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    I've been through the links you've given me, Tom, and they're very helpful. I think Imelior has nailed it on the head, I think this woman was confused and was talking about an internship rather than "apprenticeship." The links Mr. Sloper has provided me have been most helpful and cleared up a lot of my questions. I used to think I would need to be able to draw in order to nail a job as a programmer, etc. I am currently looking into my available options as far as college, not entirely too sure where I want to go just yet. I'm not the average teenager who thinks that game development would be an easy job. I am very serious about this, it's always been my dream. I am trying to find an affordable school I can go to, whether in my state (TX) or somewhere else. I am willing to travel to any state to get my education. I've tried google to find some schools, but I'm not sure what the best route for me to take is as far as what school I should attend. Not to mention I keep finding articles saying that game development isn't easy, which I know. I'll be receiving my GED next month and will be prepping for college at that time. Does anyone have any suggestions on a school? As I said, I don't mind the location.
  2. Very interested

    Thank you very much for the replies, everyone. She wasn't very good at explaining I guess. My goal is to make it as a game programmer, not to work in a foreign country, so I guess I'll stick to that for now. I won't be going to college for another year or so anyway, I just wanted to know if someone had heard of this so they could give me an idea as to which way I should be going. I do want to travel to foreign countries and considering my hobby outside of programming is learning foreign languages, I guess that makes sense :P. However, I'm NOT counting my chickens before they hatch, if I have the chance to go, I'll go, if not, there must be a reason I won't be on the plane. To better my chances, when I go to college I hope to get the best possible grades and build an awesome portfolio. I'm just hoping the chance comes my way one day.
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    Well that's a bummer, I don't see why she'd have any reason to lie to me, but then again who knows. It's been two or three days with no call and nothing is coming up on google, so maybe it was.
  4. Very interested

    Hello all, ever since I was eight years old I wanted to make games. I always thought about what music I'd use, what different weapons you could use, etc. I've always loved to play games, there's nothing better than relaxing with a good game. When I turned 13, I started to "hack" games for the PSP. I learned a lot about the MIPS assembly language and really enjoyed being able to alter the game in ways I wanted. While I was doing that, I started programming for the PC in Visual Basic, doing some small projects here and there. I was always told this was a bad language, teaching horrible programming techniques and the like. So, I moved on to C++ and learned a lot of the basics very quickly. I wanted to move away from console programs and I've started working with GUI programs. I've created several different programs that have a GUI, nothing too fancy as I'm still learning. I'm now 17 and looking into college for next year. I figured I'd take my love for games and programming and combine them. My question is, I went to the game store the other day to buy a new XBOX and was talking to one of the employees. Apparently, a friend of hers had started game development and went to Japan to be an apprentice. He would test games for quirks and learn about development while getting paid, now he's back and about to go to a college here in Austin, TX. When he gets his degree, he's likely to have a job in Japan developing games. I have ALWAYS wanted to travel the world and thought this would be excellent! I would get to travel to one of the countries they offered (Australia, Japan and a few others) while learning about game development. Then I would be able to snag a job in one of these countries working in GAME DEVELOPMENT, how great! I left my number to have the guy call me but he has yet to do so. I've turned to google to look for anything on the subject but can't find a thing. Does anyone know of any program like this or a college that offers something similar?
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