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    Hi. Our team deals with all kinds of graphics outsource. We work for any budget and are open for cooperation with indie developers. If you want to get high quality graphics for your games – you are welcome. We specialize in: - GUI design - 2D characters with animations - 2D locations Our portfolio can be found at: Contact us:
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    Zip zoom racer

    Hello. I'm a head of Kalitrom games. We are independent studio and work in Moscow. We have finished to work on the game ZZR ( pc only ). It's an arcade racing game with gameplay basing on a size change of the race car with each level. It will be released on december 2009 ( Russia, Poland ). We are looking for business partner who could help us to make a cd-retail in the U.S. and Europe. Game info: Pics: Video: Contact: [Edited by - kalitrom on November 13, 2009 6:51:51 AM]
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