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  1. College/Univerisity Courses

    Thanks to everyone for the replies, they were all very helpful! I'll definitely be checking on programming courses at the schools near me, however I would like to get a head start, any suggestions on books that would start me in the right direction?
  2. College/Univerisity Courses

    Thanks a lot for the response swiftcoder, that was exactly what I was looking for! As to my other question, were or through what can I learn the actual programming aspect (like c++) if not through schooling (I would assume books, if so which are recognized as the best?). Thanks!
  3. College/Univerisity Courses

    Well, yes of course I would like to take courses that I like and THINK might help, but that's just it, I THINK they may help, I don't know. Personally I don't like risking a potentially life-long career on what I think, thus my post here asking other people who might KNOW rather than THINK. I mean I know it will vary from company to company, but there's always common things that they look for, things that I would like to find out about now so I can be as prepared as possible.
  4. College/Univerisity Courses

    Thanks for the reply, however I was looking to find out what other skills would be beneficial to me as a physics programmer rather than how to get a job as a programmer (though that is equally important of course). Like what areas of physics/math to really focus on, or even other skill sets that would help me stand out of the crowd in an interview so to speak. For example, I've read that often physics programmers also have a good knowledge of graphics programming (like openGL) in order to apply physics in the best manner.
  5. I'm currently on my last year of High School and wish to pursue a career in game programming (more specifically physics programming for games) and would like to know a good skill set for this field. I have a basic knowledge of cpp (c plus plus) having taken computer science courses at the 10-20-30 level. This basically puts me at knowing loops, and basic functions (nothing object oriented and certainly nothing dealing with graphics or APIs). As I will be going to college or university next year, I plan on getting a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, minoring in physics. For physics game programming (or something related) are these good requisites? What else would help me as a physics programmer, or just help me in the industry in general? I realize that taking such courses is not necessarily a requirement, but I feel that they would help me much more than home-learning on the internet and from books. This brings me to my next question: It looks as if the C.S. degrees at the colleges and universities near me mostly focus on theory and the inner workings of computers, not so much on the game programming aspect I am interested in. So, failing learning cpp from school, what are the best alternatives? If books, which would you recommend for someone with the limited cpp skills I have (preferably related to game programming)? As an overview I would like to know a solid GENERAL skill set for physics (or related) programming, or for starting off in the industry. I would also like to know of some alternative resources (such as specific books) to learning cpp as it relates to game programming and graphics. (I have seen quite a few "Programming games with cpp" books, but quite a few assume prior cpp knowledge that I don't have). I realize this is a lot to ask, but so far I haven't come across any resources that answer my (many) questions. Thanks in advance!