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    The links are dead!

    Sorry, I must have forgotten to mention that I mean the OpenGL tutorials, more precisely #3 http://cone3d.gamedev.net/cgi-bin/download.pl?file=/cone3d/ogladv/tut3/cone3d-tut3.tar.gz&blah=1 There is no mirrors..
  2. knarF se

    The links are dead!

    The links to all the tutorials are dead, I've tried to alter the URL to see if it's something wrong with it ( like bypassing the counterscript ). I have also searched for the files on google and even tried to see if they were stored in the wayback machine - but no luck! If there is someone that has the files I would be happy if he posted them somewere online, or if the files is on the gamedev server I would be happy if an administrator fixed this. Thanks!
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