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  1. Best engine/framework for point and click games as of now?

  2. Laws/edicts system for 4X

    Well, in code I have something like a list of bonuses. Then I can create a [fill in the blank] in this case a law to enact, then it adds up all the laws and calculates the bonuses for each item as needed. You still have to determine what these core bonuses will do in the game and make them work. But you would basically check every turn/day/hour/whatever and see what changes. Then you would look at "production ability" bonus for example and then use that to check each turn if new factories were built (or whatever). Or to decrease the price of the player/AI building factories. Once you have the basic pattern down then it becomes easy to add new bonuses. Kinda vague but hope this helps a little.
  3. What game engine should I use?

    I would try out Godot engine for a game like this. It looks very promising.
  4. Why The 'Flag Mania' ?

      It proves that when he demonstrates sexist/racist behavior there are people willing to call him out on it. He had hoped to set up a straw man so that if he did get called out on it it would loan some credence to his post and, by nature of a straw-man argument, somehow also validate the rest of his post. I can do the same thing right now. Ahem: They might call me a social-justice warrior for pointing out racism and standing up for equal rights, but all viewers beware they are just trying to shut us down and silence us! By saying that the simple fact that his post was called racist proves his whole point you’ve just bought into his game hook, line, and sinker. What it really means is that he knows he is saying racist things, therefor he can predict that people will call him out on it. If I were to try to make the claim that the world is flat, I would be wise to suggest that I am in a more knowledgeable position than the rest of you by suggesting that I am already aware of what counter-arguments you will try to make. He flooded his whole post with straw-man arguments. This is called capitalism. Companies respond to what the market desires and tries to shy away from bad publicity. When a company decides that it is better not to sell something than to sell it, it tends to be a clear indication of a majority opinion, because they honestly only care about the bottom line. The fact is that it has gone from the silent majority to the vocal majority.   Glenn Beck claims to have a rare neurological disorder, which he “cured” by spinning around in a gyroscope. He can’t get on TV because he is a nut-case.  His brand is poison.  Welcome to capitalism, where companies try to drive profits by not looking as if they support mentally insane people.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPcR1x970Hk At Facebook, a company that is actually a bit focused on diversity, they have 55% whites and 36% Asian. Most companies have a ratio much larger for whites. If you show concern over H1B then you are an insecure lot who must have skills so low as to be worried about losing your job to a minority. This might actually include some racial ideologies, which means it may very well be justified if you get called a racist for being apposed to it. These 2 points are clearly illustrated by taking a look at the opposite side of the spectrum. I’m perfectly fine with H1B, because I welcome diversity in the workplace and my skills are such that I will not easily be replaced. If I am, I wouldn’t direct my anger at someone who was given equal rights to my position as I was. I would assume he or she bested me at something and deserved the position more. In order to be against H1B you have to be either racist, arrogant, or insecure. You have to think you are entitled to your job and that minorities shouldn’t have an equal chance at it. Which makes you an asshole in any case. Ultimately it’s a post full of jibberish and rightfully deserves to be mocked. And no one should have to apologize for mocking it, nor defend him- or her- self for doing so. But what do I know? I’m just a social-justice warrior, right? Not, say, someone who just has a reasonable outlook on life and considers all people equal. L. Spiro The social justice warrior/marxist formula is actually pretty simple. SJW: Blah blah whites, men and whatever the majority is in the country are all evil in every way. Some Guy: Hey that's not really true- SJW: Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! OMG They just attack then play victim. Over and over and over. Like you do on every subject for example, including technical ones. You continuously harass me then complain about me when I have mostly just been ignoring you. You also went into rape jokes and other insane nonsense WHEN TALKING ABOUT PROFILERS. You don't have any leg to stand on in any way, shape or form. Especially when it comes to sensitivity towards issues like this. For people like this it's simply about control. Everyone who disagrees on any point ie who doesn't simply do exactly as told without question is absolutely worse than Hitler. I don't even have anything to do with you but you can't keep from going mental on me every 12 seconds, and Chaos Engine is even worse. I don't like guys like Roosh V and other poor me guys who cry about how hard men have it, but I am not going to swallow the crazy ramblings of paid activists like femen or anita sarkeesian who make the whole planet into a mockery and attack everything normal in the world and anyone who disagrees is a misogynist nazi. I could say why accusing me of being nazi or patriarch is extra laughable in my case, but my personal affairs are no one else's business. If people want to make claims they need to make their case on its own merits, not tar and feater everyone who disagrees. If they could they would, but their entire 'case' boils down to wanting to be given extra powers and privileges over others while pretending that they are the victim.
  5. How many of you write self-documenting code?

    I generally do. Otherwise I come back to it in six months and have no idea what's happening. Even worse are typedefs, macros and sometimes templates. It can really be difficult to fathom what's happening if they are overused or misused.
  6.   If people were really trolls, they would not care. Deleted in this thread earlier is a comment about me being the Real Programmer from some old MIT joke. That is simply not true and my code is extremely clean and easy to follow, and I only optimize when it saves me real world time somehow; ultimately, someone who is not even a professional programmer is not really qualified to say that about me. Some other people are knowledgable enough but seem to see themselves as the absolute authority on software engineering, something which does not exist, and if it did would probably not be found among game programmng pros. I don't mind they have a bad opinion but when they are allowed to spam about it and even make threads about it, they are the problem. They are the trolls. It is a mixed up website that rewards the people who attack everyone and shuns the people they attack. That is why this site is a mess. I see this constantly with pointlessly harsh posts in benign topics. Some of these people should have been banned years ago, they are the real problem, not people asking questions or ones with 'incorrect' opinions. I have been banned three times now, all of them for ridiculous excuses. Including in this thread (another attack on me) where all I do is express my opinion on the subject. If it's an invalid topic lock the topic. Don't ban me for personal reasons. People do watch what happens on forums, it's sad to me that many of the people using the site and moderating it are so incredibly unprofessional. The whole thing turns into a way to silence anyone that you don't like, understand or simply agree with. I would not post here at all but there are very few options.
  7. Why The 'Flag Mania' ?

    I think it's purposefully deceptive to claim no one is calling for a ban on the flag. Just like it's quite weasley to claim noone is banning st' george's cross. It's not banned, you just can't fly it! Except at home. Or buy it, because any company that sells it will be attacked as a racist hate-oppressor. Sarkeesian did not ask for an outright government ban on anything but she got Hatred pulled off of steam nonetheless. Only because Gabe himself jumped in and intervened did it get put back on the market. The political correctness shaming is much worse because they simply accuse whatever political enemies they have of being nazis or misogynists and then obviously no advertisers will associate with them. So you get in a situation like Glenn Beck where he is wildly popular but can't get on TV because advertisers are afraid to be called nazi oppressors. It's deranged and childish behavior to try to get all opposition banned in this way. A soft ban if you will, like the shadow bans on reddit. You can say whatever you want but no one will hear it. If you work in IT and show concern over h1b program which is draining your pocketbook dry, you are racist. Same with immigration and welfare..even fricken flags at this point it seems LOL. The reality is that we have gone from the Silent Majority to the Silenced Majority, and if we try to vote or speak in a way that tries to take any of the rightful power of the majority back then it's 'not allowed' due to political correctness social justice warriors.
  8. Microsoft Is Laying Off More Workers This Year

      Oh no a news site that is not a big business mouthpiece. Reading the comments here is more like reading the onion, to me. Especially the ones about highly skilled workers, when they hire most people from overseas simply because they are much cheaper. Some industries have been shipped overseas but the rest of the country doesn't have to see its industry disappear as a useful job path even while it flourishes (though this will be the wave of the future). My brother and sister make so much money it sickens me, they are not the smart ones of the family though, or the hardest working. They are simply doing jobs where they are not being replaced wholesale by special government program designed to give their positions away to foreigners who don't have to go through the normal channels to get in the country. They just get a free ride all the way to citizenship simply for having a basic college degree from any university on earth (almost all of which are much cheaper than those here). But the average tech salary is just 80k, and places you can make much more than that require much more than that to live in comfortably. For me it's not really an issue but I feel sorry for all the guys graduating with CS degrees who will never get a job. Wages went up and up over time, then flatlined forever due to this program. I would never have bothered with this career path if I'd known what things would come to. There's a million other things I could have done, all of which would be easier and most of them better paying. It just shows what's happened to the industry that pointing it out is silenced. There's hardly any americans in the american tech industry any more. In defense it's gone from 100% to basically 0% in just a couple decades. Even the defense industry hires random foreigners to do its work, then suffers a great deal when it comes to security breachs and insecure software. Right now all the most vital code that is the real world analog of WHOOPER ie controlling WW III scenario, is full of insecure open source code. A hundred million PER PROGRAM to fix it will put things in order though, all of it performed by lowest bidder contracts with 0% american citizens involved of course, which is what caused the problem in the first place. I would cry but I am too busy laughing. Even on a gaming site, it's obviously the case.
  9. Job Manager Lock-Free

    Typically, a lock looks somewhat similar to this: bool try_lock() { return !flag.test_and_set(std::memory_order_acquire); } void lock() { int count1 = 0; int count2 = 0; for(;;) {     while(count1++ < SOME_NUMBER1)     {         while(count2++ < SOME_NUMBER2) { if(try_lock()) return; _mm_pause(); }         std::this_thread::yield();     }     #if defined(__linux__)         result = futex_wait(...);     #elif defined(__WIN32__)         result = NtWaitForKeyedEvent(...);     #else         result = pthread_mutex_wait(...);     #endif     if(result == SUCCESS) return; } (This is of course only the simplest possible way, not recursive and no owner, doesn't care about fairness and PI -- much more complicated implementations exist.)   You know quite well what will happen, and when. In particular, you know that this:     is something that cannot possibly happen. Why? Well, because you don't allocate kernel objects (such as "locks") at the time you're trying to lock them. This is a resource that you allocate at, or soon after, program start.   Yes, it is possible that this fails, anything can -- in principle -- fail. It is possible for the operating system to be unable to create a thread or event/semaphore/mutex/whatever kernel object for whatever reason (out of memory, out of handles, ...). In this case your entire system is seriously fucked up and your program failed to initialize properly and cannot run. However, it will not mysteriously fail while you're trying to acquire the lock later.     Calling some API is not knowing exactly what happens, that is the opposite. You could do it yourself without any API calls but then you are tied to making additional solutions for specific processors.   The problem I mentioned happens all the time, if you do things exactly as you specify. Especially when you are using many platforms. That is one of the main reasons why why there is an attempt to make lock free code, and books on the subject etc.  
  10. Job Manager Lock-Free

    Well, you don't really know how the OS will implement things. So say you make some library that runs on a couple OSes and many versions of it. What is your 'lock'?     The point is, the answer can turn out to be something you don't like and the behavior unexpected, like your OS running out of locks and going crazy in spinlock. And you won't really be able to figure out where your time is going, it won't really be measurable in any obvious way. Yet there's no deadlock either.     There's also the idea of locks that go on for a long time, that is the standard case that is a big problem.     For the engine I was using there was a lock for the scene graph apparently (which is pretty screwy to me but it is what it is). If I would perform a collision detection outside the main thread it would crash unless I locked it. But if I locked it then it would hang there during the whole frame draw stage and bring everything to a grinding halt.
  11. If-else coding style

    Well what I mean is it should do just what it says. So if it's getSomething that is the only thing it should do, a simple get.   If it's something else then it should be named differently and handled differently. I am guessing that's why they are confused by it. It's not too clear. I really doubt it's the style if if and else clause. If it really is then they are going to be hell to work with, just look how many answers people gave for what style they prefer.
  12. Why The 'Flag Mania' ?

    I have to laugh at social justice warriors. Only they can talk about the patriarchal society's systematic system of oppression and flags as hate-symbols with a straight face one second then turn around and call people conspiracy theorists with the very next breath.   But if you want to go to crazy-town Gloria Steinem had CIA funding. I would not believe this except that this is according to the CIA itself and other feminists. So did some German feminists, including one who got busted on tax evasion for having mysterious millions coming to her just before she started her hilarious crusade against the evils of the man. Anita Sarkeesian and other worthless nobodies get major media attention that would cost millions to buy for every stupid thing they say. If there is any bias in society it's obvious what it is.   People who marry and have kids are much less productive citizens and more costly, can't have that. President Obama himself came out and said that single income families are bad for America not long ago. That's some real patriarchal oppression of women right there.   It's also funny someone would call into question feminists attacking the flag. Groups like femen run through notre dame naked then pee on pictures of the pope or poop on various flags and religious icons every day. I couldn't even make up the stuff they do in their little unintentional comedy routines, and if I did no one would believe it. Burning flags is not even worthy of a mention for feminists today, really.
  13. Code objects and file formats for a versatile animation system?

    So for example with collada, every time you export the skeleton it is seen as a completely different skeleton for silly reasons such as the order you click on something.   Now say you want to have various items of clothing mounted to a player model. The skeletons and animations should be exactly the same. They are exactly the same in the application they were created in. Yet due to some minor difference in the export process then they all get twisted up. There is no ready way to tell which is the 'wrong' one. In fact there is not a wrong one per se but you have one animation which is 'wrong'.   So you create one character with 10 sets of clothing. There's really just one skeleton, and perhaps a dozen animations. But on the disk and in memory you have 130 skeletons stored (one in each animation file and one in each mesh file). One or two are likely 'wrong' and will not play correctly. This is also a lot of wasted space. Even more so because some of the clothing aticles would be a pair of pants for example and be binded to only a tiny portion of the skeleton.   The fact it doesn't work this way in animation tools is probably a good indicator it is artificial and not something really needed. In maya the skeletons are nothing to do with the objects. What the heck would they be like that for? If you want to use the skeleton and all the animations attached to it you simply smooth bind the mesh to them.   I am planning to do the same in my engine. Though I am not sure whether it makes more sense to store the jointnames or simply store the weight indices of the skeleton (as maya does) and then rebuild the weights if the skeleton changes.
  14. Code objects and file formats for a versatile animation system?

      Well, I already stated what the benefits would be. That is not really a question let alone the question I asked, the question is how to implement it best and what will be needed.   Thanks for trying anyway though, I guess.
  15. I've been brainstorming a while here, but I keep going in circles and could use some outside input. I am making a custom engine for my game and I want to do my own code for animation skinning and maybe also some animation editing. Typically it looks like file formats have just the mesh and the animation stored in separate files and both of them refer to the joints directly in the file. Sometimes they are all together in just one file. This is kind of a mess because you not not just waste a lot of space but because changing animations even slightly becomes a big pain, and any PERCEIVED difference you have in the joints leads to complete garbage. In the past while using Collada, this was a big nuisance to me. I was thinking maybe it makes sense to store the skeleton separately from all of this. That way I can attach the animations to the skeleton and edit them at will, without worrying about the mesh details at all. And most importantly share them between multiple meshes. Especially in the sense of clothing to mount onto a character. So in code I want to be able to simply have some function like skeleton::mountMesh() and then whatever animations I play for the skeleton and any blending, will also be applied to everything mounted to it. I guess it's an organizational problem more than anything. It seems like this will make it harder to keep track of everything. I guess if I retain a joint name in all three files then that should be enough to sort everything out, but maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. Anyone used this approach or know of a format that does?
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