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  1. wh1sp3rik

    Descriptors and heaps

    Thanks for answers, so, when i load a model with its textures, I should make a heap for model textures, which is not visible to a shader. When I am going to render my model, I have to copy my descriptors to the main heap, and actually "append" them after existing descriptors in the main heap. Then, i have to pass ,where my descriptors starts to the model shader. if I hit the end of the main heap, I will start from begining and rewrite existing ones. Am I correct ?
  2. wh1sp3rik

    Descriptors and heaps

    So let's say, I can make a huge heap of 2000 SRV descriptors. If I load a texture after initial, can I just call "CreateShaderResourceView" on free handle ? How fast is that ? Also it seems, this command will run on CPU timeline, can I use it even GPU is using that heap but not using the descriptor ? Can I call "CreateShaderResourceView" on handle that already exists ? ( and GPU is not using that descriptor ) ? Thanks !
  3. Hi, I am moving from DX11 to DX12 and I started fighting with texture resources. I provide only an simplified example. Let's say, I have this root parameters: CD3DX12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE diffuseTextureTable; diffuseTextureTable.Init(D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE_TYPE_SRV, 16, 0, 0); CD3DX12_ROOT_PARAMETER signatureParameters[3]; signatureParameters[0].InitAsConstantBufferView(0); // Per draw signatureParameters[1].InitAsConstantBufferView(1); // Per frame signatureParameters[2].InitAsDescriptorTable(1, &diffuseTextureTable, D3D12_SHADER_VISIBILITY_PIXEL); // 16 My shader has one per draw constant buffer, one per frame buffer and table of 16 SRVs. Every model can have up to 16 diffuse textures. Well, the question is, how can I set textures for a model before rendering ? I read that changing heaps is costly. That's the only thing I thought that's the way. Do i have to really load all textures into memory in initial time ? What If i can want to load some textures after initial time ? Is it possible to copy new texture descriptors into heap cheaply ? Thank you very much :-)
  4. wh1sp3rik


    Hi, thanks for answer. Yes, I mean calling SAME heap twice. I was just not sure, if heap can change its address in one RUN. So, heap has ALWAYS same address in an application live, am I correct ?
  5. Hi, I have a question about this function in DX12 to get a HANDLE for descriptor. I am curious if this function returns ALWAYS same address for specific descriptor, or address can change overtime ? Same for GPU version of function. Thank you very much !
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