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  1. Thx for reply.   Sorry I got confused with Copyright and Trademark, english is not my mothertongue.   In fact I did read alot, and I know google...but its seems this is a much more complicated field I thought. I have read walls of Text but at the End I still had no clue. Isnt there a "Law for Dummys" out there ^^ ?   How to be sure to not get sued later on. I cant just type the Name in google, and if there are no results then everything is fine I think..
  2. Hi,   Iam at the point of Gamedevelopement where I must decide how to name it. Working Title just doesnt do it anymore. Sounds easy...but everything that fits the Game is already taken.   My favorite Name is already taken from another very small Indiegame. (this one is Freeware and Opensource, if it matters)   I have lots of alternatives, but every single one has been used, from CCC- to AAA Game Titles. ^^ The Game will not be Freeware if this matters..   So...here are my Questions.   1. How do I know if a Title is Copyrighted, or is every Gametitle automagical "reserved" ? I have no clue about this stuff...   2. Can I reuse the Name of an very old Game and add something to it, to show its inspired from this Game ? Example. Could I make a "Dungeonmaster Tactics", inspired from the 90er Title Dungeonmaster ?   3. There are some good sources I could read about this topic ?     Thx for answers ;)
  3. So there are 6 Sheets in this Powerpoint. 1: Title 2: Fancy Van Gogh Picture 3: 6 Words (Attributes a Image can have) 4: Picture from some Zelda (3D) Game 5: 7 more words, more random themed and repeating some of the first 6 6: another Picture of a 3D Game So, im not realy impressed by this pdf I have to say.
  4. Maybe you should first start trying some "real" Space Strategie Games ^^ Master of Orion I-II, Star Trek - Birth of the Federation, Pherry Rhodan - Operation Eastside, Haegemonia, Homeworld, Star Wolves, Cataclysm...there are so many... This would help alot to redefine your idea i think. Ah, and of course...take a look at the Mother of all Sandbox - Open Space Games...Play Elite. Its a little bit old and ugly looking...but its worth a look. (and it fits on a 720K Floppy) ^^
  5. Nice Thread... First. The following Games come in mind if i think about scaryness. Alien vs. Predator 1. (Playing as an Alien to get an sight on sneaking and killing silent, playing as an marine and get this feeling in your neck when your motion tracker starts to beep faster and faster...they coming...oh my god, so many of them.. ;)) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Special Enemies scare the fuck out of my pants ^^ the first time u have to kill a vampire, or this thing wich can throw stuff at you with his telekinetics, or if you are very alone in the wild and get the warning that an eruption is approaching and you have to find shelter very fast) Doom 3. (coz the environment was sometimes very cool. Suddenly a gascan was floating midair in front of you for no reason, or bloody screens and bloodstains on the ground, light flickers) Painkiller. (the sanctuary level was of nice scary design, with this iron-masked freaks running around) Gameplayside...what dos u scare in a game? things u cant explain... what if the door you just came through and have to go back leads now into a total different room, or the repeating corridor trick... sometimes things should move around, sound that u cant locate from where it comes... your radar starts to get useless, automap shows only noise... leveldesign... its a good idea to design the levels for coop that you need to separate from your teammate. one has to trigger a switch, while the other has to run through a door and you definetively need the feeling that a single enemy can kill you right at your next step. or you hear that a lot of enemies are coming, but u cant say from where...starting to nervous turn around yourselve in that damn labyrinth... mh...just some ideas i had so far ;)
  6. EDIT: Oh Sorry, forgot this is an english forum ;) I have a static log filehandle (textwriter) in my project, and this works well, except that sometimes the runtime skipps a call to the logger with the comment: SingleStep: Nonusercode "System.IO.TextWriter.WriteLine" is skipped. (Free translation from german) There is no code optimization on, and I have no idea why this happens. Thx ;) edit2: happens in release and in debug mode [Edited by - Elfblood on May 20, 2009 3:43:23 PM]