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  1. Another classic pairing of BBC news stories that I'm ashamed to say, made me laugh a bit. #darkhumour #verydark https://t.co/dEeXH4TfSK
  2. RT @ragso: Busted for using a fake Starbucks name. “But your credit card says—” YOU DON’T WANT ME TO SPELL THAT FOR YOU EVERY DAMN TIME
  3. aleks_1661

    Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

      That video was a prototype driver from a year ago, the spec wasn't even complete back then.   For comparison, this one was still from 6 months ago, but as a side by side comparison with gles3, I think you'll agree that the driver isn't as bad as you suggested :)     I think Khronos have done a pretty good job of ensuring the spec came out at the same time as conformant drivers, and yes they wont be perfect and they will improve in time, but that will quickly ramp up with the amount of content that is out in the wild.
  4. Never underestimate how much of a pain in the ass radiator tails can be :O Beggars ain't leaking now! #PTFE http://t.co/IqeVMMRr
  5. Yeah, no worries about z-fighting - Generically, the tessellated area forms the cap of a 'terrain following vertical extrusion' - in the first case I'm using it for the top of a region of trees, with a terrain-following strip around the outside with appropriate textures for trunks, possibly another strip around the edge for foliage, the top will be textured, probably displaced slightly on top of following the terrain, with a bit of paralax mapping for relief. Should look pretty effective for what I want to achieve.   I've got some other ideas for using the functionality it once I have it in the toolbox :)   Alex
  6. Vilem,   This was largely what I was intending to do, I was just trying to think of an approach that reduced the complexity from test everything against everything else. Probably still the top on the list.   irreversible,   'Ear-clipping, then split by grid' would not generate a particularly nice triangulation as a pair of adjacent ears that completely contain a grid square can actually end up bisecting it into more triangles, especially if any of the ears were 'thin' (see below). Though as you suggest, its probably fairly easy to get that scheme working. Already have the ear clipping code in there for one.   Delaunay could be nice, hadn't thought of just triangulating the contour and the grid points from a single point set.   [attachment=13701:PolygonRegionEarThenClipBadTriangles.png]   Alex
  7. Just backed #DreamfallChapters @Kickstarter. So glad they're making another #dreamfall :D Thx @RedThreadGames your my hero's :) So excited!!
  8. I have a computational problem - I have an arbitrary polygon chain, which I wish to triangulate, but I wish to triangulate it in such a way that the inside of the polygon is divided over my terrain grid, the resulting triangle mesh should be decomposed so that there are vertices at each grid point within the polygon. Example:   [attachment=13697:PolygonRegion.png] => [attachment=13698:PolygonRegionDecomposed.png]   I'm thinking that a scan-line algorithm could work well, as per seidels trapizoidation algorithm - though modified so that extra internal points are generated as I traverse across the polygon.   Otherwise, a multi-phase approach could work where I first clip the polygon into vertical strips, inserting extra edge points at grid locations on those new vertical edges, and then triangulating each resulting polygon using one of my existing triangulation routines - but that feels awkward and in-efficient.   I also had another hairbrained idea where I start of with the polygon earclipped, and then detect and insert points from prominant terrain features into the mesh, splitting triangles as I go - but without a round of triangle improvement, the triangulation could get nasty.   [attachment=13700:PolygonRegionEarThenSplit.png]   Ultimately the number of points involved is not going to be insanely high, so I could be crude, but I'd like to 'do-it-right'.   You can assume that all polygons are concave, non-intersecting, and without holes. Any suggestions, and any approaches are welcome   Cheers,   Alex
  9. Maybe I need a different way of drawing trees...
  10. aleks_1661

    Template Metaprogramming

    Epic Still love the meta-programming example where the program doesn't compile, but the fibonacci sequence gets written out in the complilation error messages until you kill the compiler
  11. You spill a drink on your desk, the first thought in your mind should not be "Hey, my desk is really nice and level!" #OCD #amidoinitrite
  12. I want to print up some photos to canvas - this lot seem pretty good http://www.canvasdezign.co.uk/ - Anyone know anywhere better?
  13. Does anyone ever get the feeling that the universe is implemented in IEEE floating point? http://bit.ly/j64rVz #SPACEdotcom
  14. #minecraft, It controls my mind... The fact I can VPN to work and play on our lunchtime server in the evening isn't helping...
  15. Should I buy x3 Terran conflict? I've been meaning to play it for ages, just never got round to. #steam make me an offer I cannot refuse!
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