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  1. Hey everyone I'm going to GDC Wednesday and I'm finishing everything up on my portfolio and I was wondering if people can give me some feedback on it. My portfolio is located at http://www.micah-hawman.com Thanks in advance.
  2. portfolio help

    I am making a portfolio and can use some help. I have to admit english grammer, punctuation and sometimes word choice is not a strong part with me. I was wondering if anyone had a decent resource that i could use that would go over my portfolio with me and make sure spelling, punctuation, word choice and grammer were correct? thanks in advance.
  3. question about GDC

    thanks, alot of good information in there, A quick question on that, if I haven't graduated yet (set to graduate in may) should I put that on the card so they know i'm still in college or should I leave that off and chat about it in person? Also real quick i would like an opinion on what i plan on putting on the card, at the bottom of the card on both sides i will have my phone number and website for my portfolio. On the front side i plan on putting Entry Level Programmer for a title and doing a bullet list of my skills: C++, C#, Java, XNA, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Hero Engine Does anyone think this would be a good approach to this?? If not what do you believe should be listed on a good business card?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm planning on attending GDC this year, I graduate from my two year degree in may, I'm making up some business cards to hand out that will have my portfolio on them. What type of title should I put on the business card? Would Student still be applicable as I am a student and looking for entry level work. Or should I put down something like Programmer since I am looking to get into programming? Thanks!
  5. I have an interview tomorrow for an internship. I've prepared a portfolio (though horibly designed right now.) which they've seen and liked. Now i'm trying to prepare for the interview and i'm curious to the professionals out there what kind of questions should i expect from a "standard" internship interview. It's with a small company that is expanding to game development from animation. For some more information the email from them to the college states we would be working in the unity environment and are required to know c# and java script as well as the interface for unity. I have some class work, and i've been working on a personal project for unity, but I want to be prepared as much as possible for this internship interview. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. portfolio

    Hello everyone, I built a portfolio and I would like everyone to take a quick look (if you can) and tell me what you think, this is for an internship as well as my capstone class at the college I'm going to. any and all feedback is appreciated. thanks. http://micah-hawman.com/
  7. [quote name='Zethariel' timestamp='1319783947' post='4877805'] I believe that it pretty much depends on what YOU want to work with. Having a 2D game done in XNA is a great start (given it is complete from main menu to sound fx), and most likelly will give you a head start in 2D game development. Unity is primarilly 3D, and by showcasing your skills there, you broaden the pool of potential jobs at programming. For the most part, if you plan on goin the programmer route, tech demos are as desirable as completed games -- showing how you use shaders, physics or maybe even networking will tell tales about your skills and how you code. An employer will be most interested in the following: * Can you pull through on a project? (obviously checked, as you have completed a game) * Can you work with others towards a common goal? * What are your skills and knowledge? (I can't remember the thread I read this in, but being willing(and able) to absorb new stuff in a short amount of time is a plus) * Are you reliable? (previous job experiences would be desirable, as everywhere. But for an entry level job, it isn't a drawback to come fresh from a degree.) Also, take a look at [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/613133-got-my-1st-interview-on-monday/"]this[/url] thread (ha, so that's where my near-quote came from) -- [b]FlyingDutchman[/b] describes how he was interviewed for a programming position for an indie company, as well as others go into more detail about what employers look at in a programmer. [/quote] Thanks Zethariel, I alredy checked out that post a while back but I'll reference it for the future as well. I worked with someone else on that 2D project so i think i can put a check mark on that, i also have some group projects from classes. I have an extensive IT resume with about 8 years of experience right now with three of them at my current job at webhosting working server administration and web coding support. But I'm not sure how that weighs in for job experience in the game industry at entry level work. I would still like to know about dress codes and stuff like what to expect, i hear that they (career booths) pack up early on the friday that is student day, so i probably should have a list of companies i want to visit first at GDC.
  8. Hi, I have a few questions to ask the community and hoping to get some feedback and thoughts. I plan on in March attending student day at GDC, I’ve never been before and was curious what is the general consensus on dress code for students looking for a job. For my second question I have been talking with a few of my professors and I wanted to get the communities opinion as well before finalizing my portfolio over the next two to three months. I'm in a game development associates degree which kinda gives a look at everything, programming, AI, Math & physics, unity and unreal engine, 2D and 3D art, Project management, and Midi creation. With having a little of everything and I’ve noticed that programming is probably my strongest point what type of jobs should I shoot for and build a portfolio and resume around? Finally my last question relates to my portfolio I have one finished 2D XNA game that consists of 4 levels and different difficulties and was thinking about creating a sample unity level as well. Should I continue with XNA that I know fairly well or should I script out AI, physics and stuff like that in Unity to show that I know multiple platforms for developing games? Thanks for your time, my portfolio isn't live yet however when it is I will have you guys review it for me and give me some feedback.
  9. Hello everyone, I have a question that i personally don't know how to answer so i ask out to the community for ideas and thoughts on it. In my college course Game Programming II -3D Programming. The teach has given us the option of 2 different routes for programming and it's class majority decision. our first path is using unity to develop 3d games in, i've used it and learned basics about it and it has potential. our second path is using C# with the xna library, i learned 2D programming this way. Our teacher says the XNA is more for building your own engine which if you were to get a programming job right out of college you would most likely not be doing, (i generally agree with this but have no idea if that is true or not) He also goes on to say that using unity will be better for our portfolios as we will have a more "polished" product to show off other than a game engine we've built. So my question is this.. on a resume stand point will building with engine components look better or something already built in a game engine/level editing tools look better? Also if you had this option in front of you what would you pick and why? thanks for all advice.
  10. Hi, I have been attempting to make a highscore table in XNA for a game i'm creating and have been following this guide: http://www.xnawiki.com/index.php?title=How_do_I_handle_high_scores%3F they have a couple of lines that throw errors, mainly because it's not written for the new 4.0 framework. the issue is mainly with this line of code: string fullpath = Path.Combine(StorageContainer.TitleLocation, HighScoresFilename); doing some research i found that you can use guide.showstorage but that has been replaced with StorageDevice.BeginShowSelector However i have no clue how to use that with that line of code. would anyone have any clues on how something like this would work and would that guide still apply to xna 4.0?
  11. I'm building a top down shooter and i want to make the screen flash a color of tint when you are hit. What would be a way of achieving this mechanic?
  12. c# programming question

    [quote name='Auratus' timestamp='1306400027' post='4815954'] Over at the TIGSource forums, there was/is a project going on creating a light weight, open source launcher. So if you don't want or need to write one yourself, check out these relevant links: [url="http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=18688.0"]http://forums.tigsou...p?topic=18688.0[/url] [url="http://technogothica.com/wiki/index.php?title=Launcher/Updater_Project"]http://technogothica...Updater_Project[/url] [/quote] Thanks, this is kind of what i'm looking for. Basically i'm looking how to create my own launcher at some point but looking for references for coding and creating one.
  13. I have a question about programming a game launcher, at least i think that is what it is called, when you look at games like league of legends, minecraft, there is a launcher/updater before you play the game and i'm just looking for the framework/thoughts behind building something like that. Does anyone know any good books or tutorials that go over something like this? It doesn't need to be c# per say but I'd prefer it if it was. thanks.
  14. Hey there, Not sure where to post so for beginners sounded like a great place, moderators please move this if a better location exists. moving onwards, I have a game idea, a concept currently and I have some of the aspects worked out but not everything is set for my game. I'm a student level coder know console c++ (looking to get into openGL and windows gui programming shortly as well as network programming) i also know most aspects of c# using XNA framework and various web languages (web languages are no help for this really). I'm looking to pick a language to code in for my game and then from there program on the game and start laying the foundation of the game. My major requirements are as follows: Being able to connect to a server and obtain data for multiplayer online capabilities. Have a loader that will be able to download updates to the game before launching the game play. Does the XNA framework support these thoughts/requirements or would i want to look into a different language to obtain those two aspects for my game? as always thanks for the advice and help.
  15. programming books

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