/glowstone) paintSelf(); paintPlayers(dist); } else { paintSelf(); paintPlayers(dist); } paintGround(true,dist); paintShadows(0,dist); if(game.src.z!=0&&!game.src.lastburrow.equals(""))paintWeather(); if(game.src.hasTweak("True Sight")) {//a spell paintPlayers(dist); paintGround(true,dist); } paintMissiles(); paintNames(); } else { if(>game.src.x&&>game.src.y) { paintTile([game.src.x][game.src.y]); } for(Movable, game.src.y)) { if(M instanceof Item) { g.drawImage(game.imageset.getImg(M),160,160,32,32,null); } } paintSelf(); } // g.dispose();; Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().sync(); Thread.sleep(10);//100 FPS! } catch(Exception e) {} } } }); t.setPriority(Thread.MAX_PRIORITY); t.start(); } } class Lume { int x,y,power; public Lume(int X, int Y, int P) { x=X; y=Y; power=P; } }  
  4. Animal Forest MORPG

    [url=""][/url] [u]Animal Forest[/u] is a role-play enforced 2D MORPG. Which basically means all out of character chat must be done in OOC (Out of Character) channels and all in-character chat must be kept in the non OOC methods of communication. Even though your character is anthropomorphic, your character has no idea what a computer is. You only know what is in the game world. I ask that you be creative. I've seen people go so far as creating religions and cults in the game. Basically Animal Forest is like other typical MORPG's in the sense of the stat system. One difference though is that Animal Forest has no NPC's (Minus the teachers in The Hall. The Hall is the safe zone of the game where new players spawn. The only interaction those NPC's have though is that they teach your character skills). The game is almost completely player run outside of The Hall. Combat is purely Player vs Player. You also don't die when your health reaches 0, you are knocked out for a period of time. During this time, other players can loot your items. There are 77 Skills to learn in Animal Forest. Skills such as languages, combat skills (armed and unarmed), crafting skills, and even skills to increase your effectiveness at climbing trees. I don't want to go into too much details as the Readme/Help link is below. If you want to read the read me file (Which is heavily incomplete, but has valid information to get you started): [url=""][/url] If you strictly just want to download the client from here: [url=""]http://animalforest....orum/[/url] Fair warning: Due to the no NPC things, without the players, the game is a little boring! On to the second point of my post: [u]Looking for 2D Artists and Java Programmers![/u] Although I can not offer you anything monetary. I can promise you this will boost your resume. Or if you're a beginning Java Programmer, I'm also a valuable resource to learn from and ask questions. [spoiler] [img][/img] [/spoiler][spoiler] [img][/img] [/spoiler][spoiler] [img][/img] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [img][/img] [/spoiler]
  5. we are looking for a java programmer for our browser based multiplayer game, if you are interested, you can contact me from this e-mail : or just pm me
  6. [java] Animal Forest

    Quote:Original post by Antheus Why not provide it as WebStart? I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Are you referring to the jnlp? [Edit] My port keeps getting stolen by my room mate, if anyone tried to register/login, it probly didn't work because of that. Anyway, I took the port back.
  7. Just the beta client of my game MORPG Animal Forest. Probably should read the readme on how to play the game. Feel free to sign up on the AF forums and leave me a suggestion/bug report. Sorry about the server being slow, my ISP is less than decent. The game is completely programmed in java.
  8. My ORPG

    Hello all, let me introduce myself to the forums firstly. I'm 18 years old and have been programming/developing games since I was 12 years old. In the past months I've been working on an 2D ORPG called Animal Forest (very subject to name change, has nothing to do with that old N64 game). Animal Forest is a 2D player operated ORPG with strict roleplay rules enforced. There are currently 12 animal characters to choose from: Hedgehog Badger Rat Fox Mouse Squirrel Shrew Rabbit Beaver Ferret Weasel By player operated I mean, the game has minimal NPC's, the only actual NPC's are the skill trainers in the main hall of the game. In Animal Forest, you "role-play" as a critter in the vast forest. Players can engage in combat, trade, or general chatter. There are several magics and weapons and enchanted items for combat. Be creative with your character! You can be anyone! A thief, a body guard, a wandering merchant, a bar owner, inn keeper. These are just small examples, feel free to expand on your character all you wish within the realms of reputable role play. Currently Animal Forest is in beta testing and I'm seeking a small amount of players to try and find errors and report them to me via my forums. There are some screen shots of the game on the forums link below. I'm open to all sorts of suggestions towards my game. Thanks for your time - Buzzyboy