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    Cogwheel on Google Code

    I'm glad my, um, "educated guess" about Fantastic Dizzy helped. Thanks for making the code for Cogwheel openly available. I managed to check it out from your SVN repository, but this took a bit of doing since the SVN checkout instructions on your Google Code "Source" page seem to be incorrect - they refer to a non-existent "trunk" top-level directory in the repository. I've spent a little time looking through the code; I'm always looking to improve my C# and I've picked up a few tips from it. In return, I'd like to help you out with your interrupt problems: The Z80 does not have the concept of "(maskable) interrupt pending". If the /INT line is lowered (made active) and raised again while interrupts are disabled, this will be missed - there will be no interrupt taken when they are enabled again. This is why the VDP keeps the /INT line low until the control port is read, the idea being that a program reads the control port in its interrupt handler. A very quick change to your code to emulate this behaviour is to simply change line 47 of "Fetch Execute.cs" from:if (this.InterruptPending) {to:if (this.Interrupt) {This fixes a few of the "Issues" on your Google Code page, including "Desert Speedtrap" and "Aladdin". It also fixes the "Register Mirrors" VDP test, since this test uses the hblank interrupt enable bit in the VDP registers to test the mirroring. On the other hand, /NMI is edge- rather than level-triggered and I believe your use of "NonMaskableInterruptPending" is correct. Thanks again, and keep up the good work![smile]
  2. bakery2k1

    Cogwheel on Google Code

    I'm glad my suggestion helped get Fantastic Dizzy working.[smile] I was going to have a scan through the code I'm glad I helped get Fantastic Dizzy working. I've I have had trouble trying to check out the source from your SVN repository. It seems the instructions on the "Source" tab of your Google Code page are wrong; they refer to a non-existent "trunk" top-level folder. Other than that,
  3. bakery2k1

    /INTerminable Interrupt Problems

    Fantastic Dizzy will lock up like that if you have not implemented the "sprite collision" flag in the VDP. You can prove this by simply returning a random 0/1 value for the flag when it is read - although this is not sufficient to allow the game to run properly, it will (or should!) prevent it locking up.
  4. bakery2k1

    Reworking the journals

    I'm with those who prefer the new sidebar to the current one. Will the journal improvements fix these issues?
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