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  1. Nos gustaría extender una muy cordial bienvenida a todos los desarrolladores de minijuegos en Español a nuestro sitio de minijuegos casuales, www.editoriald.com. Nos especializamos en servicio al público hispanoparlante, y con much gusto los invitamos a añadir sus minijuegos a nuestra colección. Ofrecemos servicio de traducción gratuito si su minijuego necesita localización al inglés, y el 50% de los ingresos que su minijuego genere. Sírvase enviarnos un mail, y con mucho gusto evaluaremos su minijuego. Gracias
  2. Well folks, after our first month of operation, one thing is clear: our Latin American players can't get enough soccer! They have made SoccoFobia our #1 game and they want more. And if they want more, then we need more soccer games! So, we'd like to extend a special invitation to any and all developers out there with soccer games. Our soccer-crazy Latin American audience will eat it up! As always, we offer 50-50 income sharing and free Spanish translation of your game. Please visit www.editoriald.com and get in touch with us; we would LOVE to host your soccer game. Thanks everybody!
  3. Editorial D

    Editorial D is looking for web games!

    We're very happy to announce the addition of Sudoku Cube to our games lineup. Keep on submitting your games, folks! We're more than glad to take a look at any cool broswer games you might want to show us, so please send them on down!
  4. We are preparing our new casual games website for public launch in the next few weeks, and we need games! Quick little platformers, shoot-em-up adventures, space dogfights, sword and dragon quests, sports games of all kinds, puzzles of all sorts, even card games and chess; if you have a fun and cool browser-based videogame, we're looking for them all. Please visit our site at http://www.editoriald.com and take a look. We'll be opening up a whole new audience for your game by serving the Latin American market with our bilingual English/Spanish portal. Naturally, we will provide a free translation service to localize your games and create versions in Spanish. Naturally, we offer 50-50 revenue sharing, so whatever we make, you keep half. Shoot us an e-mail to let us know about your cool game, or simply to send us any questions you might have. Thank you.
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