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  1. I think that's cool to have you own DY games .
  2. allright


    I think so ,i can always find a reasonable price somewhere .
  3. No you neddn't do that ,just boil it and eat .
  4. Black Friday is coming soon ,what do you want to get ,guys? some games or computer? what is your plan and prepare for this good chance for shopping? online or a earlybird? i want to buy some awesome video games.i already have Call of duty mw2 in my hands ,but it is not i searched online,find a list ,but i don't know which one is really awesome ,so need your help ,game lovers? hey no more spam links in my lounge [Edited by - Ravuya on November 21, 2009 1:46:44 AM]
  5. allright

    Can I just say...

    yes ,i agree it more ,i have learned a lot from here ,thank you all .
  6. allright

    What would you do to make $5000 in 9 months?

    in my opinion ,first you should forget money ,then you will get more money.
  7. allright

    Best google logo ever

    um ,very nice.
  8. allright

    Iphone SDK

    that is normal,my is the sme.
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