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  1. Advanced Mathematics for Computer Science

    I would say discrete mathematics, linear algebra, calculus, graph theory, and statistics.
  2. Best format to sell games in?

    Since you are going to sell product, this means you need to provide your customers a fast and easy way to use the application you are selling. I suggest using the NSIS, it's free and easy to setup. It has several examples on its wiki, [url=""][/url].
  3. Java or C++?

    This really depends on what your goal is. If you want to target many platforms as you want, I would said go for Java. But it seems you want to use those engines, most of them have their own scripting language and have an API in C++,. So better learn C++ if you want to use them. Personally, I would say start with C++ because there is no great difference between the two languages from beginner's perspective. Since you are going to learn them from the very beginning anyway. And select one platform first for your initial project before targeting another platform.
  4. A* across interconnected tiled maps?

    Thank you, alexjc for your reply. I look into this HPA.
  5. I'm having trouble to do pathfinding across several interconnected maps becuase they formed a very large graph that will take a lot of time. Any solution for this?